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– Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tweeted a photo Sunday of himself applying the Sharpshooter. Bret Hart, who popularized the maneuver, saw the picture and said he's doing it wrong.   "I have a lot of respect for The Rock, but I'd be more than happy 2 teach him how to put the sharpshooter on correctly," he wrote.   – Carlito defeated Finley at Big Time Pro Wrestling event on Sunday in Augusta, Maine. He said of his opponent on Twitter following the match, "I'm surprised WWE hasn't rehired Finlay yet."Read More
Following his release from WWE last week, Chavo Guerrero has had more to say on Twitter regarding the departure: “Can’t believe all the response I’ve gotten! :) Good or bad, u have taken the time to tweet what u think. Thank u all I’m still trending, which means all of u are trending too. I can’t do it without u. In a sense, I am u, and u are me! :) Not only time to be a Guerrero but also time to represent La Raza correctly! They can try, butRead More