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– Chavo Guerrero said today that his Twitter account was hacked. However, he believes he has gotten a hold of it. Guerrero also made light of Kurt Angle claiming last week that his account on the micro-blogging site was hacked. He wrote, “Ok guys, my twitter was hacked. I think I fixed it. If u got a Dm from me and I was mean, it was a fraud. Probably. :). Big ups 2 my boy @MATTHARDYBRAND for giving me the “heads up”on my twitter being hacked.I promise I didnt pullRead More

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Kurt Angle Addresses Comments Made On His Twitter Account

– TNA star Kurt Angle appeared on Monday’s Wrestling News Live where he addressed the comments made on his Twitter account during Wrestlemania 27. Kurt apologized about what happened, and noted that upon further investigation he found his account wasn’t hacked, but was accessed by a family member after he went to bed. Kurt addressed what was said about Jack Swagger & Randy Orton, and he has since talked with Orton and said things between the two are fine. He also noted he has no issues with Swagger.Read More
TNA Wrestling performer Kurt Angle, a former WWE Champion, posted numerous messages on his Twitter account during WrestleMania XXVII criticizing Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for using his trademark finishing maneuvers during their respective matches. The tweets are as follows: “To WWE wrestlers, Don’t use my Finish. Get more Creative. Hmmmm- Orton. Did I say that.” “I heard Orton had an Awesome match though. Ur welcome. Lol.” “I guess Swagger will use my Ankle Lock as well.Very creative. I’m the Best in the World. You GuysRead More
– TNAWrestling.com has released the following preview for this week’s episode of TNA iMPACT! (to be taped Monday in Orlando, Florida): * How far will Hulk Hogan go to get Sting’s TNA World Title back under Immortal’s control? * Plus, now that Kurt Angle has signed to wrestle Jeff Jarrett at Lockdown, will Kurt Angle seek further revenge? — TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter wrote “I am” on her Twitter account before deleting the message a short while later. It was her first tweet since March 2. — TNA WorldRead More

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Kurt Angle Says He Was Not Drunk When He Was Arrested

Kurt Angle was arrested yesterday in Grand Forks, North Dakota and charged with “being in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated,” after failing a field sobriety test. Contrary to the report, he claims he was not drunk and that the story was blown out of proportion. “Thank U to my supporters. I was not drunk. I was in ice storm and my car slid into 3 ft of snow median. I called police 4 help. They had other plans. I was stuck and wanted to go to my hotel.Read More

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Kurt Angle Arrested Friday Morning On Intoxication Charge

TMZ is reporting that TNA star Kurt Angle was arrested on Friday morning in North Dakota. According to police, the highway patrol in Grand Forks, N.D. found Angle sitting in his parked car in the median separating lanes. Angle had reportedly pulled over after hitting an icy patch in the road. Police approached Angle’s parked car, smelled alcohol on Angle’s breath and asked him to take a field sobriety breath. Angle failed the test and was arrested. Since police did not catch Angle actually driving while under the influence, heRead More
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about: Snooki Wrestling: “While Snooki’s in ring expertise may never be confused with many past or present WWE Divas, the value of having Snooki on the Wrestlemania card has already been established with the massive amount of main stream PR that the ‘Jersey Shore’ personality has garnered. I was amazed at how short Snooki was as she seemed to be cooperativeRead More

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Steve Austin Movie Updates, Iron Sheik Surgery, Kevin Nash, More

- WWE Hall of Famer, The Iron Sheik underwent surgery on his bad knees this week. – The movie “River of Darkness” featuring Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle and Sid Vicious is scheduled to be released on DVD by Green Apple Entertainment on March 29th. Kurt Angle plays Sheriff Logan, who is confronted by a series of horrific murders committed by two dead giants. You can pre-order the DVD from Amazon at this link. – Steve Austin’s next movie DVD is “Knockout” and is scheduled for release on April 26th. AustinRead More

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Nash Reveals What Influenced His Decision To Leave TNA For WWE

- Kevin Nash revealed on the XPac Show on Cowheadtv.com last week that he made the decision to leave TNA after watching the storylines unfold on iMPACT. Nash said that after the recent episode of iMPACT where Kurt Angle ran through the members of Immortal and Abyss fell over on the ramp with Janice stuck in his back, he decided there was no reason for him to return, despite signing a contract with TNA in mid-January. Nash said that after that episode of iMPACT, he and his wife felt thatRead More

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Report: Kurt Angle Returning To WWE This Summer?

TNA star Kurt Angle appeared on Canada’s The Fight Show on Thursday afternoon and revealed that his current deal with TNA expires in August. This is consistent with Kevin Nash’s recent comments on ESPN radio earlier this week. Nash was asked whether he and Booker T returning to WWE could result in a new incarnation of the Main Event Mafia. Nash joked we could see it happen this summer, since Kurt Angle could be a free agent by then. At this point, there have been no indications that WWE isRead More
– TNA Knockout Cookie celebrates her birthday today as she turns 29 years old. — Episodes of iMPACT! that have yet to air in the U.K. run Thursdays on Challenge TV. First-run episodes begin next Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. — Kurt Angle stated during an interview this afternoon with The Fight Show in Canada that his existing contract with TNA Wrestling expires in August. — TNA Knockout Sarita has opened a fan page on Facebook. Shots of Sarita’s booty on Impact -> source: PWInsider.comRead More

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Jeff Jarrett Talks iMPACT! & PPVs, Working With Karen & Kurt

Busted Open with Jeff Jarrett Hosts: Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-4 PM ET Sirius 125, XM 241 Here are some highlights of what Jeff Jarrett said about: If there are more plans for TNA to take Impact and PPV’s on the road: “There absolutely are. The touring business is a very very tough business first and foremost. Me growing up here in Nashville certainly around the music business, there’s a lot of hard work that goes in to taking a show on the road….It isRead More

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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For 2/10

- Thanks to Eric for the following TNA iMPACT spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Orlando, airing on February 10th: * Immortal opens the show with Eric Bischoff talking about each member of Fortune. Jeff Jarrett calls them out to the ring. Promos from each side here on what they’ve done for TNA. Immortal attacks but Crimson, Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner run down for the save. * Winter and Velvet Sky are backstage fihting. Anelina Love breaks it up and wants them to be friends. * Backstage with Eric BischoffRead More

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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For 1/27

Thanks to John Benoit and PWInsider.com for the following spoilers… Impact 1/27 *Impact opens with Kurt Angle cutting a promo in the ring about what happened last week with the Jarretts. He asked the crowd if they want one more match. Immortal and Eric Bischoff come out. Bischoff tells Angle his request has been turned down and sends Immortal to attack him. Little Red makes the save with a baseball bat. Flair cuts a promo saying Red can say “They are coming” but the only thing happening next week isRead More

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*Spoilers* TNA IMpact Taping Results For 1/20

Thanks to TNAInsider.com for the following spoilers. Some of the segments might air on television in different order. TNA Impact (Airing 1/20 on Spike TV): * Kurt Angle is out first. Before his former wife and her new husband comes out he wants to set the record straight. She said last week it wasn’t about Kurt. He says it was about him because he went to bat for her and got her into TNA. Then when she was in, he’d turn around and look back and always see Karen withRead More

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The Wrestling Genius: 2010 and My Love of Lists

Well 2010 is coming to a close and it has been a pretty up and down year in sports for yours truly. I couldn’t have thought of a worse year to be a Vikings fan. Last January I watched in horror as my dream of watching my favorite team make the super bowl went down faster than the Hindenburg and just as tragically. However things got better when I got to see the Lakers beat the Celtics in 7 games. I mean it doesn’t compare to the Vikings winning butRead More

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Jeff Jarrett Speaks On Hogan, Bischoff & RVD In TNA & More

Former ten-time World Heavyweight Champion & TNA superstar, Jeff Jarrett, was one of the featured guests on this week’s live edition (12/20/10) of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem. You can feel The Mayhem every Monday evening (at 7PM ET/6PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (www.MondayNightMayhem.com, www.AudioWrestling.com, www.Hybrident.tv, www.iTunes.com, www.Facebook.com/MondayNightMayhem, & www.Twitter.com/FeelTheMayhem). Jeff joined The Big Mosh, “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent, & “Wild” Bill Brown in his return to “Your Home of Wrestling Radio.” His exclusive interview, along with the entire “Merry Mayhem ChristmasRead More

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Sting’s TNA Future, Kevin Nash Update, EV 2.0 Angle & More

- TNA officials believe that Sting will once again re-sign with the company. Sting has been working on a year-to-year basis for several years now, with Spike TV often contributing to his expensive contract renewals. If he does decide to stick with TNA, he would be brought back in January with some of the other TNA headliners who have been off television, like Kurt Angle. – There is still hope in TNA that a deal can be worked out with Kevin Nash. His recent TNA departure was a cost-cutting measureRead More

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Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho DVD Review (Disc 2)

Breaking the Code: Chris Jericho (Disc 2) -So the Steelers took care of business and a taped Raw pretty much bored the hell out of everyone.  What’s not boring?  MORE JERICHO!! CWC – October 1990 “Cowboy” Chris Jericho vs. Lance “Thunder” Storm Nothing like an indy match with shitty quality to get us started but, let’s be honest here, this thing is as RARE as you get.  Jericho grabs a headlock as my TV struggles to display both the yellow Rocker tights of Jericho and the hot pink ones ofRead More