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Posted On January 31, 2011By Kris ZellnerIn News

More Details On Mistico Signing With WWE

Super Luchas reported today as the cover story in their latest issue that Mistico flew to the United States last Tuesday and signed a contract with the WWE. Mistico returned from Japan the day before and flew straight into the United States the next day to finalize the deal that EMLL knew nothing about which has contradicted Mistico’s agreement with EMLL on telling them if he had any contact with WWE. Mistico has been very disgruntled over the last year about his situation inside EMLL as they have decided toRead More

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The Lucha Report For November 15

RESULTS DTU 11/13 – Arena Lopez Mateos 1. Ciclope beat Electroboy 2. Chica Tormenta/Ludark Shaitan/Sexy Lady defeated Ashley/Lolita/Megan 3. Bestia 666 & Dinamic Black beat Tacubo & Zumbi 4. Drastick Boy & Flamita defeated Eterno & Hormiga 5. Paranoico & Octagoncito beat Sick Boy Mini Chessman 6. Dance Boy & Violento Jack defeated Erick Snake & Extreme Dragon 7. Aero Boy/Crazy Boy/Joe Lider beat Damian 666/Kaientai/Lord Byron EMLL 11/14 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara 1. Black Metal & Virgo beat Drago & Malefico 2. Goya Kong (subbing for Dalis laRead More

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The Lucha Report For September 25

NEWS EMLL Director Juan Manuel Mar aka Panico was asked about Mistico’s comments this week about the current booking situation in EMLL and Panico said that no one in EMLL agrees with what Mistico said but it was his right to say it. Panico said that Mistico shouldn’t complain because he is in the middle of a great run right now and his opinion of the independent guys is ridiculous because they were given the ball and they have run with it well. Panico said that Mistico is completely wrongRead More

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The Lucha Report For September 23

NEWS EMLL held a press conference today to announce some news items and they were the following: Estrellita & Tiffany are now officially part of EMLL as the female representatives for Los Invasores. Taichi Ishikari will be returning to Mexico on 10/4. Damian el Terrible & Hijo del Texano will be going to New Japan to compete in the G1 Tag League and Mascara Dorada & La Sombra will be competing in the G1 Jr. Tag League. EMLL will also be sending representatives to New Japan for their Tokyo DomeRead More