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- Paul Heyman made a special appearance on Mark Madden’s radio show in Pittsburgh yesterday to talk about WWE SummerSlam. Here are some highlights: * He at first turned down Brock Lesnar’s invitation to come back to WWE with him. Heyman said he felt WWE doesn’t know how to promote Brock as a fighter. Heyman feels he was brought back in part because he knows how to market Brock’s fighter persona. * He wasn’t sure if he was brought back with another Superstar how well his mic work would haveRead More
WWE Diva AJ Lee spoke with Mark Madden of 105.9 The X this weekend to promote Monday’s 1,000th episode of RAW. The full audio is embedded below. AJ revealed that she has been getting a lot of advice from WWE Champion CM Punk and his #1 contender John Cena. AJ noted that the two see that she’s a Diva that loves the business and has watched it her whole life, that she wants to succeed. AJ added that Punk and Cena have helped her out a lot. AJ talked aboutRead More
Some people felt Vince McMahon went over the line with his blistering impersonation of Jim Ross in a backstage segment on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, which saw the WWE Chairman make a horribly distorted face ridiculing the Hall of Fame broadcaster’s affliction with Bell’s palsy. Ross suffers from the condition, which sometimes results in temporary paralysis of his facial muscles. McMahon’s mockery segment struck a nerve with former WCW announcer Mark Madden, who went on Twitter to blast the WWE chief. “McMahon mocking Ross’ Bell’s Palsy was unforgivable. What a scumbag,Read More
– Alex Shelley, whose contract with TNA Wrestling is set to expire, is reportedly jumping ship to WWE. This is according to former WCW broadcaster Mark Madden. He wrote on Twitter: “Good luck to Alex Shelley, WWE-bound. A real talent. Let’s c if he’s used rite. Shame 2c MCMGs break up. Best tag team in U.S.” — Today would have marked as Brian Pillman’s fiftieth birthday. A previously undetected heart condition, arteriosclerotic heart disease, led to his death on October 5, 1997. Smith Hart remembered the late wrestler via Twitter,Read More

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Mark Madden Still Insists Paul Heyman Is Helping Brock Lesnar

- As noted earlier, Mark Madden stated that Paul Heyman has been helping Brock Lesnar with his promos since returning to WWE. Heyman then denied Madden’s claim yesterday, writing on his Twitter. “@MarkMaddenX As flattered as I am by the notion, I have nothing to do with #BrockLesnar’s @WWE promos… Believe it or not, @WWE got it right … in a BIG way … with that #DeathClutch promo last week on #Raw… I’d love to take even a tiny bit of the credit for that promo, but it all belongsRead More

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The Undertaker’s WWE Future, Okerlund Undefeated, Miss USA

- Former WWE Tough Enough contestant and possible new roster member Rima Fakih is scheduled for court today in Michigan to answer charges of drunk driving. – WWE Hall of Famer Mean Gene Okerlund remains undefeated after teaming with Sheamus on SmackDown last night to defeat the team of Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio. Gene previously defeated Mark Madden in a WCW Street Fight and also teamed with Buff Bagwell to defeat Kanyon and Madden. – As noted before, people backstage at WrestleMania 28 were talking about how goodRead More

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CM Punk Reveals Offers He Received While Away From WWE

CM Punk says he received some of the “most ridiculous offers from the most unbelievable sources” during his brief time away from WWE last month after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. During a radio interview with Mark Madden from last week, Punk acknowledged that he was brought back to television too soon and there were a “billion” scenarios that could have played out prior to his return. After acknowledging that WWE brought him back sooner than expected to give a jolt to business, Punk said: “Now you’re getting intoRead More