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– Melina’s earlier remarks on Twitter saying she was dumped today by her boyfriend have since been deleted. It’s been speculated that her account was hacked, however, all but the second remark were made via iPhone’s Twitter application, which is what she generally uses. Her second remark was made via text message. “Getting dumped must be the new trend this new years. The feeling sucks. I’d rather be baby face and b in love than heel & dumped.” “I wish I could b perfect enough.” “I wish I was him.Read More

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London Discusses His Friction With Hardy, Explains Video Spoof

Former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion Paul London pulled no punches in a lengthy interview published in the latest issue of Power Slam as he candidly discussed his five-year run with World Wrestling Entertainment, the wide array of characters he came into contact there, and much more. During the interview, London discussed his real-life friction with former WWE colleague Matt Hardy and indicated that it is due to jealousy on Hardy’s part. He also explained why he pulled the YouTube video spoofing Hardy’s internet campaign to obtain a contractRead More

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Matt Hardy Continues To Rant On Internet ‘Scumsheets’

In the latest “attention grabbing” tweet from Matt Hardy, he writes: “BTW, The Scumsheets always cover MNM, the show I was on last night. They didn’t today.. Why u ask? Cuz I call them out on their bullsh*t.. The reason why they don’t give me publicity.. Cuz they don’t want my voice 2 be heard-So RT this-“THE DIRTSHEETS FEAR MATT F’N HARDY!” :) RT” With that being said, it should be noted that Monday Night Mayhem sends in their transcripts of the show and have yet to do so.Read More

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Report: Backstage Reaction At Raw To Jeff Hardy Video

PWMania has learned exclusively that the discussion among several Raw and Smackdown wrestlers tonight in Philadelphia was in regards to the Jeff and Matt Hardy video that made the rounds last week, in which Jeff blasted CM Punk and a rather tired looking Matt Hardy was mumbling something about Amy Dumas aka Lita, who has dated both Matt and Punk in the past. Besides the obvious discussion about the apparent condition of the Hardys in the video, the talk backstage was about how TNA has former heart throb Jeff HardyRead More

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Future Plans For CM Punk, Jim Ross Thanks Fans, Matt Hardy

- CM Punk will not need surgery for his lower body injury reports PWInsider. Instead Punk will rehab the injury and is expected to have an on-air role until he fully recovers. He was a co-commentator for this week’s edition of WWE Superstars and will most likely continue with similar roles. – Recently released WWE Superstar Matt Hardy has been added to the K&S Wrestlefest on December 11 in Essington, PA at the Ramada. Sean Waltman, Perry Saturn and Jushin Liger have also been added to the event. – JimRead More

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Report: TNA Funding Limited; Might Prevent Talent Signings

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that some financial functions in TNA have changed recently, with Dixie Carter’s mother Janice having been placed in charge of approving the money that the company spends on project decisions. Money is said to be very tight right now, with money funds being limited so that the company can cover its losses. This has lead many to believe that TNA might have to cut down on talent signings, and bringing in guys like Matt Hardy might be difficult to impossible depending on how much moneyRead More
– A fan asked Randy Orton over the weekend on Twitter whether he has plans to open a YouTube Channel. “The Viper” snarked, “And do what? Eat grapes?” Orton’s comment is in reference to Matt Hardy posting a video entry last month on YouTube of himself eating grapes while “shooting from the hip” on his uncertain status — at the time — with World Wrestling Entertainment. — According to a fan seated behind the stage for the Buried Alive Match at Bragging Rights, a stairwell was built into the theRead More

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Backstage Heat On MVP, Veteran WWE Wrestlers Frustrated

There is said to be much frustration amongst the veteran WWE wrestlers not currently being pushed. Many feel they are being pushed aside due to the organization’s youth movement initiative. Matt Hardy garnered a lot of sympathy with his former peers as they felt that he was among the wrestlers company officials didn’t have long-term plans for. Meanwhile, MVP developed heat backstage for moaning about the company’s younger performers being promoted ahead of him. See photo of Chris Masters’ black eye -> source: Pro Wrestling TorchRead More

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Gregory Helms Speaks On Matt Hardy’s WWE Release & TNA

Gregory “Hurricane” Helms was a guest on last night’s edition of “Right After Wrestling” with hosts Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Below are highlights from the interview: – He speaks with Matt Hardy on a daily basis, and told us that Matt feels great and he and Matt have business projects on the horizon – His thoughts on TNA’s direction – Should the WWE bring back the Cruiserweight division – Will Twitter change the wrestling industry? – Hurricane suggesting to Zack Ryder that he tweet live in the ring duringRead More

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One Count Kickout – 3 Pet Peeves

3 pet peeves about the wrestling business.Read More
The following is a recap of former WWE talent Amy “Lita” Dumas appearance on In Your Head Radio. The entire show can be listened via Jack mentions that Lita is shooting a pilot later this month. Lita mentions that her show “Silver Scream Spook Show” has aired one hundred episodes and has been planning to shoot a pilot episode. Lita describes the show as being Pee Wee Adventure meeting the Munsters. Lita is told about the WWE retiring the WWE Women’s Championship. Lita says that the person holding theRead More

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Update: The Very Latest On Matt Hardy’s WWE Status

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Matt Hardy and WWE continue to be at a stalemate where his status is concerned. WWE, on the one hand, wants Matt Hardy to address the issues he has, but Hardy, on the other hand, does not. Hardy reportedly continues to push for his release from WWE, but the company does not want to grant it so that he doesn’t end up going to to work for TNA. Sources are claiming that Hardy’s situation has slipped under the radar as of late due toRead More

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Matt Hardy Update, Future Of NXT, MMA Star Wants To Wrestle

- Most of the WWE locker room thinks that all of Matt Hardy’s recent behavior is a work, according to a WWE source. Hardy’s latest cry for attention came this weekend, when he announced he suffers from “Dissociative Identity Disorder,” a condition similar to Multiple Personality Disorder. – Speaking of Matt Hardy, he’s been removed from the opening video of WWE SmackDown and has been replaced with footage of Alberto Del Rio. – NXT is expected to move to the WWE website beginning next week as the NXT deal withRead More

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Diva Attacked By Giant Squid?, Hardy Removed From SD Vid

– WWE Diva Eve Torres wrote last night on Twitter that she was attacked by a giant squid. She enclosed a gruesome photo of her back, which is littered with red marks. While the marks are legit, she said today that she was merely joking about being attacked by a giant squid. She said the marks are from a Chinese healing procedure called Cupping. — Matt Hardy was removed from the opening SmackDown montage on Friday’s show. He remains listed on the company website’s SmackDown roster page. — Putting aRead More

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Matt Hardy Hitting The Gym Hard, The King’s DVD, Undertaker

– WWE star Matt Hardy, who stated in a YouTube video this week that he’s on his way out of the company, has been hitting the gym hard as of late. Hardy’s less-than-perfect physique has been the subject of discussion by various wrestling websites and he recently wrote on Twitter that he dropped a lot of weight by cutting red meat out of his diet. Hardy wrote on Twitter that he’s been hitting the gym hard lately trying to get in the best shape of his life and posted aRead More