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Now that Smackdown has lost one of its last remaining heroes when Christian went over to the dark side, that leaves only man left to fight back the hordes. Raw has only one hero remaining as well, John Cena and Randy Orton have been cast as the last heroes, the landscape around them is filled with would be marauders, bandits, and backstabbers. This is nothing new for wrestling/sports entertainment; there have always been more heels than babyfaces. I’m just having trouble remembering when there were this many heels and thisRead More

Posted On March 22, 2011By StaffIn News

Chris Jericho Talks About His Dancing With The Stars Debut

Former WWE Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho has gone on the record regarding his outfit on ABC-TV’s “Dancing With The Stars,” and we bet former boss, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would be proud! In an article posted on The Heyman Hustle website, Jericho stated, “I started looking at Mel Gibson in Mad Max. There’s that famous picture of him walking down the highway and one of his sleeves is ripped off and one is gone. It was more Mad Max than the gay biker from the Village People.”Read More