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Everybody getting excited for the WWE Network? I know I am. After years and years of doubting this entire project would start up, it is almost here. Right or wrong, the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view has become secondary in importance. The night AFTER is going to be beyond epic. Taking place from Green Bay, Wisconsin (I am from WI) only adds to the excitement. With that little introduction out of the way, how about we tackle a few topics for today? WWE Smackdown Ratings Continue Rising A lot of folks alwaysRead More

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The Cahoon Run Down: Jerry Lawler and the Reality of Wrestling

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here after a one week break with another edition of The Cahoon Run Down. With school starting up again and things in my life a little bit more hectic than usual, I always preface my articles with a sort of disclaimer that the consistency of my writing may falter just a tad in the coming months. Each week I’ll always attempt to crap something out, but I’d rather not write at all than phone it in. Anyways, this past Monday on RAW fans in attendance asRead More
Around 9 p.m. ET Monday night, I started penning this very edition of The Commentary. It was to focus on CM Punk’s impact off the bat at the show’s start, interrupting the legendary Bret Hart in Montreal and entering to boos. It was to focus on the excellent usage of Paul Heyman, who even with doing little, added so much more depth to Punk’s heel persona. Hell, it was even to discuss how unwarranted Alicia Fox’s sudden heel turn was, and how frustrated I am with the lack of directionRead More

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Jerry Lawler Has Health Scare During RAW

According to fans in attendance at tonight’s RAW from Montreal, Jerry Lawler collapsed during commentary during the Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young match. Michael Cole and Lawler both went silent on commentary and several fans at ringside looked concerned. Cole resumed commentary after a few minutes but it was clear he was shaken up. Paramedics were attending to Lawler at ringside before the commercial. Earlier in the night, Lawler competed in a tag match. UPDATE: Latest On Jerry Lawler’s Condition Following Collapse During WWE RawRead More
- There was heat on Michael Cole after last night’s RAW for missing a spot during the CM Punk vs. Jerry Lawler main event. Towards the end of the match, Punk used a Rock Bottom on Lawler. That spot was supposed to be pointed out on commentary with Cole hyping up the fact that Punk was using The Rock’s finishing move. – Jillian Hall, Winter and Becky Bayless (Cookie) are among the top women’s wrestlers to be featured at the debut B.L.O.W. (Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling) event on October 11thRead More
- Rey Mysterio was diagnosed with a pretty severe concussion on Monday. Mysterio was scheduled for a follow-up exam on Friday but likely won’t be cleared to wrestle for at least a few weeks. – Former WWE Champion JBL took a shot at Michael Cole and the WWE Divas after watching last night’s SmackDown where Layla defeated Alicia Fox with Kaitlyn on commentary. JBL wrote: “Just watched girls match on smackdown w @MichaelCole doing commentary with Caitlyn. I need a PBR after that! #shouldnotHavewatchedthatsober” – WWE DVD News confirms thatRead More
Smackdown General Manager Booker T spoke with Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald this week. Here are some highlights. Grading His Performance As An Announcer: “I give myself a C, maybe a C+, maybe. That job is a job you’ve got to learn on the job and literally study on a weekly basis. You’ve literally got to stay in tune to what’s going on in life as well, just to stay fresh. “Being a commentator is something I jumped into headfirst, not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into.Read More
- When JBL teased on his Twitter that he would return to commentating on SmackDown, a fan said that it needed to happen, JBL replied, “you never know. Just having fun on Twitter, but if job was offered to me-would be very tempting…. Smackdown job would be great, but hasn’t been offered so no plans as of now.” – Michael Cole responded to JBL’s message regarding him coming back to Smackdown, writing on his Twitter, “I am sure they have a spot for you at nxt and fcw. Enjoy learningRead More
Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with another edition of The Cahoon Run Down. Upon waking up today, I totally forgot that it was Thursday and thus, hadn’t realized that I had an article to write. Thus, I had absolutely no plan regarding what to write and etc. I really didn’t want to do another “Random Thoughts” (Even though there were some things I forgot to mention in the last one) but nothing immediately sprang to mind to write a full article about either. Then, a Facebook commenter came to theRead More
- As of this week, plans are for the Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night festivities to be held off-camera at RAW from San Antonio, Texas next Monday. A source expects that to change and Michaels be featured on TV in an angle with Brock Lesnar. – It was noted that Vince McMahon wanted the RAW 1000 show to be completely positive and made the call not to humiliate Jim Ross as he often likes to do. Vince has been trying to soften Michael Cole’s character lately, as to not be anRead More

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Jerry Lawler Talks Returning WWE Stars For RAW, Rivalry With Cole

The Baltimore Sun is featuring an interview with Jerry “The King” Lawler, who was promoting Monday’s 1,000th episode of Raw. Here are some highlights. What fans should expect from the show: “When you talk about 1,000 episodes, that’s just such a historic milestone. No other weekly episodic television show in the history of television has ever done this many episodes. That alone lets you know that this milestone has to be very, very special, and believe me, the WWE is going to pull out all the stops. “At last countRead More
- WWE.com has published a photo gallery highlighting the organization’s history of announcers. Those featured include Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, Michael Cole, Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse “The Body Ventura, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Mike McGuirk, Sean Mooney, Dok Hendrix, Tony Schiavone, Howard Finkel, Matt Striker, Craig DeGeorge, Joe Fowler, Jack Reynolds, Max Bretos, Jim Ross and Charlie Minn, among dozens more. – Jinder Mahal and Justin Gabriel will be signing autographs at tonight’s Florida Championship Wrestling live event at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Eustis, Florida. – According to FanPageList.com, AJRead More

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Vickie Ready For GM Role, Jerry Lawler At SmackDown, Ryback

- Vickie Guerrero, who will take over as Interim General Manager on the Raw SuperShow and SmackDown this week, tweeted the following: “Ready for my week to have control of Raw and Smackdown…..my office better be ready for occupancy.” – Jerry “The King” Lawler stated on Twitter that he’ll be on hand for Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Evansville, Indiana for a match against Michael Cole. – You can get up to 50% off wrestling packages at WWEShop.com at this link. – Booker T is today’s featured Superstar on WWE.com. –Read More
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Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here. Sorry for the delay in this article’s posting; I came down with something on Thursday and couldn’t write it. I’m still sick, but I hate missing deadlines so it goes up today. Check out Part 1 if you haven’t, and let’s get in to this! Justin Roberts – Again, WWE loves listing announcers on the superstars page. Justin Roberts is hardly a superstar. In fact, he’s hardly even an announcer. I don’t like him, but hey. Maybe he’ll win. Vince has done stupider shit. ChanceRead More

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Live Report & More Off-Air Notes From This Week’s WWE RAW

Thanks to Matthew Cannata the following: – The place was sold out. There didn’t seem like an empty seat in the areas that weren’t blocked off. – The crowd was hot and cold throughout the night. It kind of seemed to be lacking energy. I really think WWE will have issues with a 3-hour-raw. It’s hard to keep a live crowd’s attention for that long. – The Japanese wrestler who got squashed by Ryback was actually a co-worker of people sitting next to me. – When Tensai was beating upRead More

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Backstage WWE Wellness Policy News, JR Comments On RAW

- WWE officials have been discussing a major change that may be implemented soon for talents who fail Wellness Tests. In the future, the company may start announcing what caused the talents to test positive. The hope is that if they start to announce what substances the wrestlers tests positive for, it may discourage other talents from taking banned substances. – Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter about last night’s segment on RAW with John Cena, Michael Cole and a lot of JR’s BBQ sauce: “@michaelcole was a trooperRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 06/04/12

Michael Cole interviews John Cena. Cole attacks Cena’s character and says he’s become uninteresting and overrated. Cena gets angry but Cole reminds him that he can’t strike an announcer. John Laurinaitis comes out. He tells Cena that Big Show isn’t here tonight but that he gets to pick his opponent. JL says he has retired from action, but that Cena can pick anybody else. Cena picks Michael Cole. ^You can hate Michael Cole all you want, but he plays a great character and works his ass off to do whatRead More

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WWE RAW Results – June 4, 2012

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens with a look back at Big Show explaining his heel turn from last week. – We’re live from the Bi Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina. Justin Roberts introduces Michael Cole and here he comes to the ring. Cole brings out John Cena and says he has a lot of explaining to do. Cena’s music hits and out he comes. Cole reminds Cena about the two knockout punches from Big Show in a 24 hour period. Cole talks about Show taking out Brodus Clay,Read More
- As noted before, WWE slipped up on RAW last night when John Laurinaitis said he re-signed Big Show on Saturday, before the Over the Limit pay-per-view. They later realized the error and fixed it saying Show and Laurinaitis had a verbal agreement until he signed the contract on Monday morning. F4Wonline.com reports that the error was actually in the RAW script. WWE didn’t realize the error until fans went crazy on Twitter and corrected them. They then had Michael Cole correct the error on TV. – WWE will tapeRead More