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Posted On January 4, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Off-Air Raw Notes; Cole Sees Action, Crowd Response, More

Thanks to Jake Altersitz for sending in the following: After the show, Miz and Alex Riley head down to the ring to taunt Randy Orton. Randy attacks them but is thrown outside the ring. Micheal Cole then comes into the ring saying he wants to hear what Miz has to say. Miz yaps about them (Miz, Riley & Cole) being a “coalition”. While hes yaking, Randy is stirring, and from behind, RKOs Riley. Miz runs away, Randy turns his attention to Cole.. Before he can RKO him, Miz tries oneRead More

Posted On November 16, 2010By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Jericho Takes Jab At Michael Cole, Praises JR & Piper, Goldberg

Chris Jericho posted the following tweet last night regarding Michael Cole and Jim Ross, “The difference between Jim Ross and Micheal Cole is the difference between Paul Newman and Paulie Shore…” Jericho later went on to praise Roddy Piper, “Roddy Piper is the Yoda of promos…nuff said.” Jericho also addressed the idea of Bill Goldberg being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, “Hope Goldberg gets inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame! Why not, Valentine, Santana and Ware are in….”Read More