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Posted On November 9, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Kevin Nash Returns To Action In England, Foley Also Appears

“Newly-signed” WWE superstar Kevin Nash returned to the ring on Tuesday at the RAW brand’s live event from Newcastle, England. Nash teamed with The Miz and R-Truth to lose to the team of John Cena, Zack Ryder and Kofi Kingston. Mick Foley served as the special guest referee for the match. According to several live reports sent in by fans who were at the show – Nash didn’t do too much in the ring, but looked good. Only one fan mentioned that it looked like Nash “phoned it in.” MostRead More

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Updates On Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Mick Foley’s WWE Return

– The “Michael Cole challenge” match scheduled for RAW between Michael Cole and Jim Ross was bumped from the show due to time constraints. Jim Ross was indeed in Atlanta and tweeted the following after RAW: “4 the record, I’m in Atlanta. Was informed by Raw GM’s office, my services weren’t needed. Cole wants 2 make fun of my 3 surgeries. Classy.” Ross and Cole will wrestle on next week’s show, with the stipulation being that the winner remains a RAW announcer and the loser is off television for theRead More

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Why Jim Ross Wasn’t On Raw, Mick Foley Update, More

Credit: F4WOnline.com – The belief is that Jim Ross absence from RAW was due to a last-minute rewrite. There were apparently too many segments written into the show and the JR/Michael Cole confrontation will likely take place next week or in two weeks. – After being pulled from advertising, Mick Foley is once again being promoted for the 11/14 RAW. This time he is being advertised as a referee.Read More

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Divas Reality Show, RAW Preshow, Foley Comedy Show, More

- One of the shows confirmed for the upcoming WWE Network is “WWE Divas: Heels On Wheels” – a reality-based road trip show where cameras will follow the divas traveling the country. There is said to be a lot of interest among the divas – with most wanting to be featured on the show due to the amount of exposure they think it will bring them. – After WWE recently registered a new trademark for the name “WWE Supercharge” – the show will either be for the new 30-minute pre-showRead More

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Foley Still Waiting To Hear From WWE, Diva Featured In Maxim

– As reported earlier, WWE is no longer advertising Mick Foley for the November 14 Raw SuperShow at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been removed from www.wwelivetour.com and www.tdgarden.com. Mick Foley claims in an interview published today that he has yet to hear from WWE regarding a possible return to the organization. He told NewsDay.com, “Working a couple of days a week compared to all week is not problematic… Would not be a deal breaker at all. That’s assuming I get that phone call… I’m sure there’sRead More

Posted On October 26, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

Randy Savage & Another Legend Confirmed For “WWE ’12”

The December 2011 issue of WWE Magazine has an article highlighting ten features in THQ’s upcoming WWE ’12 video game and it is disclosed that “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Mick Foley will be playable characters via downloadable content pack. The magazine states: “WWE ’12 boasts a WrestleMania-sized roster of icons that, for the first time ever, can be used by gamers right off the bat. Superstars such as Demolition, Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Nash and others are available initially: future downloadable greats will include the likes of Shawn Michaels, RandyRead More

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Mick Foley Officially Added To 11/14 Raw Supershow

WWE has officially added Mick Foley to the talent listing for the November 14th edition of Raw Supershow.Read More

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News On Mick Foley & JBL’s Possible Returns To WWE

It’s widely expected that former WWE superstar Mick Foley will be returning to the company in the next few weeks, with Foley himself even teasing his return in recent interviews and on twitter. According to a source in WWE, there’s been a lot of talk behind the scenes this week about Foley’s return taking place around Survivor Series. With Foley’s longtime friend The Rock returning to the ring at Survivor Series and appearing on the final RAW before Survivor Series on November 14th, it’s expected that Foley will make severalRead More

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Mick Foley To Make Major Announcement Today

Former WWE and TNA star Mick Foley has posted the following on Twitter last night: “I am now announcing that I will be making a MAJOR (non-WWE) announcement on @Opieradio at 8:23 am tomorrow. Tune in to O&A for this shocker!”Read More

Posted On September 5, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

ESPN Covers Mick Foley’s Attempt At Stand-Up Comedy

ESPN.com’s “Page 2″ has a new piece on Mick Foley trying his hand at stand-up comedy. “In wrestling, I broke through when I stopped worrying about looking like an idiot when I’m in the ring or on the mic, and I’m not quite there yet” with the comedy, Foley said. Click here to read the full article.Read More

Posted On September 5, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Mick Foley To Host WWE Viewing Party; Update On WWE Return

Celebrities For Charity is holding a raffle where Mick Foley will host a WWE Raw, Smackdown or pay-per-view viewing party in your home between September 15, 2011 and November 30, 2011. The proceeds of the raffle benefit Surgance and RAINN. Foley will provide food and beverages. As for Foley in WWE, he is expected to return to the company in some role in the near future.Read More

Posted On August 4, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Report: Mick Foley Wants “One More Match” In WWE

PWMania has learned that WWE writers have been informed Mick Foley is, and we quote, “yearning” to do one more match under the WWE umbrella, whether or not it’s billed as a retirement match. While backstage in Philadelphia, Foley expressed a tremendous interest in having one more match, since his youngest child is now old enough to appreciate seeing Foley in the ring. We’ve been told Foley will become a “Good Will Ambassador” to WWE, tapping into his large body of work with charitable organizations, but that his heart isRead More

Posted On July 27, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Foley Attends SD Taping, The Miz To Guest Star On USA Series

– Photos have surfaced online of Mick Foley purportedly leaving last night’s SmackDown taping at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Hardcore Legend was asked on Twitter earlier this week if he would be returning to WWE. Foley replied, “VERY soon, but just as a fan. I’m taking my kids to a show this summer – they are HUGE fans.” — The Miz has landed a guest starring role on the USA Network detective comedy-drama series Psych. The former WWE Champion plays Mario, who is described as aRead More

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Foley “Hooked” On Raw, Did Raw Angle Affect WWE Stock?

Amidst concern that there might be a negative affect on WWE’s stock following the Vince McMahon/Triple H angle which ended Raw last night, ProWrestling.net is reporting that WWE stock closed today at 9.99, a 0.14 (1.42%) increase for the day. The stock reached a low of 9.80 and a high of 10.00. Former WWE and TNA star Mick Foley posted the following on Twitter: Just saw @WWE Raw on DVR. Wow..didn’t see that one coming. I can’t even remember the last time I was so hooked on wrestling as aRead More

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TMZ Picks Up On Blog Of X-Pac Being Molested As Child

TMZ.com picked up on Sean Waltman’s recent blog about being molested as a child. Waltman posted the personal details about his childhood in his latest blog on RealXPac.com where he praises the work of Mick Foley and the RAINN organization. The following is a quote from the blog: “I am a survivor of repeated sexual abuse/molestation, from about age 5 to around the age of 12, at the hands of both female & male perpetrators. The most psychologically damaging incidents came at the hands of an adult male who actuallyRead More

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Sean Waltman Writes Blog On Mick Foley, TNA & Being Molested

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman posted a new blog on his website, RealXPac.com, earlier today, entitled “Foley Isn’t Good…Foley Is Great”. You can read the blog below: I planned on writing this blog about Mick Foley as soon as I posted the first one here on RealXPac.com. This was before the recent headlines concerning Mick’s frustration & apparent desire to end his business relationship with Impact (TNA) Wrestling, a subject I will discuss in greater detail later on in this blog. I’ve always really liked, admired, respected, and been a fan ofRead More

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Major Update On Mick Foley Returning To WWE

Thanks to Nick Paglino for the following: As previously reported, Mick Foley is indeed finished with TNA as an on-air character, having requested his release from the company. While his contract is not set to expire until September, we have learned some exclusive details on Foley’s possible future after TNA. According to a key WWE insider, there have been talks of bringing Foley back to the company as an “ambassador” for WWE. Over the past few weeks, Foley has been Tweeting with several WWE stars such as The Rock, hintingRead More

Posted On June 6, 2011By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Jim Ross On Possible Foley/Undertaker Match At WM28 & More

Jim Ross is back with a new blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Below are some highlights from this entry: What was my lowest point in WWE? It wasn’t anything creatively I can assure you. Getting upset over storylines is stupid and, yes, I’ve been stupid many times, but losing both my parents at different times while on the WWE clock was obviously he lowest point for me. It’s amazing how some people constantly dig for dirt and would rather talk about a half empty glass than a half full one. OfRead More

Posted On June 5, 2011By Owen PattersonIn News

Mick Foley Reportedly Asks For His TNA Release; Details

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Mick Foley asked for his release from TNA, which is why the “fired” angle was run on Impact Wrestling this past Thursday night. The report notes that Foley cited creative differences as to why he wanted to be released from TNA, so the decision was hastily made by TNA to pull the plug on The Network storyline and have Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff “fire” Foley. It should be noted that Foley is still under contract to TNA, and has not been officially releasedRead More