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A Twitter feud between former WCW announcer Mark Madden and current Ring of Honor star/former WWE star Mike Mondo has went on for a few days now and resulted in former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis getting involved. Maria got involved after her boyfriend, ROH star Mike Bennett, defended Mondo and ROH, starting his own Twitter feud with Madden. Maria appeared to have enough after this tweet from Madden to Bennett, mentioning her relationship with CM Punk: “@ROHMikeBennett Does yer chick miss the big time? Does she miss Punk? She will…”Read More
Thanks to Stuart Carapola of PWInsider for the following results: Truth Martini comes out before the match to say that he has the breakout star of 2012 in Michael Elgin, the World TV Champion Roderick Strong, and now he wants tag team gold, so he introduces the faceless Guardians of Truth. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs The Guardians of Truth he Guardians of Truth are a couple of guys in Executioner-style long black trunks and black masks, and they jump the Briscoes as soon as the bells rings. They workRead More

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ThunderStruck: ROH Border Wars Reaction

Eddie Edwards and Rhino wrestle a short opening match and Edwards wins with the school boy rollup for the three count. Rhino went to attack Truth Martini after the match but Martini pulled out a wad of cash and gives it to Rhino. Rhino walks off and Truth is unharmed. TJ Perkins and the All Night Express defeated the Young Bucks and Mike Mondo in a six man war. This match was insane! TJ Perkins and Mike Mondo are so talented; it’s unbelieveable to see what they did in theRead More
Border Wars is shaping up to potentially become the greatest pay per view in the history of Ring of Honor, and that’s saying a lot for a company that almost always delivers big on it’s pay per views. This show will feature the very best wrestlers of today along with three talents from the past that helped shape professional wrestling into what it is today. How can you not be excited for this show? Likely Match: Six Man Tag: The Young Bucks and Mike Mondo vs The All Night ExpressRead More
Tomasso Ciampa goes one on one with Matt Taven to open the show. Jay Lethal comes to ringside during the match and watches on as Tomasso destroys Taven on the outside of the ring. Taven counters and gains the momentary upper hand on Ciampa. Ciampa is able to kick out of a huge frog splash by Taven. Taven gets pissed. Ciampa eventually wins the match with project Ciampa. Ciampa and Lethal taunt one another after the match. ^Like most matches on ROH, this was something you would expect to seeRead More