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WWE Diva AJ Lee spoke with Mark Madden of 105.9 The X this weekend to promote Monday’s 1,000th episode of RAW. The full audio is embedded below. AJ revealed that she has been getting a lot of advice from WWE Champion CM Punk and his #1 contender John Cena. AJ noted that the two see that she’s a Diva that loves the business and has watched it her whole life, that she wants to succeed. AJ added that Punk and Cena have helped her out a lot. AJ talked aboutRead More
- WWE has created two new major positions – a Social Media producer and a Live Events analyst. The Social Media producer would be responsible for voting, polling, texts and tweets on WWE’s TV show as well as at live events. The producer will work with the TV production team, creative, the web team and the live events team. WWE is looking for the Live Events analyst to creative metrics to measure the success of live events beyond ticket sales. They want the person to create models and formulas toRead More
- Grantland.com, an ESPN subsidiary, has an article comparing AJ Lee to Miss Elizabeth. – TMZ live discussed John Cena’s divorce last night. It was noted that the divorce is turning nasty with his wife accusing him of cheating. – Chris Jericho’s suspension countdown tweet for today reads, “2 years ago I went to see Iron Maiden with my 2 cousins and they played 2 Minutes To Midnight.”Read More
– Scotty Riggs, who held the WCW World Tag Team Championship with Marcus “Buff” Bagwell, stated the following Tuesday on Facebook after his former tag team partner was involved in a serious car accident last week while traveling near his hometown of Marietta, Georgia: “FLOCK U” … KEEP MARK (Bagwell) IN YOUR POSITIVE ENEGRY & PRAYERS … HE’S COME A MILLION MILES BUT HAS A MILLION MORE TO GO!!! … I’LL BE CALLING HIM AGAIN LATER THIS WEEK!!” Bagwell has made major progress since the accident as he was dischargedRead More

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Cody Rhodes Speaks On His Favorite WrestleMania Moment

L.A. Times is featuring an interview with current Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes. On the topic of which past moment at WrestleMania was his favorite he responded with the following.   “I’m going to pick a moment that I know nobody else would pick: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage’s retirement match vs. the Ultimate Warrior. It wasn’t the match that was great, but Macho Man’s reuniting with Miss Elizabeth afterward. It was such a great moment and people in the stands were actually crying.”   Also in the interview Rhodes said thatRead More
– The February 2012 issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with Beth Phoenix and Natalya and they are asked how far they are willing to go to see the Women’s Tag Team Championship brought back. “I would absolutely do anything within my power,” Beth says. “I think we have enough Divas for a tag team division, and with the Divas Title currently being held on Raw, SmackDown is left without something to fight for. So tag titles would be amazing.” Natalya adds, “And Beth and I are the perfectRead More

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Luger Says He Would Be Honored To Be Inducted Into The HOF

During a recent public appearance, Lex Luger was asked what being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame would mean to him. “It would just be a tremendous honor if someday I was inducted in the Hall of Fame, but really, we’re here to get down to glory to God now with our lives and serve others and use open vessels for him to bring people to Christ,” says Luger, who in 2006 declared himself a born again Christian. Lex continues, “But, would that be an honor? It’s something thatRead More
– Since parting ways with WWE in August, Melina has been highlighting messages on Twitter which suggest that her relationship with John Morrison is not picture perfect. She retweeted the following recently: “I haven’t met Mr. Right yet. But I have met Mr. Fake, Mr. Rude, Mr. Wrong & Mr. Player.” She then wrote regarding the message, “But I pray 1 day I’ll meet Mr Right!” — Former WWE star Luke Gallows suggested on Twitter that he’s now a tattoo artist. He wrote, “Just gave my first tattoo in Melbourne,Read More
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about: R-Truth’s Recent Push: “R Truth seems to have finally found a viable niche and he is one of the brighter aspects on Raw. Truth is embracing his new persona and I happen to think it fits him well.” Randy Savage In The WWE HOF: “I have no idea if or when Randy Savage will be inducted into the WWE HOFRead More

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WWE Honors Randy Savage On Raw, CM Punk Pays Tribute

WWE paid tribute to the late Randy Savage on Raw with an “In Memory of” graphic at the beginning of the show and a video package showcasing his career prior to the evening’s main event. The package highlighted his legendary match with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat at WrestleMania III, on-screen relationship with Miss Elizabeth, trademark mannerisms and other career milestones. Prior to the airing of the video, Jerry Lawler said of the wrestling legend, “Savage will always be a Hall of Famer, no matter what.” CM Punk punctuated the SavageRead More

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The Wrestling Genius: You Will Be Missed

This article was very difficult for me to write, and if it seems like the rambling of a lost fan, well it is. Its so hard to put into words the impact a guy like Macho Man Randy Savage had on us as fans. So, this isn’t a column that will even attempt to encompass his career, but more of my personal feelings of a legend who passed before his time. Nacho Man Randy Sandwich, that’s what a four-year-old future-wrestling genius would call his favorite wrestler. I was so littleRead More
– WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes spoke with The Associated Press Friday regarding the death of Randy Savage. “There’s probably five or six of us, with Andre (the Giant) and (Hulk) Hogan and thankfully myself and (Ric) Flair, that, when their names pop up, even if you’re not a fan, you know who in the hell these people are,” said Rhodes. “You say, ‘I know this guy. I know Macho Man Randy Savage.’ He was part of that breed. We lost a good one… He was a recluse, almost.Read More
Authors of the New York Post‘s story on the passing of Randy Savage erroneously listed former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior among other prominent wrestlers from the 1980s to have died. They wrote: “Savage’s passing follows the deaths of several other prominent wrestlers from the 1980s, including Yokozuna, Ultimate Warrior, Bam Bam Bigelow and Savage’s one-time female partner and wife, Miss Elizabeth.” The article, which is available here, has since removed the Ultimate Warrior mention. The death of Ultimate Warrior has been a common misconception dating back to 1992 when heRead More