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Posted On February 29, 2012By Jared GebhardtIn Columns

The Wrestling Genius: The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling Part Two

If I just go by your emails then last week’s column was well received by most of you. A few of you were confused by my non-wrestler Mount Rushmore and thought that was my Mount Rushmore plus Ric Flair. Let me reiterate before I go on, with all four of my Mount Rushmore columns (this being number 2) I’ll have a different sub-mount Rushmore. This time I picked pre-modern era Mount Rushmore. But first I’d like to comment on something that happened last Monday; namely the big announcement that HHHRead More
Last week I tasked you my faithful readers to send me your Mount Rushmore of wrestling. You guys and gals did not disappoint. I got a ton of responses, some really good ones, and by really good I mean ones that agreed with me. I got some really way out there submissions, like Jake the Snake Roberts and someone said John Cena. Cena? Really? Really? Come on man, are you serious bro? There got that out of my system, but seriously to the person who said John Cena, I fearRead More

Posted On February 9, 2012By Jared GebhardtIn Columns

The Wrestling Genius: More Questions That Need Answers

Started this week thinking I was going to write a column about the Mount Rushmore of wrestling. I decided against it because I just couldn’t do it justice in one column and 1500 words, just not possible. So I’ll be doing it over four columns and I want your feedback, who is on your Mount Rushmore of wrestling? Four wrestlers that changed the sport forever and transcended wrestling and entered into pop culture. Remember who is on our Mount Rushmore before you send in your wrestling Mount Rushmore. George WashingtonRead More
– The latest report on Jerry Lawler’s health is that his left leg is swollen from the knee down to the foot. The cause of the matter is not known, but those close to him believe he has incurred a staph infection. The WWE Hall of Famer’s doctor advised him not to attend Raw since it would have been a ten hour flight to England and the change in air pressure could have possibly cause blood clots. — The WWE SmackDown taping on Jan. 25, 2011 will be held atRead More