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– Rey Mysterio posted an update on his health today after undergoing knee surgery three days ago. The procedure included a repair to two major ligaments in his knee and bone spurs removed. He wrote on Twitter, “Had my first check-up; knee was drained & needs 2 B stable, won’t start therapy until nxt week! Have to ice & rest…” Mysterio blew out his knee while attempting a baseball slide during a match against Alberto Del Rio on the August 15 episode of Raw. There is talk that he mayRead More
Rosa Mendes suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a dark match against Natalya at last night’s SmackDown taping in Roanoke, Virgina. The match ended abruptly with the referee calling for the bell and giving the victory to Natalya. Mendes covered her chest with her arms and quickly headed to the back while numerous male onlookers cheered at ringside. Natalya attempted to keep the focus away from Mendes as she acted overly excited about the win. The Roanoke Civic Center staff were overheard saying Mendes had suffered a “wardrobe malfunction.” Mendes commentedRead More
- Carlito will be at PWD’s Summerfest in Reno, Nevada on July 16th, 2011. – The Nasty Boys will be appearing on the third season premiere of Man vs. Food Nation on The Travel Channel. The episode features the host trying to coach Nasty Boy Jerry Sags as he attempts to eat ten super spicy hot wings from Rapscallions in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. – Natalya and Tyson Kidd will be appearing for fans at the Fairway Market in Stamford, Connecticut on June 18th from 11am. – In case youRead More
– Christian and Natalya commented on Edge announcing his retirement tonight on Raw. Both wrote on Twitter: Christian: “I’ve shed my tears..And from here on out I choose 2celebrate 1 of the greatest careers in WWE history..Cant wait2 induct u in the HOF #Edge” Natalya: “My thoughts are with Edge, and thank you so much for the wonderful memories. You’re a real, true friend and ill never forget it.” — Adam Copeland, Awesome Kong, Brie Bella, Edge, Jack Swagger and Mason Ryan, among other WWE terms, were trending tonight onRead More

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WWE Raw Results – February 28, 2011

- Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up live from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York as Josh Matthews welcomes us to a sold-out RAW. Triple H’s music hits and out he comes to a massive pop to kick off RAW. We see Jerry Lawler and Matthews on commentary, no Michael Cole yet. Triple H does his usual entrance and is dressed in street clothes tonight. We get the first official graphic for Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 27. Triple H tries to begin his promo but the crowd isRead More

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WWE Raw Review – February 14, 2011

Raw Review – February 14, 2011 -You’ll have to forgive me for not getting to Raw last week, a Super Bowl hangover along with travel time left me in slightly less than a positive mood so I decided to take a personal day…you understand, I imagine. -So rumors are flying about who the guest host of Raw will be. I just hope said guest host will know their role. -So we have 6 days to pump the living hell out of a sluggish selling Elimination Chamber….does Vinnie Mac have itRead More

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WWE Raw Results – February 14, 2011

- Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with the pyro going off inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. He is joined by Josh Matthews on commentary tonight. Matthews hypes tonight’s WrestleMania host announcement and Cole plugs R-Truth vs. John Morrison, Sheamus vs. Randy Orton and CM Punk vs. John Cena where there must be a winner. John Cena vs. CM Punk We go right to the ring for tonight’s opener and John Cena rushes the ring to a big pop. Cena talks about Valentine’sRead More

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New WWE Divas Champion

Eve won the WWE Divas Championship at tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, pinning Layla in a Fatal 4-Way match also featuring Michelle McCool and Natalya.Read More

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WWE Raw Review – Jan. 24, 2011

Raw Review – January 24, 2011 -Forgive me for missing last week but I had a bit of a commitment. Seems I missed the debut of the FCW champion as a part of Nexus but, since he’s green as hell, I doubt much will come of it. -Oh, and also, something else happened over the weekend….hmmm, what was it? Oh yes! Suuuuuuuuuck it! -By the way, I think the 40-man Rumble is a really bad idea because it’s only going to drag the match down. When are the most boringRead More

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WWE Raw Results – January 24, 2010

This last RAW before the Royal Rumble stars with Edge coming out to the ring, big smile on his face. King talks about how The Corre attacked Edge on last week’s SD! The fans are wild for Edge. He grabs a mic and says he doesn’t feel like waiting. Off comes his shirt to show taped ribs. He’s never liked waiting. He doesn’t like waiting at the DMV, he doesn’t like the guy in front of him at the store to pay by check. He doesn’t like to wait atRead More

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Title Match Announced For Raw, Updates On Tarver & Ortiz

– has announced that Natalya will defend the Divas Championship against Melina tonight on Raw. Melina became the No. 1 contender to the Divas Title on Dec. 20 by defeating Eve and Alicia Fox in a Triple Threat Match. She then slapped Natalya, effectively turning heel. — Former WWE star Ricky Ortiz, now known as Ricky Young, is advertised for this Saturday’s I Believe in Wrestling event at the Downtown Rec Complex in Orlando, Florida. Also scheduled is Sean and Phil Davis vs. Ray Beez and Milo Beasley, CHIKARARead More
– Several top World Wrestling Entertainment executives received major stock options at the end of 2010. For instance, Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn sold 18,000 shares for $258,300 on Dec 29. Shares of WWE stock owned by Dunn are currently worth $1.77 million. A trust fund Vince McMahon earmarked in 2008, which is separate from his own stock portfolio, sold 2,866,944 shares on Dec. 29—equal to $41,140,646. The current value of his trust fund following the sale is approximately $146 million. — Footage has surfaced from theRead More

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WWE Raw Results – January 3, 2011

The first RAW of the year starts with video of Nexus attacking Cena again. After it was over Punk came out, grabbed a chair, almost hit Cena, but then sat down in the chair and put the Nexus arm band on. All of Nexus, minus Wade, were in unity. Cole talks about Cena likely being on RAW due to injuries sustained from Nexus. Punk’s joined Nexus, but who’s leading them? Plus, it’s unusual for the WWE Championship to be defended in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, but it will beRead More

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WWE Raw Review – January 3, 2011

Raw Review – January 3, 2011 -Happy 2011 to everyone out there in the IWC. Apologies for my absence last week as I was attending the Smackdown house show in Pittsburgh, which started at 7:30 Monday night…why the hell they would do that, God only knows. The plus side is I only got 15 emails asking where the hell I was this time, so maybe that’s a good sign. The Fink, however, has seen better days -We get a recap of CM Punk joining Nexus, which should give the smarksRead More

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WWE Defends Decision To Hold Show Despite Weather Warnings

World Wrestling Entertainment spokesman Adam Hopkins responded to writer Alfonso Castillo’s article questioning the company’s decision to not postpone its Sunday night live event at Madison Square Garden, despite forecasts of a severe blizzard and warnings by the Long Island Rail Road that it would suspend service if the weather became too severe. “WWE tries its best not to let down our fans due to the weather,” Hopkins said. “After weighing several factors and consulting with Madison Square Garden management, The Garden was in favor of us running theRead More

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WWE PPV Buys Significantly Down, Superstars Rating, Rumble

– Last Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars featuring Lay-Cool vs. Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly in the main event drew a 0.55 cable rating, down from the previous week’s number. The show drew 539,000 viewers overall. The midnight replay did a 0.23 rating, with 221,000 viewers. — Although WWE announced next month’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Boston, Mass. as being sold out, some $300 floor seats are still available. — Through the first 11 months of 2010, World Wrestling Entertainment garnered 1,941,000 domestic pay-per-view buys from 12 events, an averageRead More

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WWE Tribute To The Troops Special Tonight, Melina Speaks

- WWE Week on the USA Network will conclude tonight with a special two-hour edition of WWE’s Tribute to the Troops, featuring more matches and celebrity appearances. The show begins tonight at 8pm EST on USA. – WWE Diva Melina jokingly wrote the following on Twitter yesterday: “People are asking me why I slapped Natalya. That pink frilly dress was offending my eyes. I was about to slap myself but better her than me!” After comments from fans, Melina then noted that she would be her usual joking self onRead More

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WWE TLC PPV Results – December 19, 2010

WWE TLC PPV Results December 19, 2010 WWE TLC PPV Opener: WWE’s 2010 Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view kicks off with a video package focusing on tonight’s matches with the theme of the Superstars putting their health and careers on the line at “the most dangerous event of the year.” Few will feel glory, but all will feel pain, it says. And we’re live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas as the pyro explodes. The stage area is decorated with tables, ladders and chairs. Michael Cole welcomes us toRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE Smackdown Taping Results For Tonight

WWE taped this week’s Smackdown tonight from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana. Thanks to Beau Belgard, PWTorch reader for providing us with full results: WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday) For the final WWE Smackdown episode leading to the TLC PPV… Edge promo starts the show. He introduces a video montage of last few week’s events, talks about the World Title match this Sunday, and leaves. Pretty uneventful. Miz vs. Rey Mysterio is later tonight. Teddy Long and Edge are talking in back. The TLC match is changed to Fatal Four-way withRead More