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Major Creative Change Takes Place In TNA; Vince Russo Out

Jason Powell of ProWrestling.NET reports that Vince Russo has been demoted from his job as head writer of Total Non-Stop Action. Former WWE talent/agent/writer Bruce Prichard (Brother Love) has taken over for Russo, who now works with Matt Conway in script coordination. Some are alleged to be unhappy with the move, as Prichard has amassed a bit of backstage power in a short amount of time. The change, however, had been expected for months. Russo was named as head writer of TNA in the fall of 2006, after taking aRead More
– Christopher DeJoseph has parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment. It was speculated over the weekend that he would be parting ways with the organization and the move became official on Wednesday. He worked closely with Michael Hayes on the SmackDown creative team and infrequently appeared on television as “Big Dick Johnson.” It is unknown at this time as to why DeJoseph left the company and who will be promoted to take his place. One wrestler who attempted to reach out to DeJoseph yesterday received his voice mail and wasRead More

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Ex-ECW Champ Declines Appearing On Raw, Superstars Rating

– The Nov. 11 episode of WWE Superstars scored a 0.56 cable rating, with 627,000 viewers. — All December, WWE Classics On Demand celebrates “Season’s Beatings,” featuring memorable holiday shows and festive moments. — Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible declined an offer from WWE to appear on tonight’s “Old School” episode of Monday Night Raw. It is likely that Credible would have reprised his former Aldo Montoya character, which has been the butt of jokes in WWE Magazine. See photos of Ultimate Warrior beating up HHH -> sources:Read More