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Posted On May 29, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Several WWE Superstars & Personalities Tweet On WWE RAW

Here are tweets from several wrestling personalities, tweeted during and after WWE RAW: Santino Marella ‏@milanmiracle: “Not to make excuse but I was no ready at all, del rio beat me ups before I could even getting start, now my arm is really killing me!” Ricardo Rodriguez ‏@RRWWE: “Take THAT Santino!” Zack Ryder ‏@ZackRyder: “I’m not booked. Guess I’ll do a Live Q & A From Backstage. Use hashtag #ZackRyderVsCatering GO!” “That’s it for now. Thanks Zack Pack! #ZackRyderVsCatering” Ezekiel Jackson ‏@ezekielwwe: “#angrygiant Not a good combo…” “#sign… There isRead More