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Posted On October 4, 2010By StaffIn News

Paul Bearer Comments On His Actions At Hell In A Cell

Shortly after last night’s Hell in a Cell PPV, Paul Bearer posted the following on his Twitter account: “About 2am time to try to get some rest. I do appreciate you all no matter what your opinion is of my actions tonight. Business is business. Storyline wise, you must remember UT buried me in concrete. Kane is my blood. Were my actions justified… matter of opinion. Good night.”Read More

Posted On September 26, 2010By StaffIn News

New Talent Added To SD Roster, Paul Bearer On Twitter, More

– The official WWE website has added profiles on both Paul Bearer and Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, to its SmackDown roster section. Bearer’s appearance on Friday’s episode of SmackDown was not a one time occurrence as he will be a featured character going forward. Meanwhile, Rodriguez showed on Friday’s show that he was not above getting involved in the action as he grabbed Christian’s ankle in order to help Del Rio gain an advantage during the melee with the injured SmackDown star. — Paul Bearer hasRead More