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Lex Luger called into the Wrestle Reaction radio show last week and talked with hosts Frank Manzo and Joe Omega about a variety of topics. Below are the highlights, but be sure to listen to the entire interview by visiting Wrestle Reaction airs live every Tuesday night from 7-8 EST. Follow them on Twitter @Wrestle_React. Lex Luger on the PG rating and how it affects the business: “I think [WWE] draws from a broader audience with the PG versus the edgier style…a lot of parents have always told me,Read More
Kirby Mack (a/k/a Stan Stansky) and Stoney Hooker (a/k/a Arthur Rosenberg), who faced Ryback in a Handicap Match on the June 4, 2012 episode of Raw, recalled their WWE experience in an interview with The Do Your J.O.B. Wrestling Hour. Highlights from the interview are as follows: The process being selected to face Ryback: “Before we got there I got a call from a buddy of mine who runs High Velocity Wrestling who was in contact with the WWE and they called him and said we are looking for 2Read More
A talent meeting was held before Monday’s RAW. Word is that nobody really spoke up after everything that was said backstage last week. Talents were told to use common sense in all dealings, mainly when it comes to social media. They were outright told that any kind of xenophobic comments or racial remarks will not be tolerated. It was also pushed that the company is PG programming. The idea is that anything anyone says that wouldn’t be in good taste to children should not be said. Officials didn’t use thoseRead More

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Tea Time with Liam

Hello everybody. Liam here once again with another edition of Tea Time with Liam. Now I’m not going to bore you all about mentioning my chronic laziness and why this still hasn’t returned to a weekly column. I just want to get into the writing today. But before I do, I’d like to thank everyone who responded to my Zack Ryder column. I tried my best to respond to all of you and you have my sincere apologies if I missed you out. Okay, lets get on with the columnRead More
Vince McMahon and George Barrios hosted a conference call with investors on Thursday morning. Here are a few highlights. * WWE has spent $5-million on production of ‘Legend’s House.’ * Vince McMahon said the writing has gotten much better and presenting the shows in a PG manner. * The Tout app was downloaded over 30,000 times after the airing of WWE Raw. * Vince said they may have gone too far to ‘G’ rather than ‘PG’ in the past. * “No Holds Barred” starring Hulk Hogan, which cost less thanRead More

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Vince’s Thoughts On Anti-Bullying, Triple H Talks Developmental

- Here are some more highlights from WWE’s shareholders meeting on Friday morning from WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT: * Triple H addressed the WWE developmental rumors and said the future has always been about making the best developmental territory possible. They are making plans to expand developmental but it’s doing what it’s designed to do – create and cultivate new talents. * Vince McMahon said WWE content on TV will remain PG but movies will allow for content with stronger ratings. Vince talked about being proud of the BeRead More

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Future Of WWE Studios, Vince Says WWE Will Be Stronger, More

- WWE held the annual shareholder’s meeting on Friday morning at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. This time, Triple H was introduced under his real name along with the other WWE executives including Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn and Basil Devito. Here are some highlights: * Vince guaranteed that WWE will be in stronger shape by this time next year. Vince talked about WWE attendance being up and RAW being up 3% in the ratings while SmackDown is up 15%. * CFO George Barrios said that 37% of WWE business isRead More

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WWE Studios Changes, Tyson Joke At HOF, NJPW President At WM

- published a nice article looking at Mike Tyson’s WWE Hall of Fame speech, dubbing him “The Baddest Hall of Famer on the Planet.” Here’s a joke from his speech they published:   “I always wanted to be a wrestler before they turned it into WWE. I never got the opportunity, I got arrested!”   - Former WWE Superstar Funaki and New Japan Pro Wrestling President Takaaki Kidani have arrived in Miami and will be attending WrestleMania 28 tonight.   - Variety reports that WWE Studios will be goingRead More

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Batista Speaks On Returning To WWE, Tough Enough & More

- Former WWE Superstar Batista recently spoke with The Sun. Here are some highlights: Why he left WWE: “The reason I left was the PG direction the company took, it got too corny for me. I was a hug fan of the edgy era of DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin and those guys. The change in direction really ruined it for me. It’s well recorded I’m not a fan of the likes of John Cena or The Miz. It’s such a different company these days and not in a goodRead More

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WWE Responds To Claims By Linda McMahon Political Opponent

- WWE’s Robert Zimmerman has sent a letter to Christopher Shays, the opponent for Linda McMahon in her 2012 Senate bid, disputing recent statements Shays made about WWE. Here are some quotes: “In the past you have visited WWE Headquarters in Stamford and, as a Congressman, you actively supported WWE’s non-partisan initiative, SmackDown Your Vote, which encouraged young people to register to vote. Certainly, you are aware of our recent anti-bullying efforts in your hometown of Bridgeport when WWE Superstar Sheamus visited Hall Neighborhood House on August 3, 2011 andRead More

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Batista Rips John Cena For Killing Hardcore, Edgy Wrestling

Former WWE superstar Batista appeared on The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show this week and had some interesting comments about John Cena. To listen to an audio clip of Batista’s appearance, visit the Chad Dukes website. Many fans have expressed their dislike of today’s sterilized “PG” product – and Batista blames John Cena for the change. “I think, you know, they did the whole PG direction thing, I think that works for Cena; the little kids love him, cause he’s a great character, he’s someone they can look up to. TheRead More
Speaking to SunSport, Gail Kim described WWE’s fickle approach to what wrestling maneuvers the female performers were permitted to perform in a “PG” environment. “I heard many times that they want the Divas to be girly,” Kim said. “They didn’t care about the heel girls getting any heat. We just didn’t understand. “They did everything in their power, it seemed, to take everything to give us a good match, for the heels to get any heat. It was no kicking one week, or no punching the next. No this, noRead More
D-Generation X—Shawn Michaels and Triple H—reunited prior to the SmackDown portion of tonight’s WWE television tapings in Dallas, Texas by teasing that WrestleMania would take place at Cowboys Stadium, home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. The largest domed stadium in the world has been speculated as a future home of the pay-per-view extravaganza since the stadium opened in 2009. DX performed their trademark routine and cut a “non-PG” promo, according to a fan in attendance. Their celebration was interrupted by Vince McMahon. The segment will not air on television sinceRead More

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JR: What He’d Change In The Wrestling Business, Attitude vs. PG

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety over at Here are some highlights of what JR said about: What He Would Change About The Business: “What’s the one thing that I would do if I could institute any change in the business? It is and always will be adding more developmental areas so more world class/ highly recruited athletes can train and be given the opportunity to make the primary roster and contribute sooner than later. It would alsoRead More

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Ken Anderson Talks WWE Departure, His TNA Character, WWE PG

TNA star Ken Anderson was recently interviewed by Al Castle, senior writer at The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling magazine. Topics discussed include Anderson’s days as a WWE jobber, having to deal with his father’s death during his first WWE push, the importance of blood in wrestling, the heat he got for portraying an anti-U.S. military character, how he deals with criticism, and more. The magazine, which features Ken Anderson on one cover and Sheamus on the other, is on newsstands now and is also available at Here are some highlights ofRead More

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One Count Kickout – Buried Alive

Follow @OneCountKickout on Twitter Subscribe to The One Count Kickout Blog Got Facebook?  Like the One Count Kickout WWE is creeping steadily toward overwhelming mediocrity.  Some would argue that they actually arrived there months, or even years ago.  If you’re a frequent viewer it is hard to argue against the fact that the quality of their shows has been in a state of decline for some time now.  Ratings have been plummeting faster than Mick Foley off the top of the cell.  However, in this instance, if WWE is planningRead More

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JR Blog: The Rock’s Promo On John Cena, Considering Podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety over at Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about: Jim Ross Hosting A Podcast? “I’ve been approached by a major, national company about doing a weekly podcast. I’m thinking it through but I can assure you that IF, and that’s a big IF, I do a weekly podcast they won’t be of the 60-90 minute version that some wrestling websites do at times. Sorry, but for me that’s just tooRead More

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JR Blog: Lesnar To WWE?, CM Punk/PG Rating, Rock/Cena

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at Below are some highlights: “Will UFC’s Brock Lesnar be returning to WWE? Certainly not in the ring or on TV any time soon. Lesnar has a gig and it’s called UFC. That’s his professional address and will remain such for the foreseeable future. For those that keep asking me this same question, I simply attribute it to ‘wishful thinking.’ Sorry, folks, Lesnar returning to wrestle even a ‘one night only ‘ gig isn’t that likely….ever.” “Will Rock vs Cena beRead More

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JR Makes An Excellent Point Regarding CM Punk’s Promo & WWE PG

Jim Ross has a new blog on his official website where he further discusses CM Punk’s show-ending promo on this week’s WWE Raw. JR makes an excellent point about the promo being PG yet interesting. Below is an excerpt: M Punk’s show closing promo on MNR is still seemingly the talk of the wrestling biz. It was the best promo that I’ve heard on TV in years. Can’t say it was the definitive ‘best ever’ but it ranks among the best that I can recall. Steve Austin, who cut someRead More