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Punk Jokes About WWE Meeting, FCW Star Shoots On The Rock, HOF

- WWE held a meeting on Monday afternoon regarding talent’s use of Twitter. WWE reportedly told its wrestlers and divas to use WWE-related hastags to draw attention to official WWE-sanctioned topics.   WWE Champion CM Punk tweeted the following Monday night regarding that meeting:   “Here’s my essential #wrestlemania hashtags: #PMA #cleans #sprints #snatch #twizzlericecreamcake #BITW”   - FCW star Dean Ambrose wrote the following on Twitter today, taking a shot at how The Rock applies a Sharpshooter:   “#WWE Fun Facts @NatbyNature uses a perfectly applied sharpshooter, @TheRock usesRead More

Posted On March 27, 2012By StaffIn News

CM Punks Teases Match With Austin At WM29, SD Matches, Ziggler

- Dolph Ziggler will be promoting WrestleMania 28 on E! News tomorrow.   - In what looks like a shot at the WWE Twitter meetings earlier today, WWE Champion CM Punk wrote the following on Twitter this evening:   “Here’s my essential #wrestlemania hashtags: #PMA #cleans #sprints #snatch #twizzlericecreamcake #BITW”   Punk also tweeted the following to Steve Austin, an apparent tease for WrestleMania 29:   “@steveaustinBSR 29, son.”   - WWE taped matches for this Friday’s SmackDown tonight in Atlanta. Matches taped were Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho andRead More