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Live Notes From WWE Extreme Rules

Reader Shannon Sylvia sent in the following: Last night I just got home from my very first PPV that I went to, WWE Extreme Rules. Yes this is the first time WWE hosts a PPV in Tampa after 11 years of not getting one but I was really happy that we finally got one this year. The crowd was jam packed outside because the doors didn’t open right around ten minutes to 7 so it was pretty early. Once I got inside they were showing the Lightning game on allRead More

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Latest On WWE Extreme Rules & SummerSlam Main Events

Credit: F4WOnline.com According to Bryan Alvarez, Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena is currently planned for Summerslam, with either the World Heavyweight Title or the WWE Title on the line. When WWE first booked Extreme Rules, they weren’t planning on having the Draft first. Alberto Del Rio has been planned to win the World Title at the PPV, and then he would have moved to RAW in the June Draft with The Miz keeping the WWE Title at Extreme Rules and taking the belt to Smackdown in June. With theRead More

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The Wrestling Genius: You Gotta Know When to Fold’em

It isn’t very often we as wrestling fans are blindsided these days, not with all of the backstage news websites. That’s what made Monday even more shocking, it was barely reported before hand, and we just didn’t see Edge being the next to go. Edge was still supposed to have years left on his wrestling odometer. Edge was an elite talent but was cursed with a body that couldn’t hold up to the daily grind of being a WWE Superstar. All of the moves that left us completely in awe,Read More

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One Count Kickout – Jeff Hardy

onecountkickout@gmail.com http://twitter.com/onecountkickout In response to the results of the recent PPV hosted by TNA there has been a lot of buzz in regard to the current standing of TNA, and most specifically, the mental and physical state of Jeff Hardy. Writing columns about wrestling you can often times get lost in the moment and though we all know that it is a work sometimes we get so involved in the storylines that we forget that these are real people portraying characters and that a lot of the people involved inRead More

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JR Blog: The Rock’s WWE Plans After WM27, Lawler’s Title Shot

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what Jim Ross spoke about: Jerry Lawler’s WWE Title Shot on Sunday: “Jerry is genuinely excited about being in the main event of a WWE PPV which will be this Sunday in Oakland at the Elimination Chamber vs. the Miz for the WWE Title. Personally, I feel that Jerry needs to get away his recent heartaches and get back on the road that he is soRead More

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One Count Kickout – Is 40 better than 30?

Will adding an extra 10 men to the Royal Rumble be a good thing?Read More

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JR Blog: WWE Using Old WCW PPV Names, Refereeing, Young Talent

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about: Why WWE Doesn’t Use WCW PPV Names: “I assume just to be more original or contemporary. The titles of the PPV’s seem to be being tweaked all the time but no matter the name of the event it is still and always will be the ‘attraction’ that sells PPV’s not the title of the event. I do expect to see ALLRead More

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Paul Bearer Comments on His WWE Contract Status & More

- Paul Bearer has a new blog up on his website at http://percysposts.blogspot.com, talking about his future with WWE. Here are some highlights: “One week ago today, we taped an episode of WWE SMACKDOWN that aired on The SyFy Network this past Friday, December 10th. That show really stirred up a lot of folks, especially those of you that have followed and supported me for so many years. To put things in proper perspective, if you didn’t read my BLOG on September 25th when I made my return to WWE,Read More

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TNA Destination X 2011 Date & Venue Revealed

It is now official that TNA Wrestling’s next “Destination X” pay-per view event will take place on March 13, 2011. Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida will be the venue that holds the big PPV show.Read More

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New Details & Update On John Cena’s WWE Storyline

Dave Meltzer has confirmed that current plans have John Cena appearing on television and house shows under a mask as his “cousin” Juan Cena. The idea is that Cena will continue to get under Barrett’s skin until Cena is reinstated. The reason why WWE isn’t keeping Cena off television to sell the stipulation is because they are afraid of TV ratings and merchandise sales dropping without him around. There is said to be concern behind the scenes regarding PPV vs. TV and how WWE could be hurting PPV buyrates evenRead More

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Big Name Considered For WWE Celebrity Appearance, Ziggler

- To update on Dolph Ziggler’s condition, he was getting checked for a concussion after last night’s PPV match, but he seemed fine. – There were no plans for Miz to “cash in” last night and his segment was simply to get him further over as one of the company’s top heels. Miz also poked fun at LeBron James, which may be planting seeds for the future as there has been internal discussion about having him as a celebrity at WrestleMania or as a RAW guest host in the future.Read More

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Blood On The Canvas: Survivor Series Top Ten

With the 24th annual Survivor Series coming up this Sunday, I thought I’d take a look at what I consider to be the top ten greatest matches in the pay-per-view’s long history. Before I start the list though, a few thoughts on this Sunday…. It’s too bad that this PPV will be just another WWE show that delivers a low buyrate, because the Survivor Series is only second to WrestleMania as the longest-running annual event.  It shouldn’t be treated like a “B” show where some last-minute matches are thrown inRead More

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More News On The Undertaker’s Injury; Surgery & More

In an update to the ongoing story of The Undertaker’s current injury status, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that ‘Taker underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff last week. Several weeks ago, PWMania was the first to exclusively report that The Undertaker’s current injury status might prevent him from wrestling at WrestleMania 27, and it appears as if the recovery time for his recent surgery is about 4 to 6 months, making it very up in the air as to whether or not ‘Taker will appear at the big PPV.Read More

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DGUSA PPV Premiere Tonight On Cable; Replays This Weekend

Dragon Gate USA will premiere “Untouchable” TONIGHT on pay-per-view on cable systems everywhere. Check your local listings for time, channel and the very affordable price. It will be on most systems including iN DEMAND at 10pm tonight. ATTN: iN DEMAND customers!!! iN DEMAND is making it an “Untouchable” weekend with the premiere tonight and special replays on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Just check the main PPV channel for times and the great price. We don’t need to hype this ourselves. We sent out some advance screeners to some journalists/criticsRead More

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TNA Turning Point PPV Results Coverage & Final Card

The following is the final card for tonight’s TNA Turning Point PPV. As always, PWMania.com will be providing complete, LIVE results coverage of the PPV beginning at 8pm EST. So be sure to join us then for the best PPV coverage on the internet! – Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA Title. – The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D for the TNA Tag Team Titles. – Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E. for the X Division Title. – EV2 vs. Fortune: the winning team gets to fireRead More

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Dr. Wrestling:What’s next for The Nexus?

The WWE’s most memorable angle in recent memory took place a few months ago on Raw when the rookies of NXT stormed the ring and actually tore down part of the ring, which had never been done before on WWE TV. The wrestling world was a buzz, but soon that buzz would shift after Daniel Bryan was released for using a tie to choke a ring announcer. A few months later, Bryan is back and the group known has Nexus has struggled to maintain steam as a formidable group inRead More
Blowin’ Smoke with Kemper Jones I have returned, and I am happy to say that my desktop computer is back from the dead. It was a pain in the ass, but it’s fully operational. I can now go back to bringing my laptop to work with me again. Before I get to Raw… On the Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 front, I have completed the Road to Wrestlemania stories for Chris Jericho and Christian. They were both very well put together stories. I did find it odd that there was aRead More

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Blowin’ Smoke – Bragging Rights 2010 Afterthoughts

Blowin’ Smoke with Kemper Jones Bragging Rights 2010 Afterthoughts Thanks go out to Danny for once again coming through with the PPV tape. It’s always nice to come home to a 3 hour PPV after a 12 hour shift, but it’s also a really long day. I’m once again typing this on my phone. I actually realized that I like it better than with the laptop. I posted my column on all 3 sites with it last night. When I’m writing on my phone, I won’t be using any html.Read More

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One Count Kickout – Bragging Rights is a Bomb

Analyzing the concept behind Bragging Rights and WWE's failure to commit the time and energy in building it up.Read More