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MONDAY NIGHT WAR CLASSICS – Week 4: Triple Header Leads to Double Wins (09/25/95) By Octavio Fierros, ofierros@sbcglobal.net *** Ratings War The WWE came back in a strong way with a second consecutive win over WCW (2.7 to 1.8) in the famous television ratings war. The WWE was coming off a pay-per-view that featured Diesel & Shawn Michaels capturing the tag team titles from Owen Hart & Yokozuna. The match ended in some sort of controversy, but this angle was used to simply defeat Nitro in the ratings. Over inRead More
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhnn9_eH9uw&feature=related] MONDAY NIGHT WAR CLASSICS – Week 2: WCW Draws First Blood (09/11/95)   ofierros@sbcglobal.net WCW Monday Nitro Highlight of the Night The highlight of the night was not exactly a highlight, but it’s worth mentioning as the Monday Night War officially begins this week. Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger wrestled for six minutes in the TV main event, but a clear winner was not determined. The match was used to continue the feud between Hogan and The Dungeon of Doom, which is led by Kevin Sullivan. It also introducedRead More