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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 9/15

Credit to TNAInsider.com for the following spoilers… * Mixed Tag Team Match: D’Angelo Dinero, Ms. Tessmacher & Tara defeated Mexican America * Fortune come out and celebrates Bobby Roode’s bound for glory series win and his title shot at Bound For Glory next month. Kurt Angle comes out and informs Roode he will be facing Kazarian tonight. * Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love * Both sting and Ric Flair cut promos in the ring hyping their match for later on tonight * Samoa Joe defeated Matt Morgan in a NoRead More
– In the October 2011 issue of WWE Magazine, John Cena was asked if has his sights set on breaking Ric Flair’s record number of world title reigns. Cena, who has amassed eleven world championships over the course of his career, replied, “Not at all. I think one day at a time. In this business, I don’t think about what I’ve done or long-term plans. If you think about what you’ve done, you become complacent. If you think too far ahead, your vision gets a little cloudy. You truly haveRead More
– The “Final Four” wrestlers of the Bound For Glory Series concluded Thursday night on Impact Wrestling with Brother Ray ranked No. 1 with 49 points. He is followed by Robert Roode (42 points), Gunner (42 points) and James Storm (40 points). Ray will face Storm in a semi-final match at No Surrender while Roode will square off against Gunner. The Bound For Glory Series Finals takes place the same night and the winner will automatically be ranked the No. 1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Crimson, whoRead More

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Tara Comments On TNA Knockout Pay Rumors, Hardy & Flair

Tara published a blog on her official website responding to of there being a sizable pay discrepancy amongst the female performers of TNA Wrestling. Power Slam magazine, the source of the story, said Mickie James and Christy Hemme are the highest-paid female talent in TNA with each earning more than $100,000 per year. Meanwhile, the rest of organization’s female talent earn far less: $600 per appearance at most. Tara says she knows for certain that the article contained multiple inaccuracies. “With regards to what is said in the wrestling gossipRead More

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Ric Flair Suing Website Over Claim Made In Autobiography

TMZ.com reported tonight that Ric Flair is threatening to sue ESPN.com-affiliated website Grantland.com over columnist Shane Ryan’s claim in an unflattering article published Wednesday that he is suffering from a heart condition caused by several years of drinking. A representative for the WWE Hall of Famer told TMZ that Flair does not suffer from alcoholic cardiomyopathy, a disease caused by years of alcohol abuse which often leads to heart failure. “While the information gleaned from courthouse records may be credible, Mr. Fliehr is currently evaluating his legal options with respectRead More
– Mickie James will receive her TNA Women’s Knockouts Championship re-match against Winter on the September 1 episode. TNA Wrestling tapes the episode next Thursday in Huntsville, Alabama. — TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle will face Crimson in a non-title match on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. The match was set up following an in-ring confrontation. — Zema Ion stated on Twitter that he is suffering from an injury. He wrote, “Off to the doctor to see wtf this chest pain ive been having for last 4 daysRead More

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Backstage Ric Flair News, TNA Releases & Finance Update

- Most people were shocked to see Ric Flair arrive at last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. It was believed that Flair had been written off TV and that creative had nothing for him, especially after the recent troubles between Flair and company officials. – Regarding TNA’s financial status, it’s said that they are “in the black”, which means they have a positive net income, and are in no danger of shutting down. At the same time, there are concern about financial issues in the company. The newRead More
TNA executive producer Eric Bischoff appeared on this week’s Monday Night Mayhem radio show and was asked about the TNA statues of Jeff Hardy and Ric Flair. You can check out the full minute interview over at MondayNightMayhem.com. Here’s a recap of what Bischoff said about: Jeff Hardy: “I have no updates on Jeff Hardy. I’m not involved in his situation within TNA. I hope the best for Jeff. He’s a very talented young man. He’s a great guy. He really is. I haven’t gotten to know him very, veryRead More

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Mr. Anderson Doesn’t Want To Be Wrestling 5 Years From Now

The following is from a recent interview Ken Anderson did with the Dover Post: Q Guys like Ric Flair have had careers for decades now. How long would you like to keep at it? A If I’m still doing this five years from now, please, just shoot me. I love the wrestling business, I love entertaining people, but it doesn’t define me. And for people who are defined by this, that’s fine. I don’t judge them or look down on them, but it’s not for me. After 13 years ofRead More
Recap of Jay Lethal’s appearance on Online World of Wrestling Radio, available at WildTalkRadio.com. On the possibility of joining WWE: “I would say yes, Only because I can honestly say that anyone that is a pro wrestler in my generation you became a pro wrestler because of one reason and one reason only and thats because of WWE. ECW was big WCW was big but I think for my generation it was WWE that made you want to become a professional wrestler and why would you not want to getRead More
Monday Night Mayhem with Winter Hosts: The Big Mosh and “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent Recap by Patterson from New Jersey Airs every Monday at 6:00 P.M. (CT) Show available at MondayNightMayhem.com Growing as a wrestler from teaming with James Storm: “When I first came into this company, I was in a tag team with Team Canada. Then they took me off on my own and put some high expectations on me being around the World title picture. I got to be in the ring with some bigRead More

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Randy Orton Speaks On His Legacy In WWE, Randy Savage & More

- World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton spoke with Roanoke.com this weekend to promote Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in the city. The interviewer noted that before the session, WWE’s handler stressed that Orton is a sports entertainer, not a wrestler. Here are some highlights: Q: From your perspective, what’s the best and worst part of being a WWE superstar? A: I’d say the best part of being a WWE superstar is traveling the world, meeting new and different people of all walks of life. I love what I do for aRead More

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Statement From Ric Flair’s Manager Regarding His Court Order

The following is a statement released by Ric Flair’s Manager, Melinda Morris Zanoni, of Legacy Talent and Entertainment, LLC: “This conditional Order is in respect of a Settlement Agreement pursuant to which Mr. Flair has until June 27, 2011 to comply, which he fully intends to do. This civil Order is not, and should in no way be construed as, Mr. Flair now being subject to arrest.”Read More
- A judge in North Carolina found Ric Flair in civil contempt of court yesterday and issued an order for his arrest. This comes from Flair not adhering to a mediated Settlement Agreement in the lawsuit against him by Highspots.com. Flair was required to pay Highspots $35,000 and sign 300 photos as forms of restitution. At a hearing yesterday, the court decreed that Flair had “the assets and income required” to pay the Settlement Agreement but “willfully violated and continues to willfully violate” the court order. The court then ruledRead More
Mick Foley, who instigated the change of TNA iMPACT! to iMPACT Wrestling on last Thursday’s broadcast, says he is still confused about the matter. “You know, I’m still wondering in a lot of ways,” Foley said in an interview with Brian Fritz for BetweenTheRopes.com “But I think we wanted the name for the show specifically that made people instantly aware that we were a wrestling show.” He was asked whether he expects to see more wrestling on iMPACT! Wrestling. “You know, I hope so. And not just more wrestling, butRead More
– TNA Wrestling announced the following today: The TNA Live! event scheduled for Friday, June 3 at the Rapids Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, Louisiana has been canceled. Refunds will be available at point of sale. The TNA Live! event scheduled for Saturday, June 4 at the CenturyTel Center in Bossier City, Louisiana has been canceled. Refunds will be available at point of sale. — Ric Flair claimed during an endorsement for the Tampa Orthopedic and Pain Clinic that he has wrestled 100,000 matches—which equates to one match per day forRead More
– The promotional poster for TNA Slammiversary, which features Eric Young, Kazarian, Daniels, Robert Roode, James Storm, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, has been released. Click here to view it. The synopsis reads: “Nearly a decade ago, it started as a dream that has became a reality. Join legends Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and The Icon Sting as the power struggle between Immortal and Fortune escalates to a new level of intensity. The World Championship is on the line and the very future of TNA isRead More

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Backstage WrestleMania Reaction, More On Flair Attending HOF

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Ric Flair made the decision to attend The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this year back in January, and when he told TNA that he was planning to attend officials were apparently not at all happy about the decision. It’s also being reported that Tommy Dreamer was also in attendance for the Hall of Fame ceremony, but kept a very low profile and did not sit in the crowd during the event. F4WOnline.com is reporting that there was much internal criticism within WWE ofRead More

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Who Couldn’t Shawn Michaels Mention At The Hall of Fame?

It was speculated that Shawn Michaels was referring to Ric Flair when he said he couldn’t mention someone’s name during his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech. Shawn revealed on Twitter that he was talking about Vince McMahon. He wrote: “There seems 2b confusion on the “who” I couldn’t mention during my speech. It was Vince. He doesn’t want focus on him. U wanna c the real Vince watch the HOF ring presentation on the WWE Diary w/me. The rest is gimmick, don’t believe what u read. It sounds likeRead More