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Linda’s Opponent To Investigate Steroids?

Something that is likely to annoy the McMahon family was announced during a speech by Linda’s political opponent Richard Blumenthal….

Linda McMahon Calls Michael Benoit’s Feelings “Sad & Bitter”

StarTribune.com is reporting that Linda McMahon’s Senate adversary, Richard Blumenthal, recently brought Michel Benoit, the father of Chris Benoit, to…

Tyler Black Confirms WWE Name, Linda McMahon Debate Tonight

— Linda McMahon will debate Richard Blumenthal tonight at 7:00 p.m. The debate will be streamed lived at politics.blogs.foxnews.com. —…

Linda McMahon Closing Gap In Connecticut Senate Race

The right-leaning pollster Rasmussen Reports Linda McMahon is now five points behind opponent Richard Blumenthal in the Connecticut Senate race….