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Posted On November 4, 2010By Keelan BaldersonIn News

Linda’s Opponent To Investigate Steroids?

Something that is likely to annoy the McMahon family was announced during a speech by Linda’s political opponent Richard Blumenthal. He said: “One issue that I clearly saw as important is the potential dangers of steroids — the real dangers of steroids — and the long-term health consequences of steroid use and that will be a focus of mine as a United States Senator. I won’t say beyond that what I would do about any of the other issues in the campaign that related to the way my opponent ranRead More

Posted On October 25, 2010By StaffIn News

Linda McMahon Calls Michael Benoit’s Feelings “Sad & Bitter” is reporting that Linda McMahon’s Senate adversary, Richard Blumenthal, recently brought Michel Benoit, the father of Chris Benoit, to Hartford to speak out against Linda McMahon. McMahon responded to Benoit’s comments by saying, “Michael Benoit’s “feelings are bitter, sad … (he) wants to find an answer and also someone to blame,” Linda McMahon told reporters. She said Chris Benoit “was one of the favorites” and added, “there was never any kind of hint that Benoit had a problem.”Read More

Posted On October 4, 2010By Daniel PenaIn News

Tyler Black Confirms WWE Name, Linda McMahon Debate Tonight

– Linda McMahon will debate Richard Blumenthal tonight at 7:00 p.m. The debate will be streamed lived at — Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars garnered an 0.68 cable rating for WGN America, with 688,000 viewers. The 1:00 a.m. replay drew a 0.18 cable rating, with 148,000 viewers. — Former ROH World Champion Tyler Black confirmed on his Twitter account this afternoon that his official WWE ring name is Seth Rollins. “There it is. Let the hate begin,” he wrote, referencing his listed name on his Twitter account. His TwitterRead More

Posted On September 27, 2010By StaffIn News

Linda McMahon Closing Gap In Connecticut Senate Race

The right-leaning pollster Rasmussen Reports Linda McMahon is now five points behind opponent Richard Blumenthal in the Connecticut Senate race. The left-leaning pollster Qunnipiac will release their latest polls tomorrow.Read More