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Posted On February 13, 2012By StaffIn News

Otunga At Grammys, Del Rio Not Cleared To Wrestle, Beth-Madusa

- WWE Superstar David Otunga was backstage at the Grammys last night with his fiancee Jennifer Hudson. – WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix continues to taunt Madusa and other challengers on Twitter. Beth wrote last night: “Attitude Era to present day, there is no one that can touch me. And Ill continue to prove it. #divaschampionforever” Madusa replied: “@TheBethPhoenix ????? Never under estimate anyone. Color , age or race. Ur ass just has not been beaten by a true champ.” – Alberto Del Rio’s return match against Sheamus at Saturday’sRead More
– Legendary ring announcer Howard Finkel denied the assumption that he is upset with Lilian Garcia returning to WWE as SmackDown ring announcer. “Not true; glad she’s back!” he tweeted in response to an angry message regarding his perceived attitude toward her return. “But what is true is that you need to look in the mirror to see who the real bawbag is! BLOCKED!” The WWE Hall of Famer added in regards to possible “heat” between the two: “Heat? That’s an NBA team that plays in Miami! Happy for LilianRead More
– If you’ve have heard wrestling reference during ESPN SportsCenter, there is a good chance they were made by anchor Robert Flores. A life-long wrestling fan, Flores talks with’s David Lagana about a variety of topics involving wrestling. Topics include Texas Wrestling, the role of the media and sports stars in ever changing media landscape, Rock vs. John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The “attitude” era, The Coach coming to ESPN and Ring of Honor Wrestling. (Download podcast) — Referee Scott Armstrong confirmed yesterday on Twitter that he has returned toRead More

Posted On January 27, 2011By StaffIn News

Details On Movie Projects For Gorgeous George & Bruno Sammartino

- We’ve reported before about WWE’s has plans plans to make a feature film on the life of WWE Hall of Famer Gorgeous George. There’s now talk of making a DVD set on the flamboyant superstar’s career in an effort ot make him more relevant to today’s generation of fans. Vince McMahon is said to be a huge fan of the Gorgeous George story and wants to push him as the originator of “sports entertainment” and wrestling’s “Babe Ruth” character. Gorgeous George was a tremendous star in his day, achievingRead More

Posted On October 11, 2010By Daniel PenaIn News

U.S. Branding Group To Sponsor Lilian Garcia At DMA 2010

Today through Friday at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California, former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia will be promoting the USB Insert™ Nano — the first Webkey for Magazine Integration — at the DMA 2010 Conference and Exhibition. Come see World Wrestling Entertainment’s only “Decade Diva” at Booth 2126, as well as the USB Insert™ Nano, a new technology that draws people into print. For more information on the USB Insert™ Nano, click here. U.S. Branding Group, LLC to Sponsor Lilian Garcia at DMA 2010 Conference and Exhibition,Read More