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Posted On April 1, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

The Rock Says He’s “Very Open” To Wrestling Again

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he’s “very open” to wrestling again after returning to World Wrestling Entertainment last month. The host of WrestleMania XXVII appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight tonight on CNN. Piers Morgan asked Johnson whether he plans on wrestling again. “I’m open to it,” Johnson said. Morgan asked, “You are?” “Very open to it. Sure. I’ve always been open to it,” he replied. “When I left wrestling seven years ago, at that time, two things happened. I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish in wrestling and I alsoRead More
Mickie James performed her theme song, Hardcore Country, at the Nov. 16 iMPACT! taping (set for air on next week’s show). The segment featured Eric Young wearing bottom-less chaps while playing the cowbell in a takeoff of Will Ferrell’s “More Cowbell” skit years ago on Saturday Night Live. Many backstage felt James was put in a tough position because she wasn’t given much notice to perform, not to mention without her actual band. She legitimately sang over a music track as a makeshift band comprised of two production crew membersRead More

Posted On November 11, 2010By Daniel PenaIn News

Details On WWE’s Upcoming DVD Set On Big Show

Below is the synopsis for WWE’s upcoming three-disc DVD set on Big Show, The Big Show: A Giant’s World, which is set for release on Feb. 22, 2011: Big Show lays claim to the title of “World’s Largest Athlete” and anyone that doubts it may be on the receiving end of his devastating knockout punch. The 7-foot giant has been a staple of the Sports Entertainment scene since his WCW debut in the 90s, and h as battled some of the all-time greats, including Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, Undertaker,Read More