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Posted On February 11, 2014By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: The Best of WCW Monday Nitro Volume Two

Now here’s something I haven’t said in a while. It’s time to step into WCW territory as we dip into the ever-growing pile of DVDs sent to me by the good people at Fremantle Media and Fetch Publicity for a review of The Best of WCW Monday Nitro Volume Two. As always these things begin with….. Disc 1 The Matches September 4th, 1995 It’s the very first edition of Nitro as Ric Flair challenges Sting for the United States title. So it was in the middle of a shopping centre,Read More

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WWE Ranks The Ten Greatest Superstars To Never Win A World Championship

In an all-new 10 Count currently airing on WWE Classics On Demand, Matt Striker counts down the ten greatest Superstars to never win a recognized World Championship. The rankings are as follows: 10. Arn Anderson 9. Chief Jay Strongbow 8. Paul Orndorff 7. Nikita Koloff 6. Junkyard Dog 5. Scott Hall 4. Jake “The Snake” Roberts 3. British Bulldog 2. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase 1. “Rowdy” Roddy Roddy Piper WWE Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski and Lance Storm were also listed as honorable mentions. Matches featured in theRead More
- Sean Christopher Haire, who appeared for World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling as a Sean O’Haire, is now trying his hand at a new profession: hair styling. The South Magazine conducted an interview with the three-time WCW World Tag Team Champion regarding his endeavor and notes in an article, “Two or three times during our interview, Haire says something cool and outside the window, perfectly timed lightning shatters the sky. Some people have a flair for the dramatic. Which is one of the reasons he plans to makeRead More
- As previously reported, Scott Hall no showed an autograph session on Saturday that was billed as an “nWo Reunion”. The autograph signing featured Kevin Nash, Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, Wendi Richter, George “The Animal” Steele, Tito Santana, Harley Race and others. Reports indicate that Hall told promoters that he missed his flight on two separate occasions. Hall was scheduled to arrive at the event around 1PM for a photo session with the “nWo”. There was a photo op with the “nWo” for $160 set for 1:00PM andRead More
Josh and Road Dogg suffer through another torture test, sifting through the WWE video vault and hauling out the ickiest bits for you! This week, WCW creeps us out (again) and Scott Hall gets soda popped!Read More
– WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan appeared on The Fight Club Chicago (listen here) to promote his autobiography, “Hacksaw, The Jim Duggan Story.” In the book, Duggan weighed in on former colleague Scott Hall. “A lot of people feel sorry for Scott Hall. I don’t feel sorry for Scott Hall at all,” Duggan wrote. “I mean, Scott made his own bed, now he has to lie in it. The guy has had more opportunities. I wish I had an opportunity to make the money Scott Hall has hadRead More
Jerry Sags of The Nasty Boys spoke with Highlights from part one of the interview are as follows: On breaking into the professional wrestling industry: “Me and Knobbs grew up in Easter Pennsylvania. I wrestled and played all sports, went to college and played football and Knobbs went into the army. We both got thrown out….We got interested in the wrestling industry, and started bothering George “The Animal” Steele [anytime they were in town]. We kept going on and on at him until eventually he gave in and gaveRead More

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Scott Hall In Trouble Again; Faces Lawsuit On Defaulted Loan

Thanks to our good friends for the following: Wrestling legend Scott Hall is in trouble once again — but it’s not with the law (for a change) … it’s with his financier, who claims Hall defaulted on a mortgage and now owes him $75,000. According to a lawsuit filed in Florida, Hall borrowed $75,000 to buy a house in Seminole County in June 2011. The lawsuit claims Hall missed his final balloon payment due last December and has flat out refused to pay it. The docs say Hall —Read More

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The Rock Honored, Former WWE Diva At Raw, Stacy Keibler, Piper

- The Rock was honored last night by Cinemacon and named the Action Star of the Year. He wrote on Twitter this morning: “ACTION STAR OF THE DECADE – Thank you Cinemacon & Hollywood industry for the huge honor last night. #KickinAssWithASmile” – Former WWE Diva Brandi “Eden Stiles” Reed was backstage with her family at last night’s RAW Supershow from Detroit, Michigan. Her boyfriend is Cody Rhodes. Reed’s family is from Detroit so she flew up to spend time with them and Cody. – Former WWE Diva Stacy KeiblerRead More
Speaking to Not In Hall of Fame, Marty Jannetty addresses WWE’s decision to only assist former contracted talent who partook in recreational drug use with rehabilitation assistance and not those with degenerative injuries caused by their time wrestling for the organization. “I think so,” he says in response to whether WWE should offer rehabilitation assistance to wrestlers suffering physical pain. “It is really hard for me to say, because I am not the person in charge of something like that. But I think that if someone is working for aRead More
Larry Zbyszko posted photos of Scott Hall back inside a wrestling ring at the Team Vision Dojo in Florida on Wednesday, less than a week after his arrest on domestic battery charges. Hall is pictured giving instructions to a group that includes Hall’s son, Cody, and Zbyszko’s son, Tim.Read More

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Scott Hall Denies Choking Girlfriend Last Week; Lawyer Speaks

Following his arrest last week for domestic violence after allegedly choking his girlfriend in a drunken rage, Scott Hall is denying he got violent. Hall’s lawyer Loredana Nesci tells TMZ that he did NOT choke his girlfriend, even though his girlfriend Lisa Howell told police at the time that Hall grabbed her by the throat and tried ripping her out of her car. Police observed multiple signs of injury on Howell, including red marks around her neck, so Hall was arrested. Hall’s lawyer still denies that her client got violent,Read More
– Following Tuesday’s SuperSmackDown LIVE, Mick Foley continued his Twitter feud with WWE developmental wrestler Dean Ambrose, writing: “I had a slight problem at Smackdown, so I took care of it. I didn’t ask WWE to send him home, but I’m glad they did. Sayanora scumbag.” Ambrose stated earlier on the website that he was sent home from SmackDown, enclosing an image of his flight notice. He wrote, “Looks like they must have been in a hurry to get me outta Virginia tonight.” Ambrose added later, “Fuming in atl airportRead More

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Former WWE/WCW Star Scott Hall Arrested Again In Florida

Scott Hall was arrested again in Seminole County, Florida back on April 6th at 9:31pm by deputies from the Seminole County Sheriff’s office. does not list what Hall was arrested for. This is the same area that Hall was arrested in back in the summer of 2011. The last we heard on Hall was that he had been admitted back into rehab a few weeks ago. Apparently Hall was let out as the arrest happened just last Friday night. Click here to view Scott Hall’s latest mug shot photoRead More
SRG Films’ upcoming film Crossface retelling Chris Benoit’s descent into double murder and suicide will feature actors portraying his wrestling peers. “Eddie [Guerrero] is obviously very important to the story,” Sarah Coulter tells, who has already written the first draft of the script. “Triple H, Kurt Angle, they’re all there, but it’s early and things can still change.” Regarding whether the film will be a biopic, Coulter says, “Chris had a remarkable career. You take a look at his time in Japan and with Stu Hart, and you realizeRead More
– Dave Meltzer stated on the December 24 edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that the Survivor Series pay-per-view buy figure is lower than the initial estimate of 280,000. It was reported that of that figure, 180,000 pay-per-view purchases came from the United States. The updated estimate drops the buy figure to 260,000 as only 160,000 pay-per-view purchases came from the United States for The Rock’s first wrestling match in over seven years. The estimate compares to 244,000 buys for Survivor Series in 2010 and 235,000 in 2009, which nearly gotRead More

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Samoa Joe On WWE, Not Being In The Title Picture, Stone Cold

Here is a recap of Week In Review exclusive podcast interview with TNA’s Samoa Joe hosted by Dan The Cannon. The interview is available here. On TV wrestling: “TV wrestling is very flash, bang, get it going. I’ve been told by many people in creative that those wrestling fans love the wrestling but it’s the other fans that don’t understand what a wrist lock is etc. I have had my disagreements on this. I think that the art of professional wrestling speaks for itself. I think if you areRead More
Jim “Sinister Minister” Mitchell appeared on The Aftershock: Pro Wrestling Radio with Sean Walford and Kyle Patin. Highlights are as follows: Mitchell on why he left TNA: “After the stuff that went down with Judas Mesias, I believe he had a dispute over working days and he went back to Mexico. They told me at the moment your on hiatus until we find you someone to work with, and at that point I had just signed a three-year deal. “That went on for a while and when I went toRead More
– Jim Ross says he has no interest in seeing the final days of Chris Benoit re-told in a new big screen ‘biographical thriller’, entitled Crossface. When asked for comment on the upcoming movie, he tweeted, “No thoughts…no interest…too sad.” He added, “I was asked my opinion re: potential Beniot movie. I gave my opinion, did ‘man’ up. Have no interest reliving the tragedy. I lost 3 friends.” SRG Films announced Saturday formal plans to produce a film based on the life of the deceased former wrestler, which will beRead More