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Posted On December 14, 2012By Michael GroomsIn News

Scott Steiner Drops Lawsuit Against TNA Wrestling

Scott Steiner officially dropped his counter-suit against TNA alleging non-payment of royalties and a lack of accounting for said royalties on Monday 12/10 via a letter to the court in Nashville. The suit was officially dropped on 12/12. TNA’s lawsuit against Steiner for his Twitter outbursts as well as a second lawsuit filed by Steiner alleging injury at the hands of an allegedly “in no condition to perform” Jeff Hardy at a Michigan TNA house show are still ongoing.Read More
Scott Steiner has filed a lawsuit against TNA alleging that he was injured because the company allowed Jeff Hardy to wrestle while drunk and possibly high. The lawsuit claims that Steiner suffered nerve damage in his shoulder because of Jeff’s “reckless, drunken wrestling” during a match in which Steiner and Bully Ray wrestled Hardy and RVD. The match took place on a November 3rd, 2011 house show. The suit also alleges that Hulk Hogan was in charge and made the decision to allow Jeff to work, and was responsible forRead More
- As previously reported, international wrestling star Pac is expected to sign with WWE soon. Dragon Gate held a big emotional farewell ceremony for him in Japan this past weekend. Pac has been looking for a place in Tampa, Florida so he can relocate for WWE developmental. – Tommy Dreamer has announced that WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who did not appear on RAW 1000, will be appearing at the debut House of Hardcore event on October 6th in Poughkeepsie, New York. Other names announced for Dreamer’s debut eventRead More
- PWInsider reports that Scott Steiner has officially been served with his lawsuit from TNA and has until July 19th to respond. – It appears the mystery men who attacked Sting on TNA’s Impact Wrestling have started a Twitter account – @TheAcesAnd8s. They’ve posted a few tweets, linking to the attack photos and video. The only Twitter account they are following is Sting’s official account and their Twitter bio reads like this: “The dead man’s hand is a two-pair poker hand, namely aces and eights. Hold that hand and yourRead More
Road Dogg and Josh Mathews are back with more cringe-worthy clips from the WWE vaults. This week, Scott Steiner is the newest inductee into the “Hall of Fail.”Read More
Eric Bischoff recently spoke with Wrestling101. Here are some highlights: Scott Steiner’s recent Twitter rants: Scott is a 50-year-old man and is at a stage of his life where in his mind he is a much bigger star than in reality and he is having a hard time adjusting to that. It is sad to see, especially with people at one time you thought were friends become so bitter because their identities are so diluted in this wrestling character that they think it is their life. WWE’s current product: IRead More

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Hulk Hogan Calls Scott Steiner A Liar, Confirms Legal Situation

We noted earlier that Scott Steiner was accusing Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff of having their lawyers contact him about the recent war of words they have had on Twitter. Hogan says those were TNA’s lawyers that contacted Steiner. Hogan wrote on Twitter: “Tried to be cool,not only a clown but also a liar.those weren’t my lawyers they were TNA lawyers.well I guess it’s time to call my guys in,” “I really hope he saved his money or is making tons from the independents he’s working because it’s gonna getRead More
- Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.11 rating with 1.53 million viewers. The rating was up from recent weeks. Last week’s episode drew a 0.98 rating with 1.4 million viewers. The episode the week before scored a 0.99 rating with 1.453 million viewers. – Scott Steiner continues to urge fans on Twitter to change the channel whenever Hulk Hogan or Eric Bischoff appeared on screen. Here is one of his latest tweets. “Pritchard is going to use open fight night to bring in somebody elses son,will let youRead More
Hulk Hogan responded to Scott Steiner’s comments shooting on Hogan and TNA in a recent interview with a Scottish radio station: Hulk Hogan also commented on Bret Hart and The Ultimate Warrior:Read More
- It’s Steiner Time!! Here is Scott Steiner’s latest Twitter rant. He rips the latest episode of Impact Wrestling: “The 3 assholes continue to book low rated shows,there was 9-10 segments wasted on b—hoff a Guy who nobody cares about and is no longer on the show,and the indy wrestler that nobody cares About and has been on the show one time,what a waste of valuable air time,the gut check segments Were brutal and hard too watch,hogan looked like an idiot in a segment with anderson… Hard to believe thatRead More
Eric Bischoff has finally responded to Scott Steiner’s numerous messages on Twitter over the past month blasting him and TNA Wrestling. After “Big Poppa Pump” wrote Thursday afternoon on the social networking website, “At Shoney’s to Go Grand Opening in Buford….awesome food,” the TNA Wrestling executive responded, “50+ year old man pitching greasy fried chicken in Buford and wrestling indys in front of 250 fans…bitter?” Bischoff feels it’s ironic that Steiner complains about young talent not rising in TNA Wrestling while simultaneously ripping his 28-year-old wrestler son Garrett: “Its hardRead More

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Scott Steiner’s Latest TNA Rant: Rips Hulk Hogan & More

Here is Scott Steiner’s latest anti-TNA rant, via his Twitter account: “With eric bn gone chant 609 when garrett is in the ring… Instead of getting rid of the guys who are the problem they keep paying hogan n b-tchoff n try To save money else where,they no longer fly Taz n Tenay in for the tapings they Do voice overs in nashville..i betcha eric will try n replace them/one bn himself/ Saying hes saving the company money “As i tweeted 3 wks ago jeremy Borash was the other guyRead More
In what appears to be turning into a daily feature, Scott Steiner took to his Twitter again today to bash Hulk Hogan. Here is his latest rant: “Wtf hogan in the fantasy world u live in u need to get hookd on phonics so u can read… U stupid motherf–ker,my tweets havent bn about what i believe, but about what u have done… Now u have a cystal ball in yur fantansy world and u can see my future,look at yur own better hope im not in it, AndRead More
In a move that could mark the end of Scott Steiner’s two decade plus reign as a mainstream wrestler, the multi-time champion was released from his contract with TNA Wrestling last week. “Big Poppa Pump” slammed the organization’s creative direction Monday afternoon on his Twitter account in response to the termination.   “Can somebody send tna’s booking team of pritchard hogan (and) bischoff video’s from ring ka hogan in a sex tape wont help ratings..what an embarassment to TNA (and) spike tv. Brother…” he wrote via text.   TheRead More

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Full Details On Ring Ka King – TNA’s New Indian Promotion

TNA has officially launched their new Indian promotion, called Ring Ka King (which means King of the Ring). The first set of tapings are taking place this week. Ring Ka King will debut on India’s The Colors Network on January 14th and will air 26 episodes over 13 weeks. The promotion will feature 20 American wrestlers and 10 Indian wrestlers, trained by Savio Vega, Sonjay Dutt, and Nick Dinsmore (“Eugene”). According to TNA sources and several wrestlers who are on the tour, the production values and the set are saidRead More

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TNA To Hold Event In New York, Scott Steiner Update, More

– TNA Wrestling will hold their first live event at Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York on Friday, January 13, 2012. The venue hosted WWE events for decades and was a frequent television taping stop in the 1980s and 1990s. — Scott Steiner is scheduled to appear for PCW Wrestling on Saturday, November 19 at Don Preston Rec Center 14500 S. Kostner Midlothian, Illinois. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Visit for more information.Read More

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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Tapings Results For Tonight

Credit to reader Eric for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers for this Thursday (8/11), taped on Monday night from Orlando: * Impact opens with Immortal. Bully Ray calls Abyss soft. He announces a Bound For Glory Series match tonight with him, Scott Steiner and Gunner vs. Crimson in a four-way. Ray and Mr. Anderson start fighting and Anderson gets beat down by Immortal, including Abyss. Anderson was taken away on a stretcher. * Mickie James beat Madison Rayne in a #1 contender’s match. * Brian Kendrick beat Robbie E.Read More
– On tomorrow night’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Spike, the first-ever “Bound For Glory Series” will be officially announced. There will be twelve Superstars participating in the competition, all leading to the Bound For Glory pay-per-view event in October. Matt Morgan, Brother Devon and Scott Steiner were announced today for the competition. Nine of the twelve wrestlers in the Series have been announced thus far. The first six wrestlers announced were Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, Gunner, Bully Ray, Crimson and James Storm. — TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr.Read More