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- Vickie Guerrero posted the following on Twitter in response to Kevin Nash’s recent comments about Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero: “Comments from @realkevinnash, “inlaws”, or anyone else about Eddie, me, or my girls, just shows how insecure & unhappy they live” – WWE RAW General Manager AJ Lee wrote the following about WWE’s new Saturday morning TV show, indicating that she may have a role on it. Ash Ketchum is apparently a character from Pokemon: “August 25: ‘WWE Saturday Morning Slam’ premieres at 10 am on @MyVortexx on theRead More
- The Rock noted on his Twitter that he just finished an “intense” 15-week training camp and is headed to London to film Fast 6. – The new Rey Mysterio “The Mask is Back” t-shirt is now available at at this link. – WWE superstar Mark Henry is currently in London for the Olympic games. The UK’s Daily Mirror has an article up detailing Henry’s visit. Henry, who competed in the Olympics 20 years ago back in 1992, has been tweeting photos of himself with various Olympic athletes. –Read More
- Madusa, who captured the WWE Women’s Championship as Alundra Blayze, says she will not be on hand for tonight’s historic 1000th episode of Raw due to “prior engagements.” “Good luck, congrats and many blessings to all that have a wonderful and historical time at WWE 1000 epic night! Don’t forget to watch….. Your one and only …..STILL WWE’s/WWF’s champion! Just to set it straight… I will not be there. Prior engagements,” she wrote on Facebook. Shane Helms, formerly known as The Hurricane, also confirmed that he will not beRead More
- Former WWE star Shane Helms wrote that Amy “Lita” Dumas and WWE Champion CM Punk went out of their way to “alienate” themselves at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. – Wrestling stars announced for ICP’s annual Gathering of the Juggalos JCW BloodyMania event include Scott Steiner, Vader, John Morrison, Carlito, Bobby Lashley, Chavo Guerrero, Shane Helms, Matt Hardy, The Headbangers, The Rock ‘n Roll Express, Colt Cabana, Vampiro, Steve Corino and others. As noted before, Ric Flair will also be present as the host of theRead More
- Former WWE star Shane Helms wrote the following on Twitter this weekend after previewing his upcoming RF Video shoot interview: “Just watched a preview of my shoot with RF Video. It’s gonna get some people heated but I’m known for my honesty in a dishonest business. I sincerely hope that one day the “top guys” in this biz will stop hiding behind the lies and dishonesty that they call “playing the game.” Politics are abound in just about any profession though. But at the end of the day, that’sRead More
The following press release was issued regarding a fundraiser being held on behalf of former WWE talent Shane Helms this Wednesday at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina Don’t miss out on Mick Foley’s Hurricane Assist Comedy show. The show is a Fundraiser for a great cause. And with the purchase of a ticket you get to see Mick Foley’s stand-up comedy performance along with comedian J Derrell, and get to participate in a FREE meet and greet with the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, The Rated R SuperstarRead More

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Shane Helms Talks Motorcycle Accident & DUI, Matt Hardy’s Issues

Between The Ropes interview with Shane Helms Host: Brian Fritz Interview available at Subscribe to Between The Ropes on Itunes. Shane Helms has been through a lot over the past year and a half. He spoke with Brian Fritz of about his recovery from his motorcycle accident and the legal issues he must now deal with, the pros and cons of social media, the Shane Helms app, what is going on with both Matt and Jeff Hardy, leaving the WWE, if and when he may return to theRead More

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Shane Helms Says He’s Worried For Matt Hardy

Former WWE talent Shane Helms appeared on Between The Ropes with Brian Fritz (available at Highlights from the interview are as follows: Shane Helms has been through a lot over the past year and a half. He spoke with Brian Fritz of about his recovery from his motorcycle accident and the legal issues he must now deal with, the pros and cons of social media, the Shane Helms app, what is going on with both Matt and Jeff Hardy, leaving the WWE, if and when he may returnRead More
Former WWE talent Shane Helms (a/k/a The Hurricane) posted a blog concerning his health following a life threatening motorcycle accident that took place May 5 in North Carolina. “My left foot, which I nearly lost (along with my life) in a motorcycle accident on May 5th of this year, and all 4 plates and 23 screws that now reside within it, is alive and on FIRE at the moment,” Helms wrote. “Being in pain every single second of every single day can wear a man, any man, down. Its mentallyRead More

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WWE SmackDown Rating, Shane Helms Surgery Update

Last week’s Smackdown did a 1.89 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 2,900,000 viewers on SyFy. Shane Helms wrote the following on his Twitter today: “I got to have at least 2 more surgeries in the next few weeks but at least I can be at home until then. Thx everyone. Love you!”Read More
– Goldust stated on his Twitter account that he will not be returning to the square circle in the near future. “Here’s the deal…I’m not coming back to wrestle anytime soon,” he wrote. Goldust has been sidelined since December due to a shoulder injury, which was expected to keep him sidelined for five to six months. He has since undertaken a behind the scenes role with WWE. — Matt Hardy stated on Twitter that Shane Helms is undergoing “major surgery” today to repair his broken leg. Helms suffered the injuryRead More
Recap of TNA star Gunner’s appearance on the Busted Open satellite radio show on Sirius 92 and XM 207. Gunner on the condition of Shane Helms: “I haven’t necessarily spoken to him, but I do know he’s doing a little better. He’s still stitched up and beat up and I believe he’s still in the hospital. He got lucky, and we thank God for that he’s still able to walk and keep wrestling in the near future. He’s gonna have to maybe have a few surgeries I believe, but heRead More

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Matt Hardy Provides An Update On Shane Helms

Matt Hardy gives an update on the news of Shane Helms being investigated after his motorcycle accident last Thursday. You can watch Matt’s latest embedded below:Read More

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Several Wrestlers Comments & Reactions To The Royal Rumble

The following comments were posted on Twitter… Christopher Daniels: “Just got done watching the Rumble with friends. Congrats to @WWEDanielBryan and @CMPunk for their great showings… …to @TheRealMorrison for the spot of the night,… & to the WWE, I ask, if no one saw the Miz throw Cena over the top rope, how do they know Cena went over the top at all? #IWantWresting” Val Venis: “I am very happy for Del Rio. He is truly a great performer. Vince is hearing Cha Ching with Del Rio. Or at leastRead More

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Video: Matt Hardy’s First Interview Since His WWE Release

Matt Hardy appeared on “Highway to Helms”, hosted by former WWE star Shane Helms. They discussed Hardy’s WWE exit, his side of the story behind being sent home by WWE during the end of the his run, injuries, how WWE’s talent relations has changed, and much more.Read More