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The Usos Leak WWE HOF Announcement, Austin-HBK, Bella Twins

- The Bella Twins and Kofi Kingston are headed to Washington, DC to take part in USO events with Mick Foley this week. – As noted before, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels are filming footage for Shawn’s MacMillan River Adventures show today at Austin’s ranch in Texas. Austin wrote this morning that they were hunting hogs. – WWE is hyping a Hall of Fame announcement at 10am this morning on their website. The news is already out and that name is former WWE Champion Yokozuna. The Usos announced on Twitter:Read More

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Edge Reveals Who He Wanted To Wrestle But Never Got The Chance

- 2012 WWE Hall of Famer Edge recenly spoke with The Miami Herald. He revealed the one wrestler he wanted to face but never got the chance to: “The one guy I never got to wrestle was Bret Hart. He was the one guy I would have enjoyed getting in there and seeing what we could have created together. It would be me as the sleazy bad guy and him as the hard wrestling, charging good guy. I think we could have done some pretty awesome stuff together. I gotRead More

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News For Tonight’s Raw, The Rock-John Cena, WWE Live Changes

- As noted earlier this weekend, WWE has changed the presentation of their live events by holding a contest for a meet-and-greet and airing videos of top Superstars preparing for their match. At the RAW live events this weekend, they aired other videos including the RAW opener that kicked off the show and promos from John Cena, among others. This is all being done to help boost ticket sales and to give the live events a bigger feel. – Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow takes place from the Quicken Loans ArenaRead More

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Dolph Ziggler On Not Having A WM28 Match, Rock vs. Cena & More

Arda Ocal of theScore Television Network interviewed WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler. Here are some of the topics discussed: – Not knowing why he doesn’t have a match booked yet at WrestleMania but wanting only even a short amount of time so he can steal the show – Why most of the WWE locker room is siding with John Cena going into his match with The Rock at WrestleMania – Questions he always gets from fans (including why did he dyed his hair brown) – How difficult it was working insideRead More

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Shawn Michaels Speaks On Whether He Can Be Fair At WrestleMania

The WWE website features an exclusive video interview with Shawn Michaels. Michaels talked about his confrontation with Triple H on RAW and whether he can call the Undertaker vs. Triple H match at WrestleMania match fairly. Michaels answered, “Yes, next question.” He then followed up with: “What, you don’t think I can? Too much commotion, is that it? Hey, it’s not my first barbeque, slick. Don’t worry about how I call the match. I’ll probably be the best referee the world has ever seen, so I wouldn’t worry about itRead More

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Shawn Michaels Discusses The Toughest Day Of His WWE Career

Arda Ocal of Aftermath Radio sent in the following video of Shawn Michaels talking about about the toughest day of his WWE career both physically and emotionally – WrestleMania XIV in Boston. The video is embedded below:Read More

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Mini DX Reunion At Monday’s RAW, SmackDown Main Event

– Randy Orton vs. Kane will be the main event for this week’s SmackDown. — The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA has announced that the Rock will be at the 3/19 RAW. WWE has also added the Rock to the advertised listing for the show — Former DX members Shawn Michaels and “Road Dogg” BG James had a mini DX reunion backstage at Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow from Boston. Michaels tweeted: “Mini DX Reunion!! Look who I ran into @WWERoadDogg in the hizzz..” It’s worth noting that Road DoggRead More

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Big Angle For RAW Next Week, Kane & Jericho Team Up, NOC PPV

- It was announced at RAW in Boston from the TD Garden that the Night of Champions pay-per-view will take place there on September 16th. The pre-sale code is WWENOC. – The dark main event after tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow in Boston saw WWE Champion CM Punk and John Cena defeat Kane and Chris Jericho. Cena and Punk hit their finishers and Cena got the pin on Kane for the win. – WWE announced on RAW that The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels will be on next week’s show from Cleveland,Read More
– Devon Nicholson, who competed as Hannibal on the Canadian independent wrestling circuit before retiring last year, posted a video of himself being thrown out of Saturday’s Raw live event at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario. He was attempting to push an independent show scheduled for May 5, 2012 in Smiths Falls, Ontario that is being headlined by Scott Steiner. WWE had security personnel remove him from the premises prior to the show. — Shawn Michaels posted a photo of himself on Twitter with fellow D-Generation X alumni Road DoggRead More

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RAW Preview: Shawn Michaels & The Rock, Teddy Long Guest GM

Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow takes place from Boston’s TD Garden and will feature special appearances from WWE legends Shawn Michaels and The Rock. WWE has teased confrontations between longtime friends Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Triple H stated last week that he was better than Shawn Michaels, a claim Michaels is sure to bring up tonight. The Undertaker had been advertised, but he was removed from ads late last week and is not expected to appear in person. As announced by WWE’s Board of Directors, this week’s RAW and SmackDownRead More

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Big Update On WWE’s Plans For The Hall Of Fame Ceremony

As previously reported, the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on March 31st (the night before WrestleMania) – but will not air on the USA Network until Monday, April 2nd, as a 1-hour lead-in to RAW. As of this week, the plan is for the televised ceremony to feature the inductions of Edge and the Four Horsemen only. It is still expected that former WWE champion Yokozuna will be announced as on of the final members of the Class of 2012. The deceased Samoan/sumo warrior will beRead More
– Thanks to interference from Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks drew a victory over Mason Ryan on this week’s episode of WWE Superstars. It is his first televised singles victory since the March 17, 2011 WWE Superstars, where he beat JTG. Other matches featured include Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty and Jinder Mahal vs. Justin Gabriel. The episode is available here. — WWE developmental wrestler Corey Graves (a/k/a Sterling James Keenan) turns 28 years old Friday. — During a phone interview with Thursday, Shawn Michaels lost his composure when facedRead More

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Taker & HBK Announced For Another Raw, Bella Twins Contest

– The Bella Twins are holding a contest through their official website on who can serenade them best with a poem. Nikki and Brie write, “On Valentine’s Day we will pick the best poem and the winner will receive our silver sparkly bikini’s that we are wearing on the front of our website. Please submit to” — During tonight’s Raw SuperShow broadcast in the Philadelphia area, WWE advertised The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels for the March 19 Raw emanating from the Wells Fargo Center. The advertised main event isRead More

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Three Matches Announced For Tonight’s RAW Supershow

- WWE has announced the following for RAW tonight: * WWE Champion CM Punk vs. The Miz * R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler * Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston * Shawn Michaels returnsRead More

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Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, HHH & More Confirmed For Boston Raw

- Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker have been confirmed for the March 5th RAW Supershow from Boston, Massachusetts, joining The Rock on the big show from John Cena’s hometown. The TD Garden announced: “Just Announced: The Undertaker returns to Boston for the first time in two years, but with both of The Undertaker’s last two WrestleMania opponents, ‘The Game’ Triple H and ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, under the same roof…something’s gotta give.”Read More

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J.R. On Sting & Angle Appearing For WWE, HBK Returning To TV

Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on his official website. Highlights are as follows: Thoughts on Curt Hennig nine years after his passing: “Thoughts on the late, Curt Hennig?” Obviously, he died too soon. I loved being around him. He was the life of the party and made everyone laugh. Loved his approach to life as in making every day fun and, granted, some days he had too much fun. I’ve never worked with anyone more ‘natural’ than Curt Hennig as he had ‘it’ early on and justRead More
– Many of WWE Hall of Famer Edge’s greatest matches are currently available for $1.99 via Comcast On Demand. The offering includes: Edge vs. John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam (July 3, 2006 Raw), Edge and Hulk Hogan vs. Billy and Chuck(July 4, 2002 SmackDown), Edge vs. Kurt Angle (Judgment Day 2002) Edge vs. Batista (Vengeance 2007), Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio (Wrestlemania XXVII), Edge vs Eddie Guerrero (Unforgiven 2002), Edge vs. Rob Van Dam (February 19, 2007 Raw), Edge vs Rey Mysterio (Royal Rumble 2008), Edge vs. Lance StormRead More

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Preview For New WWE Book, Shawn Michaels, Linda McMahon

- Ted Nugent and Jim Ross are some of the names who will be appearing on Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures show when the new season begins this summer. – Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign revealed in fourth quarter 2011 earnings reports that they raised $326,646. A total of 1,085 individuals contributed to that number and more than 80% of those people were residents of Connecticut. None of the money was contributed by Linda McMahon but how much money donated by families of WWE employees will apparently be revealed in anRead More

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The Wrestling Genius: Jericho Trolls and So Much More

Did Chris Jericho do more by saying nothing to turn heel than he would have if he’d actually cut a promo? For the first time ever I elected to live tweet Raw instead of DVRing it. I’m probably going to do that more often because it was a blast. It was a combination of a really good Raw and lots of people watching live due to the buzz around 1/2/12 being revealed. The instant Jericho’s arms lit up and his music hit I marked out and so did most ofRead More