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List Of Entrants & Eliminations From The 2011 Royal Rumble

- Below is the full list of 2011 WWE Royal Rumble entrants and eliminations from tonight’s pay-per-view: Royal Rumble Entrants: 1. CM Punk 2. Daniel Bryan 3. Justin Gabriel 4. Zack Ryder 5. William Regal 6. Ted DiBiase 7. John Morrison 8. Yoshi Tatsu 9. Husky Harris 10. Chavo Guerrero 11. Mark Henry 12. JTG 13. Michael McGillicutty 14. Chris Masters 15. David Otunga 16. Tyler Reks 17. Kozlov 18. R-Truth 19. Great Khali 20. Mason Ryan 21. Booker T 22. John Cena 23. Hornswoggle 24. Tyson Kidd 25. HeathRead More
– “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan appears this Sunday at Causeway Tickets (located at 239 Causeway St. Boston, MA) from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. He is giving free autographs. — The Star-Ledger has a story on Sheamus’ prior employment as the bodyguard of U2 front man Bono. The U2 bandmates would frequent the Lily’s Bordello pub in Dublin, Ireland, where the future WWE star worked. “He came in all the time. It was his favorite spot when he got off tour because he wouldn’t get hassled,” Sheamus recalls. “He was a reallyRead More

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WWE Raw Results – January 24, 2010

This last RAW before the Royal Rumble stars with Edge coming out to the ring, big smile on his face. King talks about how The Corre attacked Edge on last week’s SD! The fans are wild for Edge. He grabs a mic and says he doesn’t feel like waiting. Off comes his shirt to show taped ribs. He’s never liked waiting. He doesn’t like waiting at the DMV, he doesn’t like the guy in front of him at the store to pay by check. He doesn’t like to wait atRead More
– With no competition from football, Monday’s Raw scored a 3.27 cable rating, the program’s best mark since December 20, 2010 (also a 3.27). The rating is up from last week’s 3.05 number. The show drew hours of 3.17 and 3.19. Overall viewership was approximately 5 million, up from 4.6 million. — WWE is holding a screening for an undisclosed WWE Studios film next Monday in Detroit, Michigan. The invitation is only being offered to those who attend the evening’s Raw taping and are between the ages of 9 andRead More

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Upcoming WWE Raw Programs Revealed

The PNE Agrodome in Vancouver is advertising these matches for it’s Raw house show on February 11th, 2011: * Randy Orton vs. The Miz for the WWE Title * John Morrison vs. Sheamus * Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk for the US TitleRead More

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WWE Raw Review – Jan. 10, 2011

Raw Review – January 10, 2011 -So it’s another week of Raw on USA and your soundtrack tonight is Metallica’s black album. -LIVE! from Nashville, TN (home of bad music, bad food, and bad teeth) Tag Team Titles Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. ??? We never get to hear who the champs are facing because Nexus attacks immediately and dumps the “champion” jobbers to the floor. Punk brags some more about taking out Cena two weeks ago and promises he will initiate himself in the “new” Nexus tonight. ForgiveRead More
Hello!  This is my first column for this site — happy to be part of the team, and hope you like what you read!  Feel free to follow me on Twitter @davecunning , or pop by my personal blog, at Alright, enough cheap pops, on with it! **************  As far back as I can remember, Vince McMahon has done almost nothing storyline-wise the way I thought he should have.  Over the last number of years, I’ve been realizing more and more, that’s pretty much exactly why the company has outlastedRead More
The full content listing for WWE’s Best of Raw 2010 set on DVD and Blu-ray has been released. The title will be released on January 25 in North America. Disc 1 January Highlights Bret “Hit Man” Hart Returns to RAW 4th January, 2010 Unified Tag Team Championship Match D-Generation X vs. JeriShow 4th January, 2010 John Cena vs. Sheamus 25th January, 2010 February Highlights Sheamus vs. Christian 8th February, 2010 Triple Threat Elimination Match for the Unified Tag Team Championship D-Generation X vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows vs. ShowMizRead More

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One Count Kickout – Wrestling in 2011

A look forward into what 2011 could usher in for WWE and TNA.Read More

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JR Blog: Raw Last Night, Awesome Kong-WWE, More

- WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, here are some highlights of what JR said about: Miz vs. Morrison’s Match From Monday’s RAW: “Great start to Raw with Miz vs. Morrison. These are two of the individuals that WWE is counting on to be big time players in the future. They both put forth great effort in the falls count anywhere match for the WWE Title. I enjoyed their hard work and the overall physicality of the contest. Both men likely want to be known notRead More

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WWE Raw Results – January 3, 2011

The first RAW of the year starts with video of Nexus attacking Cena again. After it was over Punk came out, grabbed a chair, almost hit Cena, but then sat down in the chair and put the Nexus arm band on. All of Nexus, minus Wade, were in unity. Cole talks about Cena likely being on RAW due to injuries sustained from Nexus. Punk’s joined Nexus, but who’s leading them? Plus, it’s unusual for the WWE Championship to be defended in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, but it will beRead More

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What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off The Air

After Raw went off the air, John Cena & John Morrison defeated WWE Champion The Miz & Sheamus. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Sheamus and Morrison hit Starship Pain on Miz. The referee counted a three count simultaneously.Read More

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#1 Contender’s Ladder Match Announced For WWE TLC

Sheamus will face John Morrison at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs in a #1 Contender’s Ladder Match for the WWE Championship. WWE TLC will take place Sunday from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. We’ll have full coverage here at More

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WWE Raw Results – December 6, 2010

RAW this week starts with a recap of Miz’s ego last week, Cole worshipping the ground he walks on. King ripped Miz apart for beating Orton after he’d been beaten down by seven others. King, thanks to the GM, got a TLC Title Match. Then on to their match where King managed to hold his own, look good and had a shot until Cole got involved. King and Miz on the top of the ladder. King ate gold, Miz won. King, on announce welcomes everyone to RAW. “Jerry” chants. PunkRead More

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One Count Kickout – Your Awesome Champion

Why the Miz winning the WWE title is the right choice.Read More
World Wrestling Entertainment issued a press release today announcing that Dirty Money, Cedric “The Entertainer” and Ariel Winter will perform on the upcoming Tribute to the Troops special. It was also noted that Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, and WWE Champion The Miz, among others, would be competing on the show. Sean Combs’ Diddy – Dirty Money, Cedric the Entertainer, and Ariel Winter to Perform on NBC’s “WWE(R) Tribute to the Troops(R)” Holiday Special December 18 at 9:00PM STAMFORD, Conn., Dec 01, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — WorldRead More

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Raw Review – November 29, 2010

Raw Review – November 29, 2010 -So it’s the return of the King of the Ring tournament and yet another 3 hour Raw to close out November… -LIVE! from Filthadelphia, PA (basically the rectum of America) -So yes, the King of the Ring tournament, the event that has given us such legends as Billy Gunn and King Mabel along with Sir Mo. -Alex Riley, hopefully with a BAL under .06, promises a celebration for the Miz tonight. King of the Ring Match Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan Alberto’s personalRead More

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Report On WWE Hall of Fame Building, Sheamus Corrects Reporter

Fox’s Orlando based affiliate WOFL-TV 35 has a piece on Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty lobbying World Wrestling Entertainment officials to build a permanent home in the city. WWE confirmed to the news station that it is in very preliminary stages of considering a possible Hall of Fame building. The piece also features a look at WWE’s elaborate production setup for Monday Night Raw and brief interviews with Sheamus and Natalya. The Celtic Warrior was quick to correct the reporter labeling him as a wrestler,Read More

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WWE Raw Results – November 22, 2010

- Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about Randy Orton winning last night and John Cena being fired. The Nexus music hits and out comes Wade Barrett. Barrett heads to the ring and is joined by the rest of the Nexus members. Lots of heat here for Barrett from the crowd. Barrett goes to speak but the crowd is all over him. Barrett talks about how Cena thinks he did the right thing last night. Barrett says heRead More