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Posted On November 18, 2010By StaffIn News

Skip Sheffield Dropped From Nexus, WWE Announcer Weds

– According to an article on documenting the history of The Nexus, Skip Sheffield is no longer considered a member of the group. The article states: “Immediately following that heinous first attack, the stalwart Bryan expressed remorse for his actions and parted ways with The Nexus, while Tarver, Sheffield and Young were later deemed unworthy of the rebels’ signature armband either due to exile or injury. However, as witnessed by the WWE Universe, the group only grew stronger and more streamlined as a result of the changes within itsRead More

Posted On November 10, 2010By Daniel PenaIn News

HBK Comments On Old School Raw, Bragging Rights News, More

– Shawn Michaels, who was featured in a promotional commercial Monday promoting next week’s “Old School” episode of Raw, responded to those who asked if he would be appearing on the show. “For those asking, I will not be at the old school RAW as best I know,” he wrote on Twitter. “Do I already qualify as “Old School?” If so…SWEET!!!” — There was a late push to amplify Bragging Rights because members of creative felt it was a flat show going in. Vince McMahon, however, made the decision toRead More

Posted On September 29, 2010By StaffIn News

Jericho Taking Time Off, Paul Bearer At HIAC, Knoxville, Nexus

- WWE Champion Randy Orton punted Chris Jericho in the head after a hard fought match on RAW. The injury angle that took place was done to write Chris Jericho off television for the next several weeks. Jericho will be off for at least two weeks, as his metal band Fozzy will be touring the UK in October. – WWE has confirmed that Paul Bearer will be with The Undertaker for his World Heavyweight Title match against Kane at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. – “Jackass” star Johnny KnoxvilleRead More