Steve Lombardi Tag

– Wrestlers who participated in a recent talent evaluation with WWE were asked to write down the ten most embarrassing and humiliating things they think could possibly happen to them in the company. Steve Lombardi, who oversaw the evaluation with William Regal, then told them that odds are everything they came up with will occur at one point or another if they make it to the big show. They must therefore decide whether working for WWE at the risk of being humiliated is something they want out of life. —Read More

Posted On September 21, 2011By StaffIn News

Mark Henry Upset About Injuring Lawler, Jackman & Muppet News

- We reported earlier that Jerry Lawler Was Injured By Mark Henry On RAW following a Worlds Strongest Slam through the announcers table at ringside. World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry was reportedly very upset after the incident. – Hugh Jackman was said to be a big hit in the WWE locker room on Monday night. Jackman was a big WWE fan back in the 1980’s and marked out big time for WWE producer Steve Lombardi, formerly the Brooklyn Brawler. – WWE announced on Monday that Disney’s The Muppets Are AppearingRead More