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Posted On April 25, 2012By StaffIn News

Shawn Michaels Signs Endorsement Deal With EyeBlack

WWE Hall of Famer has signed an endorsement deal with EyeBlack to produce a EyeBlack products featuring Michaels’ trademarks, phrases and more. For more info, visit For Immediate Release April 25, 2012 WWE HALL OF FAMER SHAWN MICHAELS SIGNS WITH EYEBLACK EyeBlack to Produce Custom Product Featuring Michaels’ Trademarks, Phrases, and More Rockville, Md. – EyeBlack, the company that started a sports revolution by combining logos, phrases and bible verses with EyeBlack, today announced a partnership with Shawn Michaels, former WWE Superstar and current star of the Outdoor Channel’sRead More