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Posted On April 11, 2011By StaffIn News

Steve Austin Tweets About Tonight’s WWE Tough Enough

The following is a new tweet from the official Twitter page of WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin: “gotta get some shut eye folks…tell 20 or 30 of your friends to watch Tough Enough tomorrow…one hour before RAW on USA..HELL YEAH!!!” Follow more Stone Cold tweets on Twitter @ SteveAustinBSR.Read More

Posted On March 31, 2011By Keelan BaldersonIn News

Orton Being Held Back? HHH Wants Legitimate HOF

During an interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch, ex-WWE creative team member John Piermarini suggested that Randy Orton is being held back: “Randy Orton would have been the perfect adversary for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the Attitude Era. I think he would have worked great there. I think he can work now, I just think Randy Orton is almost – the way we wanted to do it was, “Look, the kids have got John Cena and the 18-year-olds have Randy Orton.” The thing is, what really made Stone ColdRead More

Posted On March 9, 2011By Jared GebhardtIn Columns

The Wrestling Genius: When a Knockout Isn’t a Knockout

Apparently, a knockout blow means using the same tired old rhymes and pathetic attempts at gay and self-pleasure jokes. Okay now I’ll admit that I’m not that into the hip-hop rap community, but I have seen a few rap battles and last I checked what Cena did on Monday would have gotten him booed off the stage at any other venue outside of a WWE ring. It was in my opinion a terrible attempt at smacking back at the rock. So, congratulations to John Cena for “knocking out” The RockRead More
– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said on Twitter he won’t be on hand for tomorrow’s Raw due to his film schedule. “Won’t be at Raw tomorrow in Dallas cause I’m still shooting,” he wrote. “Can’t wait to watch my man Stone Cold raise’s his night and I’m fired up. — WWE Studios’ The Chaperone will be available on Netflix Streaming starting Tuesday. Twist of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story will be available on the site beginning March 15. It is the first WWE documentary to be featuredRead More

Posted On February 15, 2011By Owen PattersonIn News

JR Comments On The Rock’s WWE Return, The Rock Trends

- Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter tonight about The Rock’s return: “The Great One is back 4 WM27! The Rock will host Wrestlemania. He looks awesome. Dwayne Johnson’s classic ‘Rock’ promo 2nite on RAW was the best thing on RAW in recent memory. Young wrestlers hopefully paid attention. Stone Cold also did some classic, long promos back in the day. It’s a lost art w/o question. Rock hit a grand slam.” – reader Marko sent word that The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Cole and Stephanie McMahon wereRead More

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Video: Brock Lesnar Says He Doesn’t Care For The Undertaker

Earlier this week, UFC heavyweight fighter Brock Lesnar set the record straight on his involvement at WrestleMania 27, telling Yahoo! Sports that there was no truth to the rumors that he was interested in working the show. During a media session that took place on Tuesday to promote the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, commented on the Undertaker attending his most recent fight and their face-to-face confrontation that sparked the WrestleMania speculation. “The other fellas that wanted to come, like Stone Cold and The Rock, and Goldberg, those guysRead More
Brock Lesnar addressed The Undertaker during a media session promoting the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, saying he doesn’t care for him. Lesnar gave his thoughts on the WWE Superstar attending his last fight, where he lost to Cain Velasquez. “The other fellas that wanted to come, like Stone Cold and The Rock, and Goldberg, those guys had all said, ‘I’m coming to watch you, good luck.’ This guy (Undertaker) shows up every time I seem to lose (laughs) so he’s like my black cloud,” Lesnar said. “And we’veRead More

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Bret Hart Looks Back On 2010: Returning To WWE, US Title, More

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has a new blog on his Facebook page where he reflects on his eventful 2010. Here are some highlights of what Bret said about: His Return To WWE in January 2010: “There was some great television moments I had with both Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. Coming back and doing Monday Night Raw was such a blast from my supposed broken leg by the limo on the ramp to my sister Alison storming out to be a lumberjack at Wrestlemania in Phoenix. It wasRead More

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Quick Recap Of Steve Austin On ESPN’s “SportsCenter”

Michael O’Donnell sent along the following: I was just watching SportsCenter this morning, and they had a segment on sports stars who were once considered expendable in promoting the upcoming DVD release of The Expendables. They were talking about Indianapolis Colts great Johnny Unitas, and the narrator of his story was none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. The segment lasted a mere 30 seconds or so, but what was interesting to me was Stone Cold’s lack of goatee. He had a little scruff on his chin, but nothing else.Read More
WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin spoke with to promote his new latest movie, Hunt to Kill. Regarding rumors that he is hosting an episode of Raw next month, he says he has no knowledge of the matter. “Man, I haven’t talked with anybody about that,” he replied. “I mean, I’ve been hearing rumors all of a sudden that I’m supposed to appear on Raw or something or other, or a Wrestlemania XXVII thing, and I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t talked with anybody from the WWE.Read More

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s Comeback Put On Hold

While Steve Austin’s movie career begins to soar, he tells that his WWE career will be put on hold for a while longer as the current WWE environment is not up to his liking. “It’s a PG business these days,” says Austin, who shot down rumblings he would appear on RAW on Dec. 27. “And the Stone Cold character is close to being an R-rated act. I was edgy and I had a lot of fun doing it.” Steve Austin continues in the interview explaining his highlights during wrestlingRead More