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aw released a video Thursday of CM Punk backing WWE’s decision to terminate A.W.’s contract after he cracked a “rape joke” on the July 30, 2012 episode of Raw. “He got fired. Yeah. He made a rape joke. I don’t think—I don’t like to see anyone lose their job, but if anyone is justified in getting fired, ya know, making fun of rape… I don’t think that’s funny,” Punk said outside Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday night. A WWE spokesman claimed to last week that itRead More
Former WWE talent Serena Deeb, 26, was arrested on July 8, 2012 in Tampa, Florida for operating a vessel while intoxicated. Her crime was categorized as BUI—Boating Under the Influence. Deeb appeared for WWE in 2010 as a member of the CM Punk-led Straight Edge Society, a group which promoted and abided to abstinence and discipline—primarily no smoking, drinking, or drugs. The faction acted as a militant organization, denouncing all people who didn’t practice the straight edge lifestyle, even those who also abstain from substance abuse. Her contract was terminatedRead More

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One Count Kickout – Chasing CM Punk

One Count Kickout on Twitter One Count Kickout Blog It is hard to argue that CM Punk has become one of the most dynamic, charismatic and entertaining pieces of the WWE roster.  His rise was awesome to be a part of and to witness, his heel turn had him burning white hot and to this day whenever Punk steps into a WWE ring the only thing better than listening to his superb promos is watching his sound technique and thoroughly entertaining matches.  Whether he be the leader of the newRead More
Former WWE star Luke Gallows Luke Gallows did an interview with discussing his experience on the road with World Wrestling Entertainment, which began when he was 21 years old. Highlights: Teaming with CM Punk in Straight Edge Society: “They wanted a big guy with [CM Punk]. He didn’t really need it, nor do I think he thought he did. I thought we made it really work though. I tried to change my look, change a little my style in the ring. I think a little character development may haveRead More