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A Diva and kid of the ’90s, Kelly Kelly showcases her vast Beanie Baby collection to the WWE Universe on this webisode of “Superstar Toyz.” Plus, find out who she spends all her time with.Read More
In this edition of “Superstar Toyz,” Johnny Curtis shares his awesome skateboard collection with the WWE Universe. Plus, you have to see what else he has spent his life compiling only here on WWE on YouTube!Read More
- Former WWE creative writer Seth Mates commented on his Twitter about Randy Orton’s future, writing, “Interesting web buzz re: Orton’s future. remember when @JEFFHARDYBRAND had 2 strikes & they put wwe title on him?” CM Punk quoted the tweet and replied, “I recall.” – Here is today’s suspension countdown tweet from Chris Jericho: “18 years ago I won my first major championship: the NWA Midheavyweight Title from Mano Negra. ’18 and life u got it 18 and life u know..'” – In the latest episode of Superstar Toyz, HunicoRead More
– WWE has published the first episode of Superstar Toyz, which features Alberto Del Rio on a luxury car shopping spree. — conducted an interview with former WWE writer Alex Greenfield regarding his role as producer of the memorable storyline between Trish Stratus and Mickie James. The synopsis reads: “From October 2005 through April 2006, Alex Greenfield was the producer of all the angles/promos in the feud, and in this unique episode of the Podcast, he guides us through the twists, turns, shrines and kisses of the angle fromRead More

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Shows Revealed For WWE’s Revamped YouTube Channel

- As noted before, WWE will relaunching their YouTube channel this Wednesday, February 1st. Here’s the list of 9 shows that will be on WWE’s revamped YouTube channel: * Superstar Toyz * Outside The Ring * Are You Serious? * In Box * Download * Backstage Fallout * WWE Presents… * Z! True Long Island Story * Santino’s Foreign ExchangeRead More