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- WWE’s creative department are targeting Survivor Series on November 18 for the return of The Undertaker. After undergoing two major surgeries in the past year and performing suitably at WrestleMania XXVIII, many company employees believe he has several more matches left in the tank and will almost certainly compete at WrestleMania XXIX. – In The Amazing Spider-Man, which hit theaters Tuesday, Peter Parker is inspired to create a mask after winding up inside a wrestling ring surrounded by posters of masked luchadors. It is not the first wrestling connectionRead More

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WWE To Hold TLC Pay-Per-View At New Brooklyn NBA Arena, More

- According to an updated list of 2012 WWE PPVs sent to PPV partners, WWE’s TLC PPV on December 16th, 2012, is scheduled to take place at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The new arena is scheduled to open at the end of September. Here are the rest of the PPVs through the end of the year. 6/17 No Way Out in East Rutherford, NJ 7/15 Money In The Bank in Phoenix, AZ 8/19 SummerSlam in Los Angeles, CA 9/16 Night Of Champions in Boston, MA 10/28Read More
– Sin Cara competed in his first match of 2012 at Saturday’s WWE Supershow in Florence, South Carolina, defeating Hunico in the opening match. He had been sidelined since Survivor Series due to a patellar tendon rupture. — The following matches are advertised for WWE’s post-SummerSlam tour of Australia taking place August 30 through September 1: John Cena vs. Lord Tensai and John Laurinaitis, WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan and United States Champion Santino Marella vs. David Otunga. — Sunday marks the one-year anniversary of the passing ofRead More

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Survivor Series Location, Zbyszko Acknowledges Death Rumors

– Live Audio Wrestling says Survivor Series is expected to take place on Sunday, November 18 at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. – Rumors of Larry Zbyszko’s demise are untrue, according to and The rumor originated on a Twitter account claiming to be the official account of Zbyszko. His legitimate account is located at He acknowledged the rumors Friday night, writing: * I AM NOT DEAD !! I can never die !! I am the Living Legend… * This is my one and only realRead More

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CM Punk Talks On Movie Career, Wrestling Sites, Vince McMahon

- WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with The Chicago Tribune to promote WrestleMania 28. Here are some highlights:   His relationship with Vince McMahon: “(We) have a lot more one-on-one conversations. I wont say he takes the time to talk to me now, because he always did, but I think he views me differently now. He used to view me as maybe talking to a boy. Now he thinks he’s talking to a man after I stood up and did everything I did over the summer. I always thought IRead More
– A person who was backstage at Survivor Series backed up another WWE source’s claim to the Pro Wrestling Torch that the tension between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena, or rather Johnson and the WWE locker room, escalated to a new level last November. Among the wrestlers’ laundry list of complaints of Johnson is that he has “gone Hollywood,” has a big ego, wants to be treated as a big star and doesn’t go out of his way to get to know all of them. CM Punk hasRead More
– Regarding the relationship between Dwayne Johnson and John Cena behind the scenes, while the two are cordial with each another, they are not the best of friends. There is genuine tension between both stars, which was said to have intensified in the weeks leading up to Survivor Series. One former WWE insider who has worked with both Johnson and Cena said of their relationship: “They aren’t buddy-buddy, that’s for sure. I’ve heard they’ve disagreed about a lot of things. They aren’t big fans of one another personally, but theyRead More

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The Rock Responds To His Critics In The WWE Locker Room

Numerous WWE workers were giddy backstage over John Cena’s pseudo-shoot tirade toward Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Monday’s Raw SuperShow since many share similar real-life sentiments. Those disgruntled are upset with Johnson being prominently featured at WrestleMania XXVIII since he is not a full-time performer and is taking away a prime spot that could be used to elevate an up-and-comer. Based on reports and speculation of Johnson having “heat” within WWE circles, a Twitter user asked the actor/wrestler, “Haters claim you’re keeping them from wrestling at ‘Mania and they can’tRead More
– Many of WWE Hall of Famer Edge’s greatest matches are currently available for $1.99 via Comcast On Demand. The offering includes: Edge vs. John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam (July 3, 2006 Raw), Edge and Hulk Hogan vs. Billy and Chuck(July 4, 2002 SmackDown), Edge vs. Kurt Angle (Judgment Day 2002) Edge vs. Batista (Vengeance 2007), Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio (Wrestlemania XXVII), Edge vs Eddie Guerrero (Unforgiven 2002), Edge vs. Rob Van Dam (February 19, 2007 Raw), Edge vs Rey Mysterio (Royal Rumble 2008), Edge vs. Lance StormRead More
WWE officials contemplated months ago of putting The Miz back in the WWE Championship picture come January. That did not happen and he has not won a televised singles match since the December 5, 2011 edition of Raw. There are people within WWE who believe top officials are blaming him for the Survivor Series drawing a disappointing buy number. Teaming with R-Truth, he appeared in the main event against John Cena and The Rock. The pay-per-view event, which featured The Rock’s first wrestling match in over seven years, is estimatedRead More

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WWE Renewing Mason Ryan’s Push, Chyna Appearing In Memphis

– Key WWE officials are lobbying for Mason Ryan to receive a renewed push, reports He is expected to be prominently featured tomorrow night in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. Ryan’s last push was curtailed following the Survivor Series, which saw the Madison Square Garden crowd favor Cody Rhodes over him during a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match. Since that time he has sporadically competed on WWE Superstars and non-televised events. Meanwhile, Brodus Clay is scheduled to perform his animated entrance prior to entering the 30-Man RoyalRead More

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Rating For Monday’s Raw, Morrison Appearing At Flea Market

– The December 26, 2011 episode of the Raw SuperShow garnered a 2.93 cable rating, up from 2.92 the week before. It is the fourth consecutive week in which Raw has drawn below a 3.00 cable rating. Monday’s show averaged 4,460,000 million viewers overall, up from 4,290,000 the week before. It also snapped an eight week streak of viewership declining during the second hour. The first hour of Raw averaged 4,330,000 viewers during the first hour and 4,590,000 in the second. Monday’s show drew the most second hour viewers sinceRead More
– Dave Meltzer stated on the December 24 edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that the Survivor Series pay-per-view buy figure is lower than the initial estimate of 280,000. It was reported that of that figure, 180,000 pay-per-view purchases came from the United States. The updated estimate drops the buy figure to 260,000 as only 160,000 pay-per-view purchases came from the United States for The Rock’s first wrestling match in over seven years. The estimate compares to 244,000 buys for Survivor Series in 2010 and 235,000 in 2009, which nearly gotRead More

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Survivor Series PPV Buyrate, Chris Hero Speaks Out

- Based on preliminary data released by WWE, November’s Survivor Series pay-per-view featuring The Rock’s first match since WrestleMania 20 drew approximately 280,000 buys. The final figure is expected to be higher than 280,000, as this figure is only through the end of November, but its a reliable early indicator of the event’s performance. Last year’s Survivor Series did 244,00 buys and 2009’s show did 235,000 buys. Company officials were so disappointed with 2009’s buyrate that the show was temporarily scrapped from WWE’s pay-per-view lineup. – Earlier this week, weRead More

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Ex-WWE Writer Thinks Daniel Bryan Will Have A Short Title Run

Former WWE creative team member Seth Mates says if history is any indication – we shouldn’t expect a long title reign from new World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan. Mates tweeted on Monday afternoon @SethMates: “To borrow a holiday metaphor, this is the time of year (between Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble) when Vince (McMahon) ‘tries on’ his new clothes or new main eventers.” “Foley (99), Jericho (01), Evolution (03), Edge (06), Sheamus (09), Miz (10), Bryan (11) among those elevated during this stretch of (the year). And to continueRead More

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CM Punk Knocks The Rock & Defends Cena, Changes In WWE

CM Punk appeared on Baltimore’s 98 Rock this morning and spoke about breaking into WWE, Alberto Del Rio, Zack Ryder, Ice cream bars and more. You can listen to the full interview here. Here are some highlights of what Punk said about: Recent Changes in WWE: “I recognize I still have a lot of stuff left to do. People need to get comfortable at the idea that stuff doesn’t happen overnight. I’m in this for the long haul, and I’m such a student of the game. I actually care soRead More

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Backstage News Regarding The Future Of WWE PPV Events

Credit: While nothing is confirmed yet, the latest talk on pay-per-views airing on the new WWE Network is that WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and maybe one other event will be kept on pay-per-view while the remaining events will be shown on the network. Because the WWE Network won’t be available at first in a majority of homes, it’s possible that WWE will still offer the events to purchase on regular pay-per-view.Read More

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Backstage News On Sin Cara’s Status and Questionable T-Shirt

Vince McMahon is not as down on Sin Cara as had been feared immediately following Survivor Series, where he was suffered a ruptured patella tendon. It was pointed out to McMahon that accidents happen, and that, in fact, the WWE CEO himself tore both quads running to the ring at the 2005 Royal Rumble. Company officials are disappointed with the masked grappler’s twist of fate since a slew of merchandise was set to be released over the next few weeks not to mention that they were hopeful that he wouldRead More

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One Count Kickout – No Selling

Follow @OneCountKickout The One Count Kickout Blog Got Facebook?  Like the One Count Kickout Wrestling was never Shakespeare but at least it made sense once upon a time.  Storylines had identifiable beginnings and endings.  You knew when you were watching a match that it was going to begin a feud or end one.  The wrestlers built up to things, to Pay Per Views, to blow offs, to matches that mattered.  The wrestlers themselves sold it.  Would anyone have believed that Bob Backlund was a threat to Bret Hart unless BretRead More