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Posted On January 21, 2014By George CushnieIn Columns

FATP: The Usos – Future Tag-Team Champions?

It’s been a while huh? I needed a rest after writing 2 monstrous columns over the holiday season. Thanks to everyone who gave me constructive feedback, and in particular to those who bothered to give me more feedback than “the article was too long”. Always great to hear that when you’ve busted your ass to write an in-depth column. Some people… In case you’ve forgotten, I’m in the midst of my self-imposed hiatus from the WWE. Just because I’m not watching doesn’t mean that I don’t know what’s going on.Read More

Posted On January 15, 2014By The StroIn Indy News

Details On Upcoming Rock n Roll Express Documentary

From Rock n Roll Express: The definitive documentary about the longest tag team in wrestling history the RNR Express. This project is being produced to enshrine one of the greatest wrestling tag teams of all time forever. The Rock-N-Roll Express has entertained us and put their bodies on the line for over 30 years and are continuing to perform on a regular basis. We plan to travel the country interviewing not only the RNR Express but also all of the people who played key roles in their career. EllBow ProductionsRead More

Posted On January 1, 2014By George CushnieIn Columns

FATP: A Review of WWE in 2013 (July – December)

***THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BEFORE MONDAY’S EPISODE OF RAW*** Welcome to the 1st FATP of 2014! Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and if you need some reading material while you’re nursing a New Years Eve hangover, then sit down with a strong cup of coffee, put your feet up and enjoy! For those of you who didn’t manage to catch Part 1, I’ll run through the format. Basically, I’ll try to include a recap of the major talking points that happened each month between July and December. IRead More

Posted On December 11, 2013By George CushnieIn Columns

FATP: TN-AJ Styles

So, here’s the internet’s latest rumour (and I stress the word rumour) about AJ Styles’ current status with TNA – as of this moment, he’s taped a promo saying that he’ll be leaving TNA for good (which will air sometime in January 2014) and he’s done with the company. It’s just another example of TNA doing something that renders me speechless. Assuming that this rumour (there’s that word again!) is true, then it just baffles me that TNA have been unable to come to terms with AJ. Surely he can’tRead More
Skull Cans

Posted On September 15, 2012By David DavisIn Columns

Death of Wrestling: PTP

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. Before I start this I just have to send my best wishes to Mr Lawler. I know that a lot of people have already commented and given their thoughts etc. so I’ll leave it atRead More

Posted On September 5, 2012By Michael GroomsIn News

New WWE Tag Team Coming To TV Soon?

For weeks now, former FCW Tag Team Champions and current WWE NXT stars Mike Dalton and Xavier Woods, along with their valet Audrey Marie, have been using social media in an attempt to tell the world that their tag team should be on the main roster. The trio has dubbed their team The Hollywood Express.Read More
I was approached with an opportunity to write for PWMania recently by Andy Steven. I accepted it as I feel when an opportunity presents itself, you jump on it. It gets me writing, and it allows me a forum to speak my mind on something I love, wrestling. I may not love it as much as I did when I was a child, but it holds a special place in my heart and always will. I’ve been writing for NoDQ for several months now and was given a chance forRead More

Posted On March 29, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Edge Talks On Working With WWE In The Future, Being Content

- 2012 WWE Hall of Famer Edge spoke with MiamiNewTimes.com this week to promote WrestleMania. Here are some highlights:   Overall, you’ve held more WWE titles than anyone else in history, and set other records in WWE. You obviously accomplished quite a bit in your career. But since your career was ended abruptly and unexpectedly, is there anything you had hoped you could do before you retired that you weren’t able to accomplish?   Actually, no. I’m able to retire content with the fact that everything that was on myRead More

Posted On February 11, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Samoa Joe Talks Impact Needing To Go On The Road, More

TNA star Samoa Joe participated in a conference call this week to promote Sunday’s Against All Odds pay-per-view. Here are some highlights, courtesy of Wrestling Voice Radio: The Importance of Restoring Prestige to the Tag Team Championships: “I think it’s absolutely key. Some of the greatest matches that have been ever been wrestled have been Tag Team matches, some of the greatest wrestlers have been Tag Team wrestlers, I think Tag Team wrestling, I don’t know where it fell out of favor, if I’m part of the resurgence and partRead More

Posted On October 5, 2010By Manuel O. GonzalezIn Indy News

IWA: October 2 Results, Añasco

IWA held their October 2 at the Municipal Coliseum at Añasco. The promotion reported the action as follow: 1-Barbie Boy defeated Enigma. 2-Zlade defeated Julian Jamrock. 3-Atomo & Sonico defeated Iron Wyre & Mike Dagger to win the spot to become the IWA Tag Team Tiltes challengers. After the match The Kongs (tag team champions) came and attacked The Kids Superheros (the name that the company gave Atomo and Sonico are as tag team) until Rick Stanley & Dennis Rodriguez did the save. 4-Xix Xavant defeated Renegado. 5-Savio Vega defeatedRead More