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- Honoring the 1,000th episode of Raw on July 23, Sycho Sid competed in his first match on the program in over fifteen years on Monday’s show. He easily defeated Heath Slater. Speaking to WWE.com, Sid explained how good of a feeling it was to return to Raw. “Maybe two or three people could really know what this means to me. This is, and I’m not exaggerating, this is the greatest moment in my whole life right now,” he says. “I’ll let you know what I’ve been through, how longRead More
- A new idea from Vince McMahon is to have the RAW announcers do sound effects to make it seem like they are trying to hold back laughter during what are supposed to be comedy segments. – Sakamoto is expected to start wrestling within the next few months. His association with Tensai is likely over after Tensai beat him down on RAW two weeks ago. The beatdown was done as part of Tensai being re-packaged. Sakamoto was originally trained by former WWE star Taka Michinoku at his Kaientai Dojo schoolRead More