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Posted On November 16, 2011By Jared GebhardtIn Columns

The Wrestling Genius: Survivor Series Fake Betting

“John Cena this is your life”, as much as I don’t like John Cena’s in ring work I did enjoy this segment from Raw. From what I’ve read online, I might be the only one who liked it. Let me just say, I liked it for two reasons, I’m a Foley mark, and I love awkward comedy. That was about as awkward and uncomfortable of 15-20 minutes of television I’ve seen since The Situation tried comedy at the Roast of Donald Trump. John Cena played the role of embarrassed targetRead More

Posted On November 14, 2011By StaffIn News

Injury Updates On Christian & Henry Godwin

– To update the health condition of former WWE star Mark Canterbury (“Henry O. Godwin), is reporting that he had some mild improvement over the weekend. Canterbury drove his car off a cliff last week in West Virginia and had both his spleen and appendix removed on Wednesday. While performing surgery, doctors discovered a tumor in his appendix, resulting in its removal. His leg was broken in three places, and both of his lungs were punctured. He also suffered thirteen broken ribs. The top priority at this point isRead More