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Sheamus Champion – Best for Business

December 5, 2015 | 6 Comments

I’ve seen and heard a lot of criticism concerning the WWE’s decision to crown Sheamus the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The fans seem unhappy because they wanted someone else to get the title. They wanted...

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Kane made quite the return this time. And I’m not talking about the fact that he prevented Sheamus from cashing in his MITB breifcase. That was easily predictable. Although Kane caused a stir at Night...

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Is A Return of The Shield On The Cards?

September 14, 2015 | 11 Comments

Seth Rollins with his two championships has gotten himself into a unique predicament – he needs to defend two titles in one night. Apart from making Night of Champions a dreadful PPV from Rollins’ perspective,...

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Discussing Seth Rollins’ Fall From Grace

May 3, 2015 | 25 Comments

There was a period of time when I used to write about Seth Rollins a lot. I remember, not so long ago, I used to describe him as the top heel of the WWE. Nowadays,...

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Vince McMahon and the WWE creative team have a great opportunity at Wrestlemania on Sunday to put young stars over in matches against established veterans to set up their next group of main event level...

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If it wasn’t clear before, it’s definitely clear now. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins with face off at WrestleMania 31 and given what happened on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, it’s fair for...

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The above “Occupy RAW” segment from Monday’s WWE RAW, will be looked back at years from now as the pivotal point to the start of the Daniel Bryan Era in the WWE. Whether WWE planned...

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Week after week, wrestling power couple Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their presence felt on WWE programming by laying down the law and brandishing their own style of corporate justice, all in the name...

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WWE Raw Results – January 20th, 2014

January 20, 2014 | 11 Comments

WWE Raw Results – January 20th, 2014 We open the show with a video package honoring Martin Luther King. We then cut to the ring with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They welcome us to...

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***THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BEFORE MONDAY’S EPISODE OF RAW*** Welcome to the 1st FATP of 2014! Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and if you need some reading material while you’re nursing a New...

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FATP: Out With The Old, In With The New

November 30, 2013 | 5 Comments

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve not watched any current wrestling (from either WWE or TNA) for the last 3 weeks because I’m incredibly frustrated with the product at the moment....

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WWE Raw Results – November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 | 19 Comments

WWE Raw Results – November 25th, 2013 We are in Long Island with our WWE Champion Randy Orton opening the show. We are told Michael Strahan is the special guest host tonight. Also we will...

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Death of Wrestling: With A Whimper…

November 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a...

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