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Former WWE star Gene Snitsky, who took shots at The Miz throughout his reign as WWE Champion via Twitter, continues to belittle his former colleague. During Chavo Guerrero’s Twitter diatribe of John Cena on Saturday, the third generation grappler took a potshot at The Miz. He wrote, “And frankly no one believes it anymore. If Miz can kick your ass then the clerk at the store can kick your ass, so please deliver if you say that..” The former Heat headliner wholeheartedly agreed with Chavo’s critical assessment of The Miz.Read More
In the final round of the WWE Championship Tournament, Rey Mysterio and The Miz meet next week on Raw to determine the undisputed title holder. Vince McMahon announced at the top of the show that eight of the top Superstars would compete in a WWE Championship Tournament and that a new titleholder would be determined that night. Before Mysterio and The Miz could compete in the final round of the WWE Championship Tournament, McMahon demanded that the ring be cleared due to important business he had to conduct. Triple HRead More

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WWE Raw Review – July 18, 2011

-So John Cena claims he’s been fired, Sin Cara has been suspended for a Wellness Policy violation and CM Punk is the world champion…BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!?!? -LIVE! from Green Bay, Wisconsin (home of lucky football teams and ugly people) -We are joined at the start of the show by Vince McMahon, sporting an AWESOME purple suit, and John Laurinaitis (who will be referred to as “Johnny Ace” because it’s easier to type and I love reminding people about the Dynamic Dudes). Vince announces that there will be aRead More

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WWE Raw Results – July 18, 2011

- Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the normal intro video. We go right to the arena and out comes Vince McMahon to a mixed reaction from the Green Bay crowd. Vince has John Laurinaitis with him and they make their way to the ring. The crowd chants for CM Punk as we see the WWE roster backstage watching on a TV. Vince says you will never hear him say that man’s name again. He says that man is the biggest ingrate in WWE history. Vince says that man walkedRead More

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The Wrestling Genius: MITB Vegas (fake) Odds

It feels good to be back and doing something that I love. For those of you who don’t know my hiatus was due to me being displaced by flooding, the worst my home town has ever seen. Still displaced but things have settled down enough that I can get back to my column. I’ve had quite a few of you ask my thoughts on CM Punk’s amazing promos, and where I think he’ll end up at the end of all of this. My feeling is what I’ve felt all alongRead More

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Former WWE Star Finlay Comments On His Release Earlier This Year

Earlier this year, former WWE superstar Finaly, who was working as an agent/producer behind the scenes at the time, was fired after booking an angle where The Miz interrupted the National Anthem at a live WWE event – which caused an uproar among the National Guard servicemen who were in attendance. Finaly recently spoke to the UK’s Fighting Spirit magazine and had this to say about the situation: “I was given a lot of leeway and a lot of power in WWE, and that comes with a lot of responsibility.Read More
– John Cena put over The Miz on his Twitter account this morning for his dedication to the WWE brand. “CeNation. I do not think there is anyone in the WWE that works harder outside the ring than The Miz. That type of effort is truly amazing,” Cena wrote. “It is great to see other superstars so passionate about this brand. His work does not go un noticed.” Regarding upcoming events, Cena wrote: “Last RAW before MITB. In Boston. I’m sure next Sunday in Chicago….the fans will be a littleRead More
Adelaide Now has an article on The Miz, who recalls a humiliating experience that took place during his early days in WWE. “Nobody liked me, everyone wanted me fired and was trying to get me fired. I’m in the WWE, and everyone there and the WWE Universe hates me. It made me feel like I was walking on egg shells,” The Miz said of his colleagues. “I got kicked out of the locker rooms, so I couldn’t find a place to change or shower. I remember one time going downRead More

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WWE Raw Review – July 4, 2011

-We are TAPED! from Las Vegas, Nevada. -There will be a triple threat match between Del Rio, Mysterio and R-Truth because CM Punk has been “indefinitely suspended”…I wonder if he has to serve that suspension in Parts Unknown. -What’s the deal with WWE finding the one attractive girl in the crowd cheering when Cena makes his entrance? Are we supposed to like him more because women with fake breasts cheer for him? -Speaking of Cena, he’s out to suck up to the smart fans by saying Punk’s suspension is BS.Read More

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WWE SummerSlam 2011 PPV Promotional Poster Revealed

- Below is the promotional poster and synopsis for WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, which takes place on August 14th from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California: “With superior abilities and infinite power, the superpowers of the WWE Universe descend on Los Angeles for a collision so monumental, it threatens to lay waste to the City of Angels. Don’t miss John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and all your favorite WWE Superstars at SummerSlam, live on pay-per-view.”Read More
Batista took to Twitter last to comment on Finlay’s departure from WWE earlier this year. “So I’m going to say this because I said I would elaborate later….and I’m sure I’ll get some grief over it but I don’t realy care. and this is completely the opinion of an outsider looking in,” Batista wrote. “I only know what I’ve been told about Fit Finlay’s release and I dont know exactly what happened…but no one in this world could convince me that Fit, the honorable man that he is, did anythingRead More

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Alex Riley Possibly Injured At Capitol Punishment

It’s being reported that Alex Riley’s right bicep was badly bruised after his match against The Miz at last night’s WWE Capitol Punishment PPV. As of right now there is no confirmation on the severity of the injury, however, the worst case scenario would be a torn bicep tendon.Read More

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TMZ: WWE Star Alex Riley Off The Hook For DUI

Thanks to for sending this in: Alex Riley has a big WWE match with The Miz on Sunday, but he’ll fighting with one less thing to worry about — he won’t be charged for driving under the influence stemming from an arrest last year. As TMZ first reported, Riley was busted for driving under the influence in Tampa, FL back on November 17, 2010. He was booked into a local jail and eventually released on $500 bond. But Riley’s lawyers went before a judge earlier this month and arguedRead More

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Alex Riley Speaks On Sunday’s Capitol Punishment, WWE & More

- WWE Superstar Alex Riley recently spoke with The Miami Herald to promote Sunday’s Capitol Punishment pay-per-view. Here are some highlights: WrestleMania 28 in Miami: “I expect to be in it. The Rock is going to be in it. I’ve already been fortunate enough to be in the ring to work with The Rock, work with John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Roddy Piper. I have a long way to go to becoming one of them, but I want that.” What he loves about WWE: “What I love about WWE?Read More

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The Miz vs. Alex Riley Added To WWE Capitol Punishment

It was announced on Raw that The Miz will face Alex Riley at Capitol Punishment. The Pay-Per-View will be held on June 19 in Washington, DC. Also announced for the show so far is John Cena vs. R-Truth for the WWE Championship.Read More

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WWE Raw Results – June 6, 2011

- Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the end of the live Tough Enough finale. Vince McMahon is in the ring with Steve Austin, Luke and Andy. Vince asks Luke and Andy what makes them think they should stand in the same ring as several legends like Austin, Shawn Michaels and many others. Andy goes to speak but Vince cuts him off for saying “guaran-damn-tee.” Vince gives the mic to Luke next and he cuts a promo. Vince asks Andy what qualities he has that will captivate the WWE audience.Read More
- The Rock posted a photo from his family farm featuring himself and his horse Scoob. The Rock referred to the horse’s large teeth as “John Cena teeth.” Following Monday’s RAW, Cena responded to The Rock with the following on Twitter: “Hey dwayne. Glad u had fun on the farm. Would loved to have joined u and scoob…but I was at RAW looking for the guy who brings it…. Guess he decided he had better things to do…you know…like….hang out….on the farm…and stuff. :)” – The Miz spoke with TheRead More

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What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off-Air

Thanks to Lance for the following: After tonight’s WWE Raw went off the air the Anonymous Raw General Manager announced through Michael Cole that R-Truth would still get a title shot against John Cena at WWE Capitol Punishment as long as he apologized for his actions on Raw tonight. In the dark match main event John Cena quickly beat The Miz to retain the WWE Championship. Miz didn’t even get his shirt off for the match. Cena celebrated in the ring with the father (that wore the drink) and kidsRead More

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WWE Tough Enough Results – May 30, 2011

The show opens with the usual recap piece narrated by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, going over what happened on the show last week. Last week AJ and Christina were eliminated from the show. Three contestants remain – Luke, Jeremiah and Andy. We see Jeremiah and Luke partying in the house with beer. Jeremiah says he doesn’t care who comes back, he doesn’t think any of them should come back. We see a clip of Andy who says is he angry and isn’t happy with being in the bottom three. TheyRead More