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– It was reported Friday that the official website of WWE developmental league Florida Championship Wrestling removed Calvin Raines, Leroy Parks, Marcus Owens and Peter Orlov from their roster page, which indicates they have been released. The wrestler known was Peter Orlov has changed his Twitter handle to @AlexKoslovCom as well as name, Alex Koslov. He also commented, “Please everyone vait in great suspense for first vords from mouth of horse, sanks!” — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will appear on mtvU on Monday to promote Journey 2. He will beRead More
WWE officials contemplated months ago of putting The Miz back in the WWE Championship picture come January. That did not happen and he has not won a televised singles match since the December 5, 2011 edition of Raw. There are people within WWE who believe top officials are blaming him for the Survivor Series drawing a disappointing buy number. Teaming with R-Truth, he appeared in the main event against John Cena and The Rock. The pay-per-view event, which featured The Rock’s first wrestling match in over seven years, is estimatedRead More

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Backstage News On The Rock, Kharma Getting Married & Gives Birth

- WWE sources indicate that The Rock will be going in “with both feet” in regards to working with WWE and promoting WrestleMania 28 once his commitments are done for promoting his movie Journey 2. Rock is scheduled to do several talk show appearances soon for Journey 2 but will also be making the media rounds on TV for WrestleMania 28. The Rock is currently confirmed for the February 27th RAW in Portland, the March 5th RAW in Boston, the March 12th RAW in Cleveland and the March 26th RAWRead More

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The Rock Talks About Needing Police Protection From Stalkers

During an interview with to hype the release of his new movie “Journey 2,” The Rock reveals that he requires police protection every few months because of stalkers. Rock said: “I go through cycles – it comes about every eight to ten months where I have a stalker fan that starts to require the local police to get involved, and it’s interesting because they’re generally women who eventually just want some attention. It’s the pecs (laughs),” Despite all the crazy women who take their love of The Rock 3Read More

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The Miz Wants To Face LeBron, Takes Shot At Ultimate Warrior

The Miz sat down with Metro in a “no holds barred” interview to discuss the Royal Rumble, idols, music, his reality television background, the best thing he ever received from a fan and more. When asked who he would choose to face at WrestleMania if it could be anyone, he replied NBA star LeBron James. “I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. LeBron said he was going to bring an NBA Championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland suck at most sports, but finally we had this basketball savior, and what does he do?Read More

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Rock Hypes New Movie (Video), Nash Won’t Be At The Rumble

- Kevin Nash wrote the following on Twitter last night and says he won’t be at the Royal Rumble: “Under no circumstances will I be at the Royal Rumble, unless of course, I’m going over. Oh, and I need to be #30.” Despite Nash saying he won’t be at the Royal Rumble, there is buzz in WWE that Sunday’s big event will indeed feature several surprise entrants. – During an interview this week with MTV to promote his new movie “Journey 2,” The Rock said he is currently in talksRead More

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Dolph Ziggler Talks Goals, Rock vs. Cena Prediction & More

RAW superstar Dolph Ziggler took part in an interview with this week. Here are some highlights of what the #1 contender to the WWE championship said about: What Holding The IC Title Meant To Him: “That was a huge goal that I had set for myself. I had come up short the year before. I though for sure that it was mine and when it didn’t happen I was actually very frustrated. Now, coming back into the picture of the title and then actually getting it … I honestlyRead More

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Video: The Rock Promotes His New Movie “Journey 2″, Review

The first review is in for The Rock’s new 3D action adventure movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The Hollywood Reporter gives the movie an overall positive review and gives it a thumbs up as a colorful, family-friendly experience. While the script is simplified from the original book, “the targeted demographic, however, will gladly hop aboard for a cornball ride through colorful, often glaringly phony sets popping with miniature elephants, gold-spewing volcanoes, and a monster-truck-sized lizard. For the adults, there’s the edifying sight of Michael Caine astride a giant bee,”Read More

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One Count Kickout – 2012

@OneCountKickout Facebook Fanpage: One Count Kickout 2011 was an interesting year for the wrestling industry.  Like all other years, there were highs and lows, great moments and ridiculous ones.  2012 comes to us, as all new years do, with the potential for either great moments that will reinvigorate interest in wrestling or, as tended to happen last year, push more fans away from their televisions.  In 2011, WWE saw a shift in their ratings and began falling under the 3.0 mark consistently.  Whether or not this slide continues is contingentRead More

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The Rock’s Next Movie, Batista-Scorpion King, UFC 141

– Early buyrate numbers are in for last Friday’s UFC 141 pay-per-view featuring Brock Lesnar’s loss to Alistair Overeem – and once again, Brock has shown to be a blockbuster pay-per-view draw. Early estimates for the show that featured what turned out to be Lesnar’s final MMA fight drew between 750,000 and 810,000 North American PPV buys, which is even higher than original expectations. Lesnar is one of only 3 people to ever draw over 1 million pay-per-view buys twice in a year. The other two are Manny Pacquiao andRead More

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The Rock’s WWE TV Return, New Austin DVD, Cody-Goldust

- As noted before, The Rock will be appearing on WWE television again in the near future. The Great One is currently New Orleans filming his new movie “Snitch” and will be appearing on an upcoming episode of RAW to kickstart WrestleMania season. Once he returns, The Rock is expected to appear on most episodes of RAW (either in person or via satellite) leading up to his match with John Cena on April 1st. – The latest on a possible Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust match is that an angle betweenRead More

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Rock vs. Cena News, Piper-Legends House, Warrior Rips Nash

- WWE officials are in the process of deciding the finish of the John Cena vs. The Rock match at WrestleMania. As of this weekend, the finish has been narrowed down to two potential scenarios. – The Ultimate Warrior took a shot at Kevin Nash this week on his Twitter. When asked by a fan why Warrior doesn’t dye his hair and have another run in WWE like Kevin Nash, Warrior replied: “I’m not a dickhead who thrives on stealing the limelight from young guys.” – WWE Hall of FamerRead More

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Survivor Series PPV Buyrate, Chris Hero Speaks Out

- Based on preliminary data released by WWE, November’s Survivor Series pay-per-view featuring The Rock’s first match since WrestleMania 20 drew approximately 280,000 buys. The final figure is expected to be higher than 280,000, as this figure is only through the end of November, but its a reliable early indicator of the event’s performance. Last year’s Survivor Series did 244,00 buys and 2009’s show did 235,000 buys. Company officials were so disappointed with 2009’s buyrate that the show was temporarily scrapped from WWE’s pay-per-view lineup. – Earlier this week, weRead More

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Mark Henry Taken To The Hospital, WWE Hypes Rock vs. Cena

– Brian James (a/k/a Road Dogg), who now works as a producer for WWE, stated Thursday morning on Twitter that World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry was en route to the hospital. He wrote, “Mark Henry, on his way to hospital.” James later clarified that Henry was getting his ankle scoped. —’s pre-sale code for the February 13, 2012 Raw SuperShow at Valley View Casino Center is CENA. The pre-sale is ongoing. Tickets go on sale to the general public this Saturday at noon. — The latest issue of WWERead More

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CM Punk Knocks The Rock & Defends Cena, Changes In WWE

CM Punk appeared on Baltimore’s 98 Rock this morning and spoke about breaking into WWE, Alberto Del Rio, Zack Ryder, Ice cream bars and more. You can listen to the full interview here. Here are some highlights of what Punk said about: Recent Changes in WWE: “I recognize I still have a lot of stuff left to do. People need to get comfortable at the idea that stuff doesn’t happen overnight. I’m in this for the long haul, and I’m such a student of the game. I actually care soRead More

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Tonight’s Slammys RAW, Update On BG James & WWE, The Rock

- WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio turns 37 years old today while former ECW World Champion Sabu turns 47, ECW Original Jason turns 48 and Ultimo Dragon turns 45. – The Rock wrote on Twitter this weekend that it’s official – his Boots To Asses t-shirt has been WWE’s #1 selling item since November 14th. – Tonight’s three-hour RAW Supershow will feature The Slammy Awards and John Cena vs. Mark Henry. Advertised locally is WWE Champion CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio. – BG James was at lastRead More
Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) of #AftermathRadio on and iTunes chat with former WWE superstar Duane Gill, who is best known as “Gillberg” . Highlights: If Bill Goldberg ever tried to get in contact with him while he was doing the “Gillberg” gimmick in WWE. Also speaking about when he did the segment with The Rock and Goldberg on an episode of Raw in 2003 on the segment “Rock Concert II”: “Goldberg hates my guts. He wanted to kill me. I remember the night I did meetRead More

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CM Punk Discusses His Problems With Vince, The Rock & The Miz

CM Punk appeared on the The Hot Click podcast and did not hold back his opinions on The Rock, Vince McMahon, The Miz, his near exit from the WWE and a slew of other topics. Highlights from the interview are as follows: On not sleeping: “We just did a European tour. I would honestly say on the European tour if you want to average it all out, I slept two hours a night… Eventually it gets to you. I know when I start seeing things that I really need toRead More

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Orton Interview: Praising Brock, Over The Bitterness With The Rock

Thanks to Steven Muehlhausen for sending this in: My name is Steven Muehlhausen and I host a wrestling show in Chicago and I did an interview with Randy Orton yesterday. Here are some quotes from the interview I did with Randy Orton yesterday. Regarding Brock being in the video game: “I think it’s great. I’m a big Lesnar fan and I’ve always been. We came up together about 10 years ago. Me and him were buds. We’ve lost touch over the years’ as you usually do with guys like that.Read More