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WWE’s Christian Appearing At TNA Slammiversary; Details

Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter this morning: “On a plane headed to Dallas for the big PPV this weekend. Very excited @Christian4Peeps is joinin us for the night. He’s one of my favorites” TNA is announcing their first Hall of Fame member at the PPV this weekend. When TNA allowed Ric Flair to go to the WWE Hall of Fame this year, rumors were that TNA would get something in return. Will Christian be TNA’s first hall of fame inductee?Read More

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results – June 7, 2012

The second live Impact episode of TNA’s summer series opened with a video package recapping the A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter photo scandal storyline that concluded last week’s show. They showed Dixie Carter cutting off the end of Impact last week and screaming at people to get out of her face. Impact Zone: Mike Tenay introduced the show and said Dixie will kick off Impact addressing the Styles rumors. On-camera, Tenay and Taz talked about the storyline before rolling footage of what happened after Impact last week when Dixie threwRead More

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TNA Impact Wrestling Launches Across South-East Asia On ASN

TNA issued the following press release was issued today: TNA IMPACT WRESTLING Launches Across South-East Asia On ASN (All Sports Network) TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is proud to announce a long-term contract with the All Sports Network (ASN), bringing superstars including Hulk Hogan, Sting, Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode to TV screens across South-East Asia from Monday June 11. TNA IMPACT WRESTLING becomes the ONLY wrestling programming broadcast in Hong Kong, and will also be available to fans in Cambodia, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan andRead More

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Photo Of Steve Austin Out Drinking With James Storm

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in Nashville, Tennessee, hanging out at the Legends Corner bar with none other than TNA star James Storm. Austin and Storm sharing a few cold ones:Read More

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Photo Of A New TNA Impact Wrestling Set

Jeremy Borash tweeted the photo below and said tune into Impact to find out what the set will be used for. This may be used for the live segments that TNA will be doing during commercial breaks to stream online.Read More
A “Before The Bell” Extra with TNA stars – Slammiversary airs Sunday, June 10 live on Pay-Per-ViewRead More
- There were reports last week that Chris Sabin may be leaving TNA when his contract expires in August. The Wrestling Observer reports that Sabin has indeed talked about leaving but nothing is confirmed and it all depends on what happens over the next few months. – Eric Bischoff is being credited with the Abyss-Joseph Park angle and the storyline between AJ Styles and Dixie Carter, even though he may not have came up with them in the first place. Bischoff okayed both of them to be pushed prominently. BothRead More
- TNA’s first live Impact of the summer last week was described as a major confidence boost to everyone. Some things were different from the usual Impact shows as Keith Mitchell, who runs the truck as producer, was not there and won’t be there this week because he already had a vacation planned. Spike TV’s Scott Fishman worked in his place and he had never produced wrestling before, although he’s worked as Spike’s liaison with TNA’s product for years. The decision to go live was just made a few weeksRead More
- TNA stars Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, James Storm and Crimson were in attendance for the CMT Music Awards in Nashville last night. WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin was also there to promote his new Redneck Island reality TV show. – Speaking of Karen, she posted the following tweets to Dixie Carter last night after the awards show. Apparently Todd is referring to Todd Carter, President of Panda Energy International, the parent company of TNA. “Hey Todd, no one can stand ur sister @TNADixie she continues to run theRead More
Thanks to Christopher Duke for sending this in: The One Wrestling Show with Rory McAllister Every Tuesday at 10pm on Pulse 98.4 Rory McAllister of former WWE Tag Team The Highlanders recently appeared on Scottish radio show The One Wrestling Show. On The Highlanders “fish out of water gimmick”: No, we weren’t happy about that. Robbie and I were trained by the Hard family out of Canada, and we weren’t the biggest guys, so we decided to make our work a lot more aggressive, very old school, so peopleRead More

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Dr. Wrestling:Paul Heyman Returns

A few weeks ago on Raw, former ECW booker and Smackdown writer, Paul Heyman returned to WWE TV after nearly five years since he was featured on the botched ECW TV show. On the surface, Heyman’s return is to make appearances to keep the Lesnar storyline relevant and to do the mic work for Lesnar, who is signed for a limited amount of appearances during his WWE contract, but Heyman’s return to TV could have more of an impact on the wrestling business than just his mic work. Heyman hasRead More

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TNA Lawsuit Against WWE Update, SilverVision Back In Action

- The next hearing in the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit that was scheduled for this coming Monday has been moved to July 12 at 9:30 a.m. – SilverVision announced that its production issues have been resolved and WrestleMania 28 DVDs are now available. SilverVision posted the following on their official Facebook page: “I am thrilled to say that the production issues have been resolved and pre-orders will be returning to the website shortly, starting with WrestleMania 28 later today. More will be added over the coming days as we getRead More

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Sting Says He Shouldn’t Be The First TNA HOF Name, More

Sting was part of a conference call today to promote this Sunday’s Slammiversary and talked about his retirement, who he thinks is TNA’s next star and more. Check out the highlights: -Lizzy Bynum opened the call with a preview of this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling and then ran down the Slammiversary card. She opened the call for questions -Sting was asked to compare TNA now to what it was when he joined TNA and asked when he bought in and placed his stamp of approval on it. Sting said he boughtRead More
- TNA Knockout ODB turns 34 years old today. – Kid Kash will be returning to TNA for next weekend’s live events in Texas. He’s been away training for a MMA fight. – Spike TV and TNA took out localized ads in a number of top markets on Monday night during WWE’s RAW Supershow to promote the new timeslot and live showing for Impact. – TNA will continue to do live promos on YouTube and their website during commercial breaks on Impact this Thursday night. The live post-show with JeremyRead More
Representatives from WWE and TNA had a conference yesterday regarding TNA’s lawsuit against WWE. There is a temporary injunction hearing set for July 11th. TNA still has a temporary restraining order against Brian Wittenstein and WWE. There was a big process where WWE’s servers, the laptops of John Laurinaitis and others were looked at by WWE IT for any wrongdoing. IT reported back that the TNA information from Wittenstein was not found on his company provided Blackberry or laptop. IT also went through their servers and e-mail boxes of 27Read More

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Details On Creative Plans Discussed For Ric Flair In WWE

According to sources in WWE, the creative team is currently discussing different on-air roles for Ric Flair. The most popular option has been using Flair as a manager for Dolph Ziggler. Mason Ryan has been acting as Ziggler’s body guard at recent live events and will begin accompanying Ziggler to the ring on television soon in the event that Flair’s negotiations fall through. WWE plans to negotiate a legends contract and possibly a talent contract for the 16-time World champion. It’s worth noting that people in WWE are concerned withRead More

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Tea Time with Liam: Oh the Boredom

Hello everybody. Feels like such a long time since I’ve wrote those words. After a short absence. It’s time for another edition of Tea Time with Liam. This is less of a wrestling column and more of a mini rant so I apologise in advance. You wont be seeing this stuff from me that often. I always try to be objective. Anyway., hope you enjoy. Its been a while since I’ve actually sat down and been able to write an article. It will become quite clear as to why thatRead More

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TNA Ultimate Eleven

Hey there folks! Dave Scott here yet again with a usual dose of Monday night blasphemy via words. This week I’m going to follow on with the football theme from last week and go with writing about the eleven TNA guys that I think would be most suited to being in a football team. I’m a really big football (or soccer for you Americans) fan and I am really looking forward to the Euro’s this year, even though my beloved Scotland won’t be present in the competition. Also I amRead More

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FATP: Why the wrestling business needs a successful TNA

It’s time for this week’s edition of FATP with yours truly. Jubilee fever has hit the UK and to be honest, I’m a bit sick of it. No offence to those celebrating though, I hope you’re having a great time! Since I last wrote anything here on, I suppose the biggest news was Randy Orton’s STUPID 60-day suspension (if you got that, grab yourself a beer!) I almost couldn’t believe it when I heard what had happened. He’s become one of the greatest in-ring workers that the company hasRead More