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Max Buck Explains Why Generation Me Left Impact Wrestling

Max Buck has penned a blog entry as to why he and Jeremy left Impact Wrestling. Below is an excerpt: Simply put: If we weren’t wrestling, we weren’t making money… And a guys gotta eat. Obviously, if you’re a fan of the show, you probably hadn’t seen us for quite sometime. Aside from the television program, TNA also runs live events around the country. In 2011, we’d only been on a handful of those, as well. Now, don’t get me wrong. When you’re booked a bunch, you’re making pretty goodRead More
- TNA announced on Facebook on Wednesday that they’re partnering with ESPN to reveal the location of this year’s Bound for Glory PPV, which takes place on Sunday, October 16th. The location of TNA’s biggest show of the year will be revealed on on Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. EST. – Last week, Matt Hardy wrote on twitter that he’s been sick lately and as a result, has lost some weight and is down to 204 pounds. Hardy responded to concerned fans with some more information on his condition,Read More

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WWE Mentioned by Yankees Star During MLB All-Star Game

Thanks to RD for sending this in: I was watching the MLB All Star Game and I noticed that during Curtis Grandersons at bat, they were talking about how he’s a wrestling fan. They even showed clips of some of his favorite stars (such as Macho Man, The Undertaker and Booker T). Found it interesting that out of everything to mention about Granderson, they focused on him loving WWE. They didn’t mention anything about his appearance in TNA though.Read More

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Generation Me Granted Release From TNA

Max Buck announced on his Twitter account Monday that Generation Me asked for their release from TNA Wrestling. Buck (a/k/a Matt Jackson) wrote: “Want you to hear it from us first: Yesterday, we asked for our release. Special thanks to TNA & the fans for a wonderful experience. Great experience, but definitely time to move on to something new. So much to say, but I’m gonna sit & let this all digest for a while.” Jackson hinted at the career move Sunday night as changed his Twitter handle to reflectRead More

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One Count Kickout – Who is Sting?

@OneCountKickout on Twitter One Count Kickout Blog For a long time now, Sting has been the pillar supporting the major companies which have stood against the corporate juggernaut that is WWE.  His days in the NWA are legendary, his feuds with Flair and the horseman bring about fond memories of a time when wrestling was wrestling.  During his tenure in WCW he was one face which despite it’s many sizes, shapes and colors always seemed to elicit interest from the fanbase.  Despite whatever negative thoughts people may have in regardRead More
– TNA Wrestling has an Impact Wrestling taping scheduled for Thursday, August 25 at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The first TNA Wrestling event was held at the same venue in June 2002. — Matt Hardy stated yesterday on Twitter that he is sick and therefore unable to eat for four days. His weight has also dropped to 204 pounds. “Got on the scale tonight and weighed in at 204 after bein sick and not eating for 4 days. I can’t remember the last time I was thisRead More
– TNA Wrestling color commentator Taz announced on his Twitter account that he won’t be on hand for Destination X due to a family obligation. He will, however, be at the subsequent television tapings. Jeremy Borash will fill in for Taz. He wrote on Twitter: “Looking forward to joining the announce table for Destination X this Sunday. This is going to be a fun PPV! Don’t miss it!” — TNA Wrestling’s “BaseBrawl” event scheduled for Saturday, August 27 at Regions Park in Birmingham, Alabama has been canceled. Refunds can beRead More
– Chavo Guerrero’s first post-WWE appearances have been announced as he will be competing at World Wrestling Council’s Aniversario events in Puerto Rico. On July 15 in Ponce, he will team up with WWE developmental talent Orlando Colon in a tag team match against Los Fugitivos de la Calle. The follow night in Bayamon, he will square off against WWE Superstar Primo in a singles match. Also advertised to appear are former WWE Superstar Carlito, TNA wrestler Abyss, TNA Knockout Sarita, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino, former TNARead More
From farm girl to knockout, there’s little that former TNA star Traci Brooks hasn’t done…except come to World Wrestling Insanity. But now she has as Traci joins James Guttman for a 31 minute shoot interview about her entire career! Whether she was instilling “Knockout Law” on the female TNA stars or battling her evil boss Robert Roode, Traci Brooks has always given fans something to remember. You’ve gawked at her looks, now listen to what she has to say as Miss Brooks opens up about a ton of topicsRead More

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Batista On Working For TNA Wrestling: “Absolutely Not”

In response to questions about possibly working for TNA, former WWE star Dave “Batista” Bautista has posted the following on Twitter: “Keep getting asked about a possible TNA run. And the answer is absolutely not. Nothing against TNA. They’ve got some great talent, but even though I don’t agree with the direction they’ve taken, I bleed WWE, which is why I’ve decided to sit out rather than accept very generous offers from other promotions. Hope everyone can respect that.”Read More

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Dr. Wrestling:Can the X Division rebuild TNA?

It was nearly a decade ago that a new and innovative style of wrestling would emerge that put TNA on the map. The matches were mostly aerial spectacles and would be known as the X Division. Certainly, the division had peaks and valleys, with AJ vs. Daniels vs. Joe five years ago being an example of the former, while the booking disaster of making the division almost irrelevant a few years ago being an example of the latter. However, despite any typical TNA booking, the X Division is without aRead More

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TNA Wrestling Reportedly Suspends Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy stated last Sunday on Twitter that he would be receiving a few weeks off from TNA Wrestling. He wrote, “Between dates, injuries, & outside issues, I’m gonna have a few week off & I’m ecstatic! The Matt Hardy Movement is going into full effect!” According to, company officials suspended Hardy due to continuously arriving late to events. Hardy has not performed for TNA since the May 30 Impact Wrestling taping (air date June 2), which saw him lose to Crimson. He is, however, advertised to appear atRead More

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Robert Roode Talks Beer Money’s Future, Hogan’s Praise

TNA World Tag Team Champion & one-half of Beer Money, Robert Roode, was the featured guest on this week’s live edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent. During the interview, Roode Discusses TNA’s Highly-Anticipated Return To Buffalo For This Saturday Night’s BaseBrawl Event, Beer Money’s Future In TNA, What He Believes Himself & “The Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm Have Left To Prove Together As A Tag Team, His Reaction To Hulk Hogan’s Recent Comments About Possibly BecomingRead More
– Former WWE star Luke Gallows worked a tryout match for TNA prior to tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida. — Jesse Neal posted a message on his Twitter account yesterday stating how glad he is that he and his girlfriend now qualify for food stamps. “Yayyyy we qualified for food stamps!!! I can eat now! RT @CVEvil_138: Things are looking up! Just recieved some good news!!! :)” A follower then wrote the following to Neal: “It’s a sad state of the business that you can make a jokeRead More

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One Count Kickout – With or Without WCW

Follow OneCountKickout on Twitter One Count Kickout Wrestling Blog “The Very Best of WCW Nitro” came out on DVD this week.  The DVD set, which is hosted by Diamond Dallas Page and chronicles what are considered to be the highlights of Nitro harkens back to a time that many refer to as “the golden age of wrestling.”  1995 to 2000 was arguably one of the greatest times in the last fifty years to be a wrestling fan.  Ted Turner owned, Eric Bischoff operated WCW burst onto the scene with aRead More

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Yet Another Probe Into Hogan’s Past Alleged Drug Use

Yesterday, Rick Rockwell of posted an article taking a look at TNA star Hulk Hogan’s past drug use accusations. In a follow-up to that piece, Rockwell has posted a new article probing deeper into the accusations of Hogan using cocaine during his pro wrestling career, and citing testimony from the likes of Irv Muchnick and Hogan himself. Below is an excerpt: “On Wednesday, Fight Sports Examiner unearthed a report detailing the drug issues Hogan faced back in the early 90’s which included cocaine abuse in addition to steroids. YouRead More
Kevin Eck of The Baltimore Sun conducted an interview with Chyna, who discussed her venture into the adult film industry, her experience with TNA Wrestling and her future plans. Venturing into the adult film industry: “Well, in the first place, I’m not really getting back into it. The [sex tape with then-boyfriend Sean “X-Pac” Waltman that was released in 2004] was done to me and it was degrading and violating and a really traumatizing experience. “You know, I think throughout my career in wrestling it’s kind of been like aRead More

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Sean Waltman Writes Blog On Mick Foley, TNA & Being Molested

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman posted a new blog on his website,, earlier today, entitled “Foley Isn’t Good…Foley Is Great”. You can read the blog below: I planned on writing this blog about Mick Foley as soon as I posted the first one here on This was before the recent headlines concerning Mick’s frustration & apparent desire to end his business relationship with Impact (TNA) Wrestling, a subject I will discuss in greater detail later on in this blog. I’ve always really liked, admired, respected, and been a fan ofRead More
Eric Bischoff posted a status update on his Facebook fan page where he attempts to justify Thursday’s 1.08 Impact Wrestling rating. He wrote: What the 10%’ers and the dirtsites that feed them don’t want to report: Per Spike TV, Impact Wrestling was the #1 cable show in its time period among M18-49 despite under-delivering its STD average among key demos and TNA increased from its Jail (rpt) lead-in by +129% in M18-49 (.78), with an additional +6% gain in the following quarter hour. TNA peaked in the 10:15p quarter withRead More