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Major Update On Mick Foley Returning To WWE

Thanks to Nick Paglino for the following: As previously reported, Mick Foley is indeed finished with TNA as an on-air character, having requested his release from the company. While his contract is not set to expire until September, we have learned some exclusive details on Foley’s possible future after TNA. According to a key WWE insider, there have been talks of bringing Foley back to the company as an “ambassador” for WWE. Over the past few weeks, Foley has been Tweeting with several WWE stars such as The Rock, hintingRead More

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Tommy Dreamer Announces He’s Done With TNA

- Tommy Dreamer announced on Twitter that he is finishing up with TNA at their upcoming BaseBrawl events. He wrote: “If u need a reason 2 go 2 TNA shows on 6/10 Marion, Ill & 6/11 Memphis TN. They will b my last 2 apperances for TNA.Come say goodbye. Thnx” Word going round is that Dreamer and TNA couldn’t agree on a new contract. He is now taking event bookings through More

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Hulk Hogan Denies Slamming Fans On Facebook

An inflammatory message being attributed to Hulk Hogan was posted yesterday on the wrestling legend’s Facebook account. The message read: “That’s good to know brother. But in reality it was a lot of you idiot fans that killed wcw with your lack of appreciation and support for everything we did for you. Funny enough a lot of you morons like TNA too. Go figure. HH” Hogan later denied writing the post, claiming it was done by a miscreant user. “Something so evil to hurt me or my fans.I assure youRead More

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Kurt Angle Speaks On His New TNA Contract, Olympics & More

- Kurt Angle recently spoke with The Daily Mirror in the UK. Below are some highlights: * Angle said he signed a new 3 year deal with TNA last week and emphasized his commitment to TNA. * Karen Jarrett was most hesitant about their current storyline but wanted to get back on TNA TV. Angle said Karen wasn’t sure this was the way to go. * Angle talked about the situation with Randy Orton on Twitter where they talked about each other using their finishing moves. Angle said he toldRead More

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Mick Foley Reportedly Asks For His TNA Release; Details

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Mick Foley asked for his release from TNA, which is why the “fired” angle was run on Impact Wrestling this past Thursday night. The report notes that Foley cited creative differences as to why he wanted to be released from TNA, so the decision was hastily made by TNA to pull the plug on The Network storyline and have Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff “fire” Foley. It should be noted that Foley is still under contract to TNA, and has not been officially releasedRead More

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This Week’s Impact Wrestling Rating Drops

This week’s edition of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 1.08 rating, down from last week’s 1.19 rating. The show drew around 1.4 million viewers, down from their recent average of 1.7 million viewers. It must be noted, TNA was up against the NBA Finals, which drew an average of 15 million viewers and that likely played a part in Impact’s decline.Read More
Last night’s episode of IMPACT WRESTLING concluded with Hulk Hogan announcing that Mick Foley had been fired as the Network Executive. Hogan opened up a legal document and said that effective immediately, The Network has exercised the option of terminating said position. He then said to the camera, “Mick Foley, you’re fired!” Hogan’s theme music played and Bischoff said, “This is the happiest day of my life.” Foley lampooned news of his on-screen firing on Twitter. He wrote, “Wait, I was FIRED?!? Are you CEREAL..I mean SERIOUS?!?” He added, “Wait,Read More
Monday Night Mayhem with Winter Hosts: The Big Mosh and “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent Recap by Patterson from New Jersey Airs every Monday at 6:00 P.M. (CT) Show available at What she learned to appreciate the most after her WWE departure & why she believes that TNA is the place where she’s “supposed to be”: “I learned to enjoy myself at work. I think obviously things happen for a reason, and sometimes you’re at a place of work that doesn’t suit you. I definitely think ImpactRead More

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Chyna Says TNA Threatened Her Job Over XXX Flick

Thanks to for sending in the following: Wrestling superstar Chyna tells TMZ … she has been told point blank that if her new XXX porn tape is actually released, she will never be allowed to work for TNA Wrestling ever again. It’s a big deal for Chyna — because she had recently been in talks with the wrestling organization about working out a long term deal … and before the XXX tape came into the picture, things were looking optimistic. But now, with the hardcore tape set to beRead More

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Crimson’s Big Push, Jesse Neal Injury, Kurt Angle & More

- The current Crimson vs. Samoa Joe feud is being considered as a big deal. Crimson has been given a push with a winning streak and the feeling is that Joe is a good enough worker with credibility from the fans to help get Crimson over. – Jesse Neal missed the last few TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings because of a neck injury he suffered back at the Sacrifice pay-per-view when Hernandez dropped him hard with his finisher. No word yet on when he will return. – AAA wanted KurtRead More
- TNA are now branding their live events as the “Impact Wrestling World Tour.” – Word going around is that TNA does not agree with Universal Studio’s decision to ban fans from using mobile devices to send spoilers. Apparently, the first time you’re caught, you will be warned but with repeat violations you will be banned from the arena for a definite period of time which could be anytime from a month to permanently. As previously reported, a fan was ejected at Monday’s tapings for providing spoilers. – TNA originallyRead More

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Internet Wrestling Fans Respond To Eric Bischoff’s Rant

Here are some fan responses to Eric Bischoff’s latest rant on the internet fanbase: Stephmartinb: @EBischoff don’t listen to all the haters and their bs! You obviously know what ur doing. You’ve been on top b4. You’ll be back in no time! trtx84: @EBischoff So you declare “Wrestling Matters” to attract IWCers mad at WWE, then call them irrelevant? Shoot yourself in the foot much? littlebucko: @EBischoff Irrelevant? Uh, that’s funny coming from a guy who’s been irrelevant for over ten years. On top of that, when you WERE relevant,Read More
Matches include: Dory Funk Jr. and Jose Salinas vs Fushicho Masuku and Arachna Man Ladies 4 Way Gauntlet for the Gold Women’s Championship Match – Ms. Looki Atmi (Champion) vs Claudia “The Claw” Reiff vs iCandy vs Barbara Garcia. ABC Fredericks World Championship – Jason Falcone (Champion) vs Mad-Dog Madetzke For the Tag Team Championship – Los Latinos, Leo Cristiani and Jose Salinas vs Heartless, Mad-Dog Madetzke and MMA Fighter, Luke Spencer European Championship – Damien Steel vs Cory Weston The Whole Funking Show from last Saturday’s !BANG! TV TapingRead More
– Mick Foley apologized for his recent remark poking fun at TNA house show attendance. He wrote on Twitter, “You know, in retrospect, I probably shoudn’t have compared an empty arena match to an Impact house show. Funny..but disrespectful.” During WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view, Foley responded to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson touting his victory over the Hardcore Legend in an “I Quit” Match in 1999 by saying he later beat him in an “Empty Arena Match aka TNA house show.” — Chris Sabin will be sidelined until 2012 afterRead More
A man was ejected from Monday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida for texting spoilers results with his mobile device. The man was ejected from the Impact! Wrestling Zone by TNA personnel and escorted off Universal Studios Florida property by an Orlando area police officer. He was shown a page on the PWInsider website displaying the spoilers results he had sent on a mobile device owned by a member of TNA security and informed he was being removed from the premises. It was reported last week that TNA banned theRead More

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One Count Kickout – Wrestling Matters?

@OneCountKickout on Twitter One Count Kickout Blog TNA wrestling has taken the first step on what is to be the long, arduous journey to revitalizing their product and changing it’s imagine.  The newly dubbed “Impact Wrestling” came out with new sets, new mission statements and, what many hoped would be, new creative or at a minimum some important tweaking.  The question which looms now is whether or not this change is truly the beginning of reconstructing the entire organization or just another good intention which fails to live up toRead More
Now online From Saturday’s !BANG! TV Taping, Support Your Troops 66, 4 Beautiful Ladies of !BANG! TV fight for the Pretty Pink Women’s Championship Belt. Mrs. Looki Atmi (Champion) vs Claudia “The Claw” Reiff vs iCandy vs Barbara Garcia in a Special Attraction Double Victory Rules Match. (Winner must win 2 falls) Watch on-line at Now also on !BANG! TV Results for the Tag Team Championship, Los Latinos Jose Salinas and Leo Cristiani (Champions) vs Heartless, MMA Fighter Luke Spencer and Karl “Mad-Dog” Madetzke. Just prior to this match,Read More

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Latest From Zack Ryder, Reid Flair/WWE, Nash On McIntyre

- Below is episode #15 of Zack Ryder’s YouTube show: – Reid Flair appeared on the Hit the Ropes radio show this past Wednesday. He said while he hasn’t ruled out working for TNA, his goal is still to work for WWE. “No, I have not ruled out TNA. I respect the guys that are there. I respect the people in management and stuff like that. My dream since I was five years old was to work for the WWE and that’s my goal. I think for people who areRead More

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Kurt Angle Claims Reality Show Will Follow Olympics Goal

Kurt Angle posted the following on his Twitter: “Look for my upcoming Reality Show on my path to the Olympics. It starts this Fall. Keep all of you posted. My training is where it needs to be. I’m ready to attempt to make history at 43 years of age. TNA is backing me on this. Thank you to the Carter family and Dixie. Love you.”Read More