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Jeff Hardy TNA Title Win Scrapped, Hogan In New Movie, Nash

- Dave Meltzer reports that Kevin Nash actually signed a contract with TNA in January but Dixie Carter signed his release on the Friday before WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. – Speaking of Nash, he appeared on X-Pac’s show on and said that the “tipping point” that lead to him leaving TNA was the recent episode of TNA iMPACT! where Kurt Angle destroyed the members of Immortal. Nash said that after that episode of iMPACT, he and his wife felt that returning to TNA was not in his best interest.Read More

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Goldust Responds To Flair’s Claims That TNA Advanced Him Money

Over the weekend, wrestling journalist Mike Mooneyham reported that Ric Flair was owed big money by TNA and his recent “incident” on the European tour came after Flair demanded a cash advance from the company due to the money he was owed. Flair reportedly used Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) as one of the reasons TNA should pay him, since he claimed TNA would advance money to Dustin Rhodes back when he worked for the company. Goldust responded to the report on his Twitter with the following: “Wanna clear this up….a wrestlingRead More

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Impact Replays Now Available, TNA Star Joins Twitter, Rayne

– Episodes of TNA iMPACT! are now available on Spike TV’s On Demand channel, albeit a week behind. — AJ Styles is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. — Eric Young has opened an account on Twitter. — Today is TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Madison Rayne’s birthday as she turns 25 years old. *NEW* lingerie photos of Madison Rayne -> source: PWInsider.comRead More
– The February 3 episode of TNA iMPACT! drew a 1.30 cable rating and averaged 1.95 million viewers. Last week’s show garnered a 1.28 rating, which was the program’s highest number since October 14. TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter indicated on Twitter that it was their second highest rated show ever on Thursday night. She wrote, “Last night was our 2nd highest rated Thursday night iMPACT! ever!! Thank you all so much!! Lots of great TV coming up… Stay tuned.” — Tommy Dreamer is off television now because creative teamRead More

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“Jersey Shore” Star Reportedly Interested In Run With TNA

As the World Turns (Left) has a new article online featuring quotes from MTV “Jersey Shore” cast member Angelina Pivarnick’s agent confirming that the star has “some interest” in working for TNA Wrestling. TNA didn’t confirm or deny the report. This news originally surfaced earlier last month after a report from More

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Nash On His WWE Legends Deal, Reaction To Him Leaving TNA

WWE star Kevin Nash appeared on Tha O Show with Big Daddy Donnie this week and this to say about the following topics: His Business Relationship with Dixie Carter: “If I had have walked into an office and went to Dixie and said this is what I want to do and this is what will make me happy, Dixie would have signed off on it in 30 seconds.” Triple H Not Working The Rumble: “Paul had no desire at that point [to get in the ring]. He is working inRead More

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Report: Kurt Angle Returning To WWE This Summer?

TNA star Kurt Angle appeared on Canada’s The Fight Show on Thursday afternoon and revealed that his current deal with TNA expires in August. This is consistent with Kevin Nash’s recent comments on ESPN radio earlier this week. Nash was asked whether he and Booker T returning to WWE could result in a new incarnation of the Main Event Mafia. Nash joked we could see it happen this summer, since Kurt Angle could be a free agent by then. At this point, there have been no indications that WWE isRead More

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CM Punk Jumps On Board With The Sting/WrestleMania Talk

The latest comment from WWE star CM Punk’s Twitter page is the following: “Just talked to Sting. He’s fully on board as long as “that bastard” Summers has nothing to do with it.” While Punk is clearly playing up the rumors of former WCW and TNA star Sting returning to the WWE, his reference to “Summers” is more than likely referring to Andy Summers, a guitarist who along with Sting – the singer and musician – and Stewart Copeland made up The Police. The Police was a rock band mostRead More

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Kevin Nash Talks Barrett Not Selling, Leaving TNA, & More

Kevin “Diesel” Nash was a guest on the XPac Show with Sean Waltman this week. The show airs every Wednesday night at 7pm EST on As always, Nash is very candid with his opinions on pretty much everything. Regarding his recent TNA departure, Sean Waltman asks Kevin what TNA was thinking planning out this big Angle (the “They” storyline) without having the core guys under contract. Nash admits to signing with TNA in early-January, but after watching a few of the storylines unfold, including the segment where Angle dominatesRead More

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Dixie Carter Comments On Sting, Kevin Nash & More

TNA President Dixie Carter recently asked fans to submit her questions via twitter for her latest Q&A session on Here are some highlights: Q. What’s the truth about the rumors that Sting has left TNA and joined WWE? A. Dixie Carter: I have read these reports. I would really hate to see that happen. Q. What has been the biggest mistake you’ve made so far running TNA? I know the list is long but narrow it to 1 if possible. A. Dixie Carter: The move to Monday nights. WeRead More

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Jeff Jarrett Talks iMPACT! & PPVs, Working With Karen & Kurt

Busted Open with Jeff Jarrett Hosts: Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-4 PM ET Sirius 125, XM 241 Here are some highlights of what Jeff Jarrett said about: If there are more plans for TNA to take Impact and PPV’s on the road: “There absolutely are. The touring business is a very very tough business first and foremost. Me growing up here in Nashville certainly around the music business, there’s a lot of hard work that goes in to taking a show on the road….It isRead More

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Abyss’ Return, X-Division Getting A Push, New Talent In TNA; More

- The Monster Abyss will be out of action until the February 24th TNA iMPACT in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He’s being kept off TV to sell injuries from Crimson stabbing in the back with Janice. – A number of European wrestlers recently received tryouts with TNA during the company’s tour last month. TNA was most impressed with Mark Hawkins and he’s seen as the first person TNA would offer a job to if they hire anybody from this round of evaluations. – Also on the European tour, Knockout Madison RayneRead More

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Kevin Steen Says Watching TNA Has Made Him Nauseous

Former Ring of Honor wrestler Kevin Steen spoke to Power Slam about his future without ROH, whether he’s received any interest from WWE or TNA, his longtime feud with El Generico, TNA’s television product, and more. Regarding interest from the two major promotions, Steen says WWE has never shown any interest in his services while he heard that TNA might have been interested in using him a few years ago but was never contacted. He questions why WWE would be interested in him when he’s the complete opposite of whatRead More

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Wilde Comments On Retiring, Reveals What She’s Doing Next

Three days away from her retirement match, former TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde (Shantelle Taylor) speaks to Diva Dirt about her retirement, her final match with Alissa Flash and much more. Highlights below: On arriving at the decision to retire: “It’s been a long time coming. I kind of made this pact when I started professional wrestling that essentially, if it wasn’t something that I wasn’t rolling in as far as it being lucrative and if it wasn’t something I could see myself doing through my entire life, something I couldRead More

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Matt Hardy’s TNA Deal, New TNA Belt Being Made, Steiner & More

- Matt Hardy is reportedly signed to a three-year deal with TNA. It’s said that Matt is getting less money than his brother Jeff Hardy but the other details of their contracts are very similar. During Matt’s negotiations with TNA, he was pushing hard to get a spot on the creative team. While TNA refused to put that stipulation in Matt’s contract, they are open to hearing his booking ideas. – TNA will tape more iMPACT tapings tonight from Orlando. Tonight’s spoilers will be the Against All Odds go-home show.Read More

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Masked Star Returns To TNA, TNA Book Deals, More

- Masked TNA star suicide wrestled a match at Monday’s iMPACT! tapings in a match that was tape for the company’s syndicated Xplosion show. Suicide, believed to be Christopher Daniels, defeated Brian Kendrick. – TNA is looking to sign a deal with a publishing company to release a series of booksRead More
– Former TNA Wrestling production manager Randy Ricci noted on his blog that a ‘reliable source’ informed him that top brass such as Dixie Carter, Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff are very hopeful that the “They” storyline “saves the company.” Ricci adds that the storyline is being built off Karen and Jeff Jarrett’s ‘real live heat’ with Kurt Angle and that any employee against the angle is considered to be working against the company and thus may be terminated. — Sting, who is rumored to be returning to TNA Wrestling,Read More

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Nash & Booker T’s WWE Returns Cause Major Problems For TNA

At Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, former TNA stars Kevin Nash and Booker T made surprise appearances that have caused major rewrites to TNA’s “they” storyline. It’s been widely speculated that TNA’s recent “they are coming” storyline would culminate in the return of the Main Event Mafia. With Kevin Nash and Booker T being two of the key members of the Mafia, major changes had to be made to the storyline. A TNA source said, “Big time rewrite mode this week due to their dumb asses writing a plot around guysRead More

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Nash Removed From TNA Website, Impact Delivers Strong Rating

– The January 27 episode of TNA iMPACT! scored a 1.28 cable rating, the program’s highest mark since October 14. iMPACT! averaged 1.93 million viewers over the course of two hours, which is the third largest average audience in the program’s history The first hour drew a 1.34 rating before dipping to a 1.23 in the second hour. — Tommy Dreamer is now working as a producer backstage. — Three months after Kevin Nash’s last appearance for TNA Wrestling, his profile page has been removed from the company website’s rosterRead More