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Booker T Gets New Assistant, Jim Ross Predicts Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H, Tom Prichard, More

- Eve Torres defeated Kaitlyn on last night’s WWE SmackDown to become the new Assistant to General Manager Booker T….

AJ Honored To Work MITB, Ryback vs. Reks & Hawkins Storyline

- Former WWE developmental head trainer Dr. Tom Prichard has released his new book – “A Pro Wrestling Curriculum; Advice,…

HBK Signs New Deal, The Miz, WWE Live Event Notes & More

- Former WWE developmental trainer Dr. Tom Prichard has opened a new blog website at drtomprichard.com. – Shawn Michaels has…

Report: Top Trainer Leaving WWE Developmental; Full Details

Dr. Tom Prichard was let go from WWE developmental today after working as a top trainer at Florida Championship Wrestling…