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Backstage News On Triple H’s Mayweather Appearance, Heyman

- There was a ton of discussion within WWE about Triple H accompanying Floyd Mayweather to the ring last weekend in Las Vegas. Most of the talk came from the fact that CM Punk wasn’t allowed to accompany UFC fighter Chael Sonnen to the octagon a few months ago in Chicago. As previously reported, part of the reason why Punk wasn’t allowed to appear at the UFC show was because WWE felt nobody would acknowledge Punk as a cornerman and it would hurt Punk’s perceived star power. Triple H accompaniedRead More
- It was announced on this week’s edition of WWE Raw that Triple H will be making an appearance on Raw next week. – CM Punk spoiled the return of Heyman with the following Tweet and photo posted at 10:32 PM EDT: Okay. I’m having a blast with this. Here he is. The man. MY man. And he’s headed to the ring…. More

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Paul Heyman Returns To WWE On Raw; Brock Lesnar Quits?

- Paul Heyman made his return to WWE on this week’s edition of WWE Raw. It was announced that Lesnar was invited to RAW tonight but declined the offer. Instead, he sent his legal representation. Lesnar’s music hits and out comes Paul Heyman. Heyman introduces himself and says he is here to represent Brock Lesnar. Heyman puts over Lesnar and says he has been put down by the WWE audience since day one. WWE says that same thing goes for management. Heyman goes on and says Lesnar feels betrayed byRead More

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Raw Is Owen

On what would have been Owen Hart’s 47th Birthday, I decided to reflect back on the tribute show in Owen’s memory. Raw Is War 5-24-99: Owen Hart was killed in a tragic accident the night before when his entrance from the top of the arena went horribly wrong. As a result, WWE never released the Over the Edge ppv event on VHS or DVD, and the name of the show has since been discontinued. Raw opens with the superstars gathered on the ramp and stage with Vince, Stephanie, and LindaRead More

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More On Triple H With Criss Angel In Las Vegas, Warrior Latest

- As noted before, Triple H appeared with Criss Angel in Las Vegas over the weekend. Angel announced that Triple H recorded an exclusive interview with him that will air on beginning May 19th. Triple H discusses Brock Lesnar and other topics in the interview. Regarding the internet controversy of Triple H appearing un-injured in Vegas this weekend, Angel posted a tweet that said Triple H had the arm brace on both days he was with him. There’s speculation that Angel may be working with WWE for the SummerSlamRead More

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News For Tonight’s WWE Raw, GED PSA With The Miz, More

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow will take place from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. Nothing is confirmed for tonight’s show but WWE will follow-up on the Brock Lesnar and Triple H angle from last week. Neither Lesnar or Triple H are being advertised for tonight’s show. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title is being advertised locally. – Former WWE stars The Shane Twins and Bam Neely are no longer actively involved in professional wrestling and all three currently work as bouncers at the Space OdysseyRead More

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Triple H Talks On Accompanying Mayweather; Storyline Continues

As previously noted, WWE’s website acknowledged Triple H accompanying Floyd Mayweather to the ring for Mayweather’s boxing victory over Miguel Cotto Saturday night in Las Vegas. The article features comments from Hunter speaking on his appearance and on his friend, Floyd Mayweather. “I’ve been friends with Floyd since [WrestleMania XXIV],” Hunter said. “Quite frankly, I was just going to see fight, and then he sent word that he wanted to see me before the fight and asked if I wanted to walk down to the ring with him.” Hunter alsoRead More
Photos of Triple H at Saturday night’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Miguel Cotto boxing match in Las Vegas can be seen below. Though it can’t be seen in the pictures, he is wearing a brace on his left “injured” arm.Read More

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More On Triple H Accompanying Floyd Mayweather; CM Punk-UFC

There has been a lot of talk regarding Triple H accompanying and holding up one of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s title belts Saturday night in Las Vegas. One reason being the fact that he appeared to be fine not even a week after his “broken arm” from Brock Lesnar last Monday on Raw. As previously noted, Hunter was wearing a brace to sell the injury. This is not the first time a wrestler has had to sell an injury in public as they are prepared for fans to stop them atRead More
We have had to remove the embedded YouTube video from the page as the video featuring footage of Triple H holding one of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s title belts has since been deleted. Photos of Triple H at Saturday night’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Miguel Cotto boxing match in Las Vegas can be seen below. Though it can’t be seen in the pictures, he is wearing a brace on his left “injured” arm. We will update this page again if we obtain video footage of Triple H’s appearance.Read More

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Triple H Accompanies Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Sells Injury Angle

WWE star Triple H accompanied Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the ring ahead of his boxing victory against Miguel Cotto Saturday night in Las Vegas. Triple H, wearing a suit jacket, was carrying one of Mayweather’s championship belts and held it above his head during Mayweather’s ring introduction. He appeared to sell the arm “injury” he received at the hands of Brock Lesnar with his arm being carried in a sling as he walked to the ring. Stephanie McMahon was also in Las Vegas for the fight. Triple H and MayweatherRead More
Late Friday night, illusionist Criss Angel tweeted a photo of himself with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at his Believe™ show at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, “The King of Kings” was conspicuously not wearing an arm sling after announced earlier in the evening that he would require surgery following Brock Lesnar’s vicious application of the Kimura Lock on his left arm Monday night on Raw SuperShow. To explain Triple H appearing uninjured alongside his wife and Angel, the official Twitter feed of the WWERead More
WWE’s website has a new storyline article updating the status of Triple H, stating that he “will require surgery” following Brock Lesnar’s attack on his left arm Monday on Raw. “Following Brock Lesnar’s vicious application of the Kimura Lock on Triple H’s left arm Monday night on Raw SuperShow, the WWE COO will require surgery, has learned.” They added, “WWE medical officials were initially optimistic that the fracture in Triple H’s left arm could be treated non-invasively, but further examination revealed that the break, in addition to severe ligamentRead More
The WWE website has a new article up looking at the Kimura Lock submission hold that Brock Lesnar has used on John Cena and Triple H since returning to WWE in April: “It’s no surprise Brock is utilizing a Brazilian jiu-jitsu maneuver to wreak havoc in his return to WWE. The former UFC heavyweight champion studied under Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts Erik Paulson and Greg Nelson as part of his training in the world of mixed martial arts. However, Lesnar never actually got a chance to showcase that devastating KimuraRead More

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Backstage News On Brock Lesnar & John Cena; Lesnar’s Future

As noted before, Brock Lesnar was told he would be losing to John Cena at Extreme Rules several weeks back. Lesnar has made it clear that he’s about the money, not the ego, and if they want him to lose, he has no problem with it as long as they play fair with him. According to sources, it was made clear to Cena and Lesnar that their feud would be a one-match program. Officials felt that Lesnar could leave at any time and they needed their top guy getting theRead More

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WWE Speculates Lesnar May Take Legal Action Against The Board

WWE’s website has a new storyline article up looking at whether or not the Board of Directors may take action against Brock Lesnar for his attack on Triple H this past Monday. They speculate that Lesnar’s release papers may be on their way but Lesnar’s camp may take legal action because of contract demands previously made by John Laurinaitis. They wrote: “Adding one further wrinkle is the revised contract that Laurinaitis agreed to during the April 23 edition of Raw. Among the new terms approved by the GM was aRead More
As seen on RAW, WWE temporarily wrote Brock Lesnar out of the storylines by having his contract status “up in the air” following the attack on Triple H in the opener. WWE’s announcers stressed that Lesnar’s future is in doubt with the company. WWE only has Lesnar for several dates per month and will have to come up with creative ways to keep him in and out of the storylines. We noted earlier that Brock Lesnar had a meltdown backstage after his loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules. LesnarRead More

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WWE ‘Update’ On Triple H After Brock Lesnar Attack On Raw

WWE’s website has an article up looking at possible consequences for Brock Lesnar after he attacked Triple H on last night’s RAW Supershow from Dayton, Ohio. They point out that Lesnar was escorted from the building by security and may be suspended or fined for attacking the COO. Here’s the official storyline injury update on Triple H: “According to WWE doctor Dr. Chris Amann, Triple H’s arm was placed in a hold that created a tremendous amount of torque on his upper arm and elbow. “He has a non-displaced fractureRead More
There was a huge backstage blow-up involving Brock Lesnar following Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules PPV, according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider. Several sources stated that Lesnar lost it on a number of WWE officials and started to rip apart the dressing room. He was apparently upset over the John Cena promo that ended the pay-per-view. Reports claim that the original plan was for Cena to be so beaten that he would have to be carried out of the building, despite winning the match. This would of left it open forRead More