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Posted On October 23, 2011By Steven PachecoIn Columns

One Count Kickout – 3 Reasons for No Vengeance

Follow @OneCountKickout The One Count Kickout Blog Like the One Count Kickout on Facebook The hype for WWE Vengeance doesn’t seem very powerful.  Actually, if we’re being completely honest here, it doesn’t seem much like “hype” either.  It feels more like Vengeance is an additional episode of Raw coming up on a Sunday.  WWE has managed to devalue their product to such a point that most of the PPVs aren’t worth buying and Vengeance is an excellent example of that.  Why are people going to put their hard earned moneyRead More

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Last Chance: Official WWE Merchandise Sale At Major Low Prices

We recently put a bunch of WWE merchandise items up on eBay for auction which is ending VERY SOON, starting at very low prices. Merchandise includes WWE DVDs, WWE Videogames, WWE T-Shirts, WWE Baseball Caps, WWE Bags, featuring John Cena, Triple H, WWE Legends, Divas and more. You can check out the auction at ( WWE Merchandise Sale – Tons Of WWE Gear At Major Low Prices! [>>]Read More

Posted On October 17, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

First Member Of 2012 WWE HOF Announced, Update On Maryse

– Maryse suggested Friday on Facebook that she will be returning to action soon. She wrote, “My body is doing GREAT, should be back between the ropes soon, watch out !!!” The former Divas Champion has been off television since early August. She then underwent surgery on August 24 for an abdominal hernia. — Former WCW United States Champion Steve “Mongo” McMichael turns 54 years old today. — Triple H announced live to the SmackDown audience in Mexico City Sunday night that Mil Mascaras will be inducted into the WWERead More

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*Spoilers* WWE Raw SuperShow Taping Results For 10/17

Raw started with John Laurinaitis walking to the ring. He said that he’s not happy being in Mexico and he doesn’t feel comfortable. He talked about what happened last week with Triple H, C.M. Punk, R-Truth, and The Miz. They played a video from last week showing Michael Cole laughing because Laurinaitis fired Jim Ross. Laurinaitis announced that the main event would be Alberto Del Rio and Michael Cole vs. John Cena and Jim Ross. The winner will decide the stipulation for Del Rio vs. Cena at Vengeance. 1. MarkRead More
– Mick Foley stated Saturday on Twitter that he will be appearing on an episode of the NBC show 30 Rock. He added, “I’ll let you know details as they arise.” — Former WWE star David Hart Smith is scheduled to appear at an Off The Record on Tuesday to promote Stampede Wrestling’s show on Nov. 6 in Barrie, Ontario. He will be wrestling Finlay at the event. Off the Record airs regularly Monday through Friday at 5:00pm ET (encores at 6:30pm ET on TSN2; also available On Demand onRead More

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One Count Kickout – Plot Holes

Follow @OneCountKickout The One Count Kickout Blog Like the One Count Kickout on Facebook Storylines have always played an important role in the wrestling business.  It is the story that drives the matches.  The hook, the angle, whatever you want to call it, is what makes you want to see these two people go at it in the ring.  WWE was one great at developing storylines and stringing them out over long period of time.  They let things develop, they allowed heat to build.  They’d get you to the pointRead More

Posted On October 15, 2011By Daniel PenaIn News

Sheamus’ Winning Streak Snapped, Vickie Remembers Eddie

– Alberto Del Rio’s victory over Sheamus on last night’s episode of SmackDown snapped the Celtic Warrior’s 14-match televised winning streak. He had not lost since SummerSlam, to Mark Henry. — Vickie Guerrero remarked the following on Twitter regarding her appearance at tonight’s Raw SuperShow taping in Mexico City, Mexico: “20 yrs ago, I cheered Eddie on at Palacio de Los Deportes in the crowd. Tonight I’m on the stage and I feel honored and missing him so much.” — has published a photo gallery looking back at aRead More

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Tons Of Official WWE Merchandise Sale At Major Low Prices

We recently put a bunch of WWE merchandise items up on eBay for auction starting at very low prices. Merchandise includes WWE DVDs, WWE Videogames, WWE T-Shirts, WWE Baseball Caps, WWE Bags, featuring John Cena, Triple H, WWE Legends, Divas and more. You can check out the auction at ( More

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Report: Vince McMahon’s Health & Recent Raw Script Details

According to The Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon has been showing signs of his age recently that has had some people concerned. Recently McMahon was suffering from the flu and was not hiding it which in the past everyone knows if Vince is sick he doesn’t show it or allow it to affect work. It appears the October 3rd RAW that contained the superstars walking out was a last minute decision after six to eight scripts had been written and McMahon kept changing his mind. It seems even after the walkoutRead More

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Shawn Michaels Comments On DX Reunion At SD, Jericho’s Show

- Former WWE Superstar Rodney Mack turns 41 years old today while Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes turns 66 years old. – Chris Jericho’s “The Rock of Jericho” radio sow will make its return this Saturday, October 15th at 7pm EST on XM channel 164. – Shawn Michaels wrote the following on Twitter last night regarding his off-camera DX reunion with Triple H before the SmackDown tapings in Dallas: “I’ve lost my voice. I can no longer yell for a promo & not lose my voice. The ol’ yelling vocalRead More
D-Generation X—Shawn Michaels and Triple H—reunited prior to the SmackDown portion of tonight’s WWE television tapings in Dallas, Texas by teasing that WrestleMania would take place at Cowboys Stadium, home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. The largest domed stadium in the world has been speculated as a future home of the pay-per-view extravaganza since the stadium opened in 2009. DX performed their trademark routine and cut a “non-PG” promo, according to a fan in attendance. Their celebration was interrupted by Vince McMahon. The segment will not air on television sinceRead More

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Ratings Are In For Monday’s RAW Supershow: Fans Tuning Out

The ratings are in for Monday’s RAW – and the numbers tell a story of fans being dissatisfied with WWE’s “walk out” storyline. Monday’s RAW drew a 3.26 rating and averaged 5,021,000 viewers for the two hour broadcast. While this is up from recent weeks, the hourly ratings are cause for concern. The first hour of RAW drew a strong 3.49 rating with 5,375,000 viewers, a sign that WWE fans were very interested to see the fallout from last week’s “walk out.” The second hour took a nosedive, as theRead More

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Beatdown After RAW, Jim Ross Comments On His Firing & More

- After Monday’s RAW Supershow went off the air, The Miz and R-Truth came back to the ring but got beat down by CM Punk and Triple H. Miz and Truth took Punk and Triple H’s finishers to end the show and send the fans home happy. – Mexican wrestling legend Mil Mascaras is scheduled to appear on the October 21st episode of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown, according to This show will be taped this coming Sunday from Mexico City, WWE’s first-ever SmackDown taping from Mexico. – WWE HallRead More
In light of news that WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H has vowed to not step down from running the Raw Supershow, Christian has spearheaded an effort by various Superstars, Divas, referees, announcers and crew members to travel to Oklahoma City on Monday and stage a “Solidarity Rally” in the backstage parking lot of the Chesapeake Energy Arena prior to the show. The contingent, which consists of those who walked out on Triple H this past Monday night, tell that they will not return to the Raw Supershow orRead More

Posted On October 6, 2011By StaffIn News

JR Regrets Walking Out, Says HHH Won’t Resign, Video From Lawler

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted more comments to twitter regarding Monday’s RAW walkout. Ross, the final person to walk out on Triple H, now says he regrets his actions. “I’m having 2nd thoughts on my decision to support many of the talents by walking off Raw Monday nite. I want 2 be in OKC if HHH will have me. So I made a mistake Mon & I’m admonished. I admit I made a mistake & same occurs. Lots of tuf ppl on Twitter. I WILL beRead More

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WWE Superstars Agree To Work This Weekend’s Live Events

Continuing the big “walkout” storyline from Monday’s RAW, the following statement was posted on the WWE website. WWE’s superstars will be working this weekend’s scheduled live events – on one condition .. Superstars agree to participate in weekend live events Attention, WWE Universe: WWE Superstars have agreed to participate in WWE live events this weekend, so long as the Chief Operating Officer, Triple H, is not in the building. Triple H has agreed to these terms, and all shows will continue as scheduled.Read More

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Lots More Ratings Data From Monday’s Raw Supershow

As previously reported, Monday’s RAW drew a 3.05 cable rating and average 4.28 million viewers. Looking at more detailed demographic data, the show did a 2.7 among male teenagers, which is less than half the rating WWE used to draw in this demographic just a few years ago. RAW drew a 2.5 in the 18-49 males demographic, a 1.1 among female teenagers and A 1.2 in Women 18-49. Overall, the ratio of males to females was 2 to 1. Here’s a look at some of the most and least popularRead More

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*Spoilers* WWE Smackdown Taping Results For 10/7

WWE taped this week’s Smackdown from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi. Below are full results: Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy): * The show opens with Teddy Long and Zack Ryder discussing the walk-out on Monday’s Raw Supershow. Long says the loss to that show will be Smackdown’s gain. * Christian, Cody Rhodes, David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Vickie Guerrero and Wade Barret are in the ring. They say until Triple H steps down as COO they are boycotting live events because it’s an unsafe work environment. *Read More

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What Happened After Raw Went Off The Air

After Raw went off the air, Triple H stood alone in the ring and soaked up applause from the fans. Zack Ryder’s music hit and he came out to tell Triple H that he changed his mind about walking out on him, citing that he was made Assistant to the General Manager of Smackdown under him. Ryder had his flip camera and was recording, so he tried to get a group shot with both himself and Triple H. Triple H posed for a moment, then hit Ryder with the Pedigree.Read More