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Posted On July 21, 2011By Steven PachecoIn Columns

One Count Kickout – Game Changer

One Count Kickout Blog Follow @OneCountKickout on Twitter Sometimes art imitates life, and other times, inspires it.  This past Monday while WWE was knee deep in their process to insult the intelligence of it’s audience by pretending for five seconds, let alone the entire two hours of the show, that John Cena would get fired, we heard that familiar song and witnessed the return of “The Game” Triple H.  Of course this wasn’t the return that many expected.  There was no sledgehammer in hand, leather jacket, wet hair and angryRead More

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CM Punk Crashes San Diego Comic-Con, Confronts Triple H

CM Punk crashed the joint Mattel/WWE panel—WWE: Past, Present and Future—this afternoon at the San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Triple H, Rey Mysterio and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Punk announced himself via bullhorn and then, with the WWE Championship in hand, sauntered to the designated question-asking microphone and began to speak. The Straight Edge Superstar took exception to WWE attempting to crown a new champion on Raw and then challenged Mysterio, or anyone else who wanted to be champ, to head out to Chicago to take him on. PunkRead More

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Big Update On Vince McMahon’s Role In WWE & Previous Departures

On Monday’s episode of RAW, Triple H returned to announce that WWE’s board of directors has voted to relieve Vince McMahon of his day-to-day corporate duties. Although McMahon remains WWE’s Chairman and CEO, the storyline of Triple H taking over WWE is reality-based. With his son-in-law Triple H assuming more power behind the scenes, While nothing is set in stone, the current plan is for Vince McMahon to remain in his role until WrestleMania 28 – when his son-in-law Triple H really would take over many of Vince’s position asRead More

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Backstage News On Vince McMahon, Punk Shirts On eBay, More

WE’s house show in Reno, Nevada on August 7th, 2011 has been canceled. Refunds are available at the point of purchase. This is the third time since fall of 2010 that a WWE event in Reno got axed. – Some of the commemorative CM Punk t-shirts that sold out at Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view are going for over $500 on eBay this week. – The long-term plan for Vince McMahon to lighten his WWE duties in real life was for his current run to end around WrestleManiaRead More

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Triple H Returns To Raw, Says Vince McMahon Relieved Of Duties

Before Rey Mysterio and The Miz could compete in the final round of the WWE Championship Tournament tonight on Raw, Vince McMahon demanded that the ring be cleared due to important business he had to conduct. After explaining the tumultuous events that took place the night before at Money in the Bank, The Chairman ordered former WWE Champion John Cena to the ring. McMahon received an unwelcome guest instead. Triple H, not seen on television since April, interrupted his father-in-law. “The Game,” a WWE executive and husband of Stephanie McMahon,Read More

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Dolph Ziggler Talks Spirit Squad, Steroids In Wrestling, More

The following interview highlights with Dolph Ziggler is from On being part of The Spirit Squad: “I was in the Spirit Squad, which was a group of guys with a cheerleading theme. I told myself no matter what the persona is, get your foot in the door and run with it. e got beat up sometimes and sometimes we came out on top. Cheerleaders don’t have a good rep as tough guys but we were as entertaining as possible. We got in the ring with some of the greatestRead More

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Video: WWE Special On Bloomberg Enterprise

“Bloomberg Enterprise” did a special on WWE that aired last night. Triple H discusses his new role as a WWE executive which he began in April. You can view the video footage from the special embedded below:Read More

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Morrison Return Update, HHH/Sin Cara, Recent WWE Attendance

- John Morrison isn’t recovering as fast as they first expected and won’t be back from injury until September or October. WWE is frustrated at this due to Morrison not being able to be at Money in the Bank, where he usually shines. – Triple H has reportedly told Sin Cara that if he was having any problems, to come to him, and if there was anyone he wanted to work with, to also come to him. ­­­Triple H also reportedly told Cara not to listen to advice from anyoneRead More

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Backstage News on CM Punk’s Promo, Contract & More

Sources report that CM Punk’s entire promo at the end of RAW this week was improvised by Punk and not scripted. Nobody in the back knew what Punk was going to say until he said it live on RAW. WWE officials told Punk to go out and say in his own words why he was leaving the company, why he wanted the WWE Title and why he wanted to leave with it in his possession. There was a discussion that when officials felt Punk was going too far, they wouldRead More

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Update On Sin Cara’s Rocky Start In WWE

Sin Cara’s first few months in WWE have been rockier than expected, with WWE officials being dissatisfied thus far with the Mexican wrestling star’s in-ring work, namely, his ability to wrestle the “WWE style.” A number of measures have been to protect Sin Cara reputation, including moving him to SmackDown (a taped show, where botched moves can be edited out easier) and the recent signing of one of Sin Cara’s greatest rivals from Mexico, Averno. As the first superstar signed to WWE under Triple H’s overhauled talent development division, manyRead More
Triple H has been pushing for an overhaul to the WWE developmental system. With Triple H now assuming the role of head of talent development, The Wrestling Observer has provided more details on Triple H’s plan for the FCW facility. It’s expected that Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman will be brought into FCW to handle the day-to-day operations of the facility and to handle the development of new talent. Whatever changes to take place, as we initially reported, a pretty major overhaul of the current system is expected to takeRead More
Sin Cara was transferred to SmackDown in the 2011 WWE Draft due to his frequency of botched maneuvers. Seeing as though it’s a taped show, WWE would be able to edit them out. Triple H, who reigns as head of WWE’s talent development department, felt that Sin Cara would work out better on a taped show until he becomes accustomed to WWE’s style of wrestling. Company sources indicate Triple H is taking his new role very seriously but is nervous about Sin Cara since he’s his first project. Photos ofRead More
– Raw Superstar Skip Sheffield, who hasn’t appeared on television since breaking his leg and ankle on August 18, 2010 at a WWE live event in Honolulu, Hawaii, issued his first public comments since suffering the injury yesterday on Twitter. “First and last update here since so many of you have been kind to ask. Things have been extremely complicated with the injury and it was much more than just a broken ankle and leg,” he wrote. “It has been the most positive experience of my life and I promiseRead More
– Goldust celebrates his birthday today as he turns 42 years old. Also celebrating birthdays are WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race (68) and Balls Mahoney (39). — No match at WrestleMania XXVII went over 15 minutes sans Triple H vs. The Undertaker, which lasted approximately 30 minutes. John Cena vs. The Miz went 14 minutes and 43 when it was ruled a draw. The restarted match lasted 35 seconds. — It was reported earlier that former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro no-showed the K&S Wrestlefest “Super Saturday” event in Essington,Read More

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One Count Kickout – Moving Forward Wrestlemania 27 has come and gone.  The grandest stage of them all, the epic event wrestling fans wait all year for, the place where superstars become legends.  Well, maybe not this year.  Overall Wrestlemania 27 was a one match show which fell short of it’s hype, failed to capitalize on it’s opportunity to catapult midcard performers to the top and delivered a main event which was, if nothing else, fairly predictable.  Of course all of this is debatable and what was a sub-par show for some may haveRead More

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Report: Loads Of Last-Minute Changes To WWE Raw & WM27

Credit: Bryan Alvarez reports that Monday’s RAW was apparently heavily rewritten at the last minute. The plan in the early afternoon was to have Triple H vs. Undertaker take place at Summerslam with Taker vs. John Cena likely taking place at Wrestlemania 28. Obviously, that has changed. Some people within WWE believe that the long-term plan has always been to build Wrestlemania 28 around The Rock, even if not in a wrestling capacity. Some also believe this is why Miami was chosen as the PPV location. Alvarez also mentionsRead More

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WWE Fines Triple H & The Undertaker For Violating Company Policy

The following is from Pursuant to WWE’s Concussion policy, the stunt of using a folded metal chair shot to the head is prohibited. Triple H and The Undertaker have both been fined for violating this policy at WrestleMania XXVII. WWE penalizes through fine and/or suspension for violation of this policy, which is unchanged and still in effect.Read More

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WWE Raw Results – April 4, 2011

- Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the usual opening video. We go live to the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia as Jim Ross welcomes us to RAW. Ross said John Cena will call out The Rock later tonight. We go ringside to JR and Jerry Lawler now. – We go to the ring and out comes Triple H to kick off RAW. Triple H makes his entrance and the fans start chanting for him. He soaks it all in as the crowd shows appreciation for the WrestleMania 27 matchRead More
– The official program for WrestleMania XXVII is billing the Triple H vs. Undertaker match as “Nothing Else Matters.” That is also the name of a Metallica song. The official Twitter account of the heavy metal band tweeted yesterday that Triple H would be using one of their songs at Wrestlemania XXVII. — WWE Hall of Famers Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Jimmy Hart are scheduled to appear on Hillbilly Jim’s “Moonshine Matinee” show at 2:00 p.m. on Channel 63 on Sirius Satellite Radio. — Former WCW World Heavyweight ChampionRead More